Pope Spits At Faithful Catholics Again

It was just last week I wrote something similar. These diatribes are occurring with disquieting frequency. Yesterday’s occurred during Mass, when again the Pope decried the “rigid”: that is, those who abide by all the Church’s teachings. Have you ever noticed how many times he assails us, yet utters not one peep about those who play loosey-goosey with the teachings of Jesus Christ regarding faith and morals? Is all this “rigid is bad” talk part of a strategy to get us to swallow Amoralis Lamentia?

Three days earlier, we heard from him again about Jesus’s “tenderness” versus our “rigidity”. I could be wrong, but I don’t recall ever hearing about any saint going on so much about Jesus’s “tenderness”. I also fail to see how Jesus views our sins with tenderness. Our Lord hates sin for the dishonor it entails and for the harm it does to sinners. All this “tenderness” yammer makes Our Lord sounds like an effeminate sentimental squish. It’s almost blasphemous.

These are just the latest instances of him setting up false dichotomies between “rigidity” and “meekness/tenderness”. What I find particularly despicable is him accusing young Catholics of being “rigid”. Let’s face it; the young are dealing with a world that is literally hell-bent on dragging them from the One True Faith. They need to be strong, to be strident, to be the Church Militant. The operative word is “militant“. Our Lord did not establish the Roman Catholic Church to be:

* church mellow
* church mediocre
* church meely-mouth
* church milque-toast
* church mushy

Why on earth is the pope joining the mob who seek to undermine the very salvation of our young people? In fact, he’s doing that to all faithful Catholics and those who need a strong Church that does stand firmly, even rigidly, against the sinful snares and wiles of this sin-sick world.

Pray for his conversion.


See also LMS Chairman’s post on this yet another troubling attack on faithful Catholics.

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5 Responses to Pope Spits At Faithful Catholics Again

  1. Will any thoughtful, intelligent Catholic, one who loves God and the Faith and the Truth and the Way and the Life, ever be able to take this man seriously?

  2. John says:

    LOL Catholics are supposed to pray for the Pope. That is the first time I have seen someone type “pray for his conversion” but that would seem to be a prudent thing to pray for with this Pope.

  3. John says:

    The Pope used the example of Paul to argue that we need to leave the rigidity (his firm beliefs that changed when he encountered Christ) and become a child being led by Christ. However I would suggest that Paul just got his facts straight. I don’t believe that he would have been less rigid in following God’s true teachings than he was in following a misconstrued version. He spoke of holding out to the end which indicates rigidity.

  4. marysong says:

    I think that the Pope is trying to turn people against us. If he says it often enough publicly, it will succeed. It’s brainwashing. I wish someone would call upon him to define ‘rigid’ in public. Then he would have to just come out with it. After all, we can’t have a NWO under the antichrist with the man in charge of Religion (Pope Francis) preaching about the Ten Commandments.

  5. Mary Salmond says:

    Left, right, old, young, traditional, liberal – nothing new here. It’s been happening since time began. It happened before, during, after Pentecost. Peter and Paul had their differences. All we can do is turn the other cheek, pray for enlightenment from the Holy Spirit, and know this will not last forever. Live our lives as best we can with the choices we make.. We can not know what is really in the Pope’s heart, and perhaps we are super sensitive to his words.

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