I’m in Facebook Jail for criticizing a Muslim rape gang.

CP&S commentThis is a must-read for all Facebook users. Unless you are a spineless, kowtowing, politically-correct, slave of the Secular establishment, you are in danger of being sent to “Facebook jail” like Clare Short, the author of this article on “Listening in the Desert”. Find out why….

I woke this morning to find that I had been put in Facebook jail. My crime? I shared an article from the Daily Mail news website which was reporting on the fact that the Muslim rape gangs that we have seen in areas such as Rotherham and Oxford were still active in large parts of the country [UK]. You can read the article here:


When posting the article I stated that these men are “racist pedophiles”, because they only target underage white girls. I explained that the men saw these girls as less than human (kufir) because they were white, non-muslims, and that is how they see you and your family too.

I stated the facts. It was not hateful, it was truthful. Apparently it is politically incorrect to state these facts, and so Facebook decided to put me in jail for it.

The day before I read that a good and faithful priest – Father John Higgins, had been put in Facebook jail. His friend – Greg Stone, wrote an open letter to Facebook’s Board of Driectiors:

“…The pastor posted a short, historical account of the invasion of Europe by Islam. It conveyed accurate material that can be found in any college-level history book. The post did not violate any decency standards but rather conveyed historical facts.
FB’s suspension of an account, even on a temporary basis, for “the crime” of posting history presented in an academic and respectful manner crosses a major line.
The line that FB crossed became important to me years ago when I directed the original fundraising film, A Campaign to Remember, for the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum.
My motivation for directing the film can be summed up by George Santayana’s well-known quote: “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” While history is sometimes not pleasant to consider, we risk our future if we choose blindness.
In the same way those who refuse to acknowledge the historical reality of the Holocaust are deniers—Holocaust deniers—those who refuse to acknowledge Islam’s history are also deniers.
In both cases, when ad hoc censors bury the lessons of history we risk reliving the horrors of the past…”

Since the Manchester Islamist killed Britain’s children last week, I have had dozens of people privately message me saying that they agree with how I am standing up to Islamic terror and bullying in general, but that they are afraid or unable to say anything themselves. Last night I even had a Police officer contact me:

Hi Clare – I just read your posts relating to Islam and the people who’ve contacted you privately to agree.
I want to add my own name to the list, and thank you for your openness, something often penalised in reference to certain topics – not least the problems with Islam.
I’m a police officer and as such I can have no comments on my Facebook page bringing attention to what I consider to be the enormous and worsening problem with Islam and extremists . Many thanks for speaking up, being courageous – when you knew you could get online abuse from your comments !”

This police officer would loose their job if they posted that publicly.

I think it is pretty safe to say that the mood has changed drastically since the Manchester attack. Normal ordinary people have had enough. And Facebook has openly proved itself to be no friend of free speech – and even seems to be suppressing factual information if it critcises Islam in any way – yet they can’t seem to intercept the accounts of terrorists…

The way forward is to speak up on several different communication platforms. This puts the platforms in competition with each other for users. That way the truth will never be able to be suppressed because people will eventually gravitate to the platform which allows the freest speech.

It takes courage to speak up – but when enough people do it it becomes a case of “I am Spartacus”.

The truth will [come] out. Do not be afraid.

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23 Responses to I’m in Facebook Jail for criticizing a Muslim rape gang.

  1. Bernard Lewis, the great authority on Islam and Princeton professor emeritus, was asked in a documentary about the future of The Great Religion of Peace (no one dares speak its name) in Europe. Lewis laughed and said, “Oh, Europe is already gone.”

    I – and many others – agree. Europe is in fact “already gone.”

    Europe just doesn’t know it yet.

  2. Mary Salmond says:

    Contraceptives, no matter the era, have not contributed to the dignity of women. It has only allowed the promiscuity that the Popes Pius vi and JP ii predicted.

  3. Celia Parker says:

    Stick with Twitter- I’ve shared this and similar with no problem.

  4. David O'Neill says:

    If we all blacklisted Facebook (which I don’t subscribe to) they would either be less judgemental or go out of business. Either would suit me!!

  5. toadspittle says:

    If I were to murder someone, would it be reasonable to label me a Catholic Murderer?
    Are/were these criminals devout, practising Muslims, do we know? Or do we care?
    When I was young, many pimps in London were Maltese, probably nominally Catholics. All right to call them Catholic pimps?
    How about John Gotti? OK to call him a Catholic gangster and killer?

  6. Mary Salmond says:

    Great idea!

  7. kathleen says:

    @ Toad

    Nobody would be foolish enough to believe that Catholics, like all of humanity, have not been tainted by Original Sin. Therefore, of course you will find murderers and all types of wickedness among Catholics too.

    What is being argued here is the reason some people commit such heinous crimes as the Islamic terrorists.
    They commit them because their religion says it’s okay to do so, and brutal mass killing of Christians is heroic and will bring them to a Heavenly brothel paradise where 72 virgins await them. They really believe it!! Their false prophet told them this.

    When Christians commit crimes they go against the teaching of Christ and His Holy Church.

    That’s the BIG difference.

  8. Mary Salmond says:

    Point well taken. How about radicals?? KKK were radicals, some may have been Catholic..

  9. toadspittle says:

    “What is being argued here is the reason some people commit such heinous crimes as the Islamic terrorists.”

    I very much doubt the Koran says it’s all right to be rapists, Kathleen. (Though I don’t know,) I think the reason these men did what they did was because they were wicked, not because they were Muslims. You will disagree.

  10. toadspittle says:

    ” KKK were radicals, some may have been Catholic..”
    The KKK were ( probably still are) violently anti-Catholic, Mary.

  11. kathleen says:

    I very much doubt the Koran says it’s all right to be rapists, Kathleen.

    Well you are wrong, Toad – just as you suspected 😉.
    That is, if they are non-Muslim women!
    In fact any and every kind of barbaric crime against non-Muslims is permitted by the “Satanic Verses” (a.k.a., the Koran).

    Even Muslim women don’t have it easy. Don’t forget that Mohammad had sex with a nine year old girl!

    If you have a spare hour this video by Ann Barhardt might interest you. And shock you too, as it did me.

  12. Mary Salmond says:

    Zero population growth and PC culture in the USA will ensure that Muslims take over unless we support our current administration. Ann barnhardt took the place of 2 men in her presentation. She showed no fear.

  13. kathleen says:

    As it appears many Muslims see that Islam condones such terrible actions as suicide bombers, etc. – that to all non-Muslims are the most barbaric, evil atrocities – we will never be able to rid our countries of the threat coming from those Islamics who hold to this dangerous and sick ideology.

    William Kilpatrick wrote a very perceptive piece on Crisis Magazine last week after the vile terrorist attack in Manchester, entitled: The Manchester Bomber: Martyr or Murderer? He describes how unless world leaders and so-called ‘moderate’ Muslim preachers denouncing these attacks, also state loud and clear that these terrorists will not become martyrs at all, but instead will go straight to Hell for their crimes, these twisted, evil murderers, rapists, tortureres… will continue on their path to destroy us.

  14. I would like to personally thank you for speaking out! Keep up the passion and courageous work! xx

  15. mary salmond says:

    Toad: did you hear about the Catholic priest just recently confessed to being a KKK member??? I wasn’t far off about some members could be Catholic – a priest no less!!

  16. toadspittle says:

    “Toad: did you hear about the Catholic priest just recently confessed to being a KKK member?”
    Hmmn. I always understood The Klan to equally as anti-Catholic as It is anti-Black, and anti-Semitic, Mary.
    But the pointy-headed half-wits are all deeply pro-Trump, the self-proclaimed saviour and defender of White American Christianity and, by extension, Western Civilisation.
    Nor are those clowns alone, He is beloved on CP&S (at least by some.)

    [A moderator: Go to atheist sites to spew your anti-Catholic leftist lies and defamation of the Church, Toadspittle.]

    We live and learn, don’t we? Takes all sorts, dunnit? Better safe than sorry, eh?
    Looks like rain. Better take the brolly. Can’t be too careful – can we?
    As C. S. Lewis was freqently wont to say.
    And Protestant Jack was by no means as blind as a bat.

  17. toadspittle says:

    [A moderator: Comments removed. FYI, you are not welcome here if your singular aim is to preach ultra socialist anti-Catholic propaganda to us. The world is full enough of such secular ideas antagonistic towards the Catholic Church of whom nobody is ignorant. Remember: you are a commenter on our blog like all other visitors, but your comments both towards other commenters together with every topic up for discussion are becoming increasingly hostile, coarse and enormously boringly repetitive.]

  18. toadspittle says:

    What a shabby lot you are.
    What can I possibly do that will upset the faith of anyone? Mention Father Coughlin, maybe? My comments re Fascism and Catholicism were facts.
    And to say they aren’t – is the real lie.

    [A moderator: It is not a matter of your capacity (or not) to upset anyone, but we do not want your shabby ideas expounded on our blog. Get it? Your “lie” falls in making out that the Church defends Fascism. Extreminism, whether it comes dressed up as Fascism or its counterpart, has been consistently condemned by popes, councils and encyclicals of the Catholic Church.]

  19. JabbaPapa says:

    toad :

    We live and learn, don’t we?

    hmmmmmm, well let’s hope so anyway …

  20. toadspittle says:

    But we never learn enough, do we Jabba? Always something new to discover.
    For me, at present, thanks to you, it”s Jordan Peterson.

    Very stimulating, mentally.

  21. JabbaPapa says:

    The “still” in the title of the video is extremely silly — Dr. Peterson’s explanations of the nature of the Christian understanding of a certain form of religious spirituality are extraordinarily useful.

  22. Mary Salmond says:

    Dr. Peterson has been on several conservative blogger’s interviews. He makes sense, talks to academics in their language, and is interesting. However, I saw some protesters on a YouTube that attacked him, but they were loud, not listening to him, so it was hard to hear him rebuttal to them.

  23. Marc says:

    They are not Muslim, there is no proof they identify as Muslim and theres no proof that they follow Islam.

    The only think we do know is they are feom Rotherham, and that they have asian descent.

    Asian doesn’t mean “muslim”.

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