Followers of a lesser god

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Another terrorist atrocity leaves the nation reeling, and once again people ask, ‘Why?’  Jeremy Corbyn says it’s our policies that have caused terrorism, and that we have brought it on ourselves.

Let us be absolutely clear that we utterly condemn anything that even hints at possible justification for such evil acts, and our hearts go out to all those who have been affected, whether by death, injury, or bereavement – but at one level Mr Corbyn is right.    Our choices and actions, both as individuals and as a nation, have birthed the oppression, exploitation, and violence we now witness in society. Put it another way, and borrowing from the language of the Bible, we have abandoned the paths of righteousness, and chosen evil over obedience.

In fact, the reality is that on almost every issue we have rejected God, supplanting Him with our skewed adulation of humanity.   In our arrogance we are reconfiguring life, whether designing babies, reassembling ourselves into the body image and gender we ‘choose’, or opting for euthanasia when physical wellbeing slips beyond our control.  Life is no longer the gift of God, but rather commodity, to be used, discarded, or ended as we decide.  The reality is that our lives today are full of cruel and hungry idols – lesser gods – who demand continual worship and will increasingly brook no rival.

So now we worship not God – but sex, money, music, the internet … along with every perversion known to man, and all bolstered by the limitless pit of faux emotion that insists we are wonderful, caring and evolved human beings, because we are tolerant of everything, except that which conflicts with the new Weltanschauung.

We have opened up the road to hell.  We deny and reject God, and yet still expect that He will indulge and protect us.  But no, it doesn’t work like that.  When we turn our backs on God, He withdraws His protection.   Which doesn’t mean that He wills evil, but He allows us to suffer the ‘natural’ consequences of our choice.  So what we need now, more than anything else, is good, old fashioned, repentance.    Because then, and only then, will we see God move in power to deliver us from the growing evils now bedeviling our society.

Which means that we must first face up to the truth, and not try and pretend that things are other than they are.   Which brings us back to the latest terror attack.  Many Muslims – maybe even the majority – are peaceable and want the things we all want.  A happy family, home… fulfillment.  But if you read the Koran, it is hard to see how Islam, with its repeated injunctions to slaughter the Infidel without mercy, can ever possibly be described as a religion of peace.  At its heart is not love, but judgment and separation, and all who follow any belief system other than its own stand condemned.   The terrorists’ cry last weekend of ‘This is for Allah’ reflects an uncomfortable truth.  Allah is very far from the Christian understanding of a loving God, and if we willfully refuse to acknowledge that – whether Muslim, Christian, Jewish, Buddhist, Sikh, or no faith at all – we will have no hope of finding a solution, and of truly bringing about peace and unity.  For real trust to grow, the Muslim community itself needs honestly to confront this.

But the current crisis facing British society goes far beyond ethnic and religious division, and has to do with our more fundamental rebellion against God.

The choice is blindingly simple.  The Creator God, Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, is, and always has been, sovereign, which means that nothing that ever happens is outside or beyond His control.   He could wash away all evil in the blink of an eye, but His concern is our salvation, and that we become fully the people/beings He knows we can be – which makes it imperative that we live in relationship with Himself.  The only lasting ‘cure’, therefore, is our repentance and rejection of evil; wherever and however it manifests.    First then, at every level, we have to face the truth.  About the underlying causes of so-called extremism – of course!  But also, and profoundly, about our own life choices … our selfishness and immorality.

While we persist in rebellion, giving worship to corrupt and lesser idols, God will allow us to inherit the evil of our choices.    But if we choose to try and follow Him – even when we get it wrong – then He will help.  More, He will swamp us with love, protecting and guiding through whatever life throws at us!   But for this to happen, we need first to acknowledge our need, ‘confess’ where we have gone wrong, both deliberately and inadvertently … and then try and follow what He says and get it right.

God is a loving Father, but He does not smile in fond indulgence at sin.  When we reject Him and willfully flout the laws on which our existence depends, there comes a point when He steps back, and figuratively says, “Your choice.  Inherit the wind.”

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17 Responses to Followers of a lesser god

  1. Brian Crowe says:

    Excellent post, thank you. I would like to reproduce this on my blog ‘umblepie’, with full acknowledgement to yourself.. Assume I have your permission unless I hear to the contrary. Hope this is acceptable. Many thanks. BC.

  2. Mary Salmond says:

    Well laid out argument against a “religion of peace” and the truth of our loving God! Thanks!

  3. Declan says:

    I have no time for Islam – nor Islamophobia. The article repeats the vicious hysteria against Muslims which is commonplace. Corbyn did not say we brought it on ourselves – if he did I’d expect a quote. But I will say we brought it on ourselves by our relentless slaughter from Afghanistan to Syria. We and the US have funded terror there in a country where Christians were protected. . There is no chance with this article of asking why these killers are among us. There were no such attacks until after we killed 500,000 in our illegal, false war in Iraq.

    THe article makes no mention that MI6 and May protected the Manchester terrorist because he was useful in spreading terror for us in Libya.
    ” Many Muslims – maybe even the majority – are peaceable ”. ”Maybe”? This is utterly shameful.

    I cannot believe that Catholics are so full of venom against another religion even if like me they have no time for it. I believe something has happened to Catholics since I was young.I never heard such hate then from Catholics – only towards us from Orangemen. We should oppose Islam with reason and logic – not bigotry.

    It is our Catholic duty to rise above blind bigotry as we have received so much of it in our time.

    This unprofessional unChristian article makes me ashamed to be Catholic.

  4. toadspittle says:

    “This unprofessional unChristian article makes me ashamed to be Catholic.”
    You shouldn’t let it do that to you, Declan. The vast majority of Catholics are nice, sane, peaceable, people. Just like the vast majority of Muslims.
    They each simply see things differently.

  5. Mary Salmond says:

    Declan, read the Qu’ran – Koran; read Sharia law. It is not just a religion but a political position. Arguments fall short; 3000 dead at Twin Towers. Christianity is not a political position.

  6. Declan says:

    I have read it. The Old Testament is more violent. And I said I have no time for Islam.

    3000 dead in Twin Towers – appalling. 500,000 dead in Iraq (arguments fall short) and I haven’t got a number for Afghanistan, Libya, Syria (and more) – all countries still steeped in blood and chaos today.. All because of Western aggression. Arguments fall short.

    No reason for the illegal war in Iraq. You won’ t take mostly US slaughter into account. Why not? When Bush started his criminal war on Iraq he called it a crusade. After Iraq the terror was fully brought to the West. which armed jihadists. Any honest analyst agrees. can’t believe, you said Christianity hasn’t a political position.

    Here the point is for Catholics to think, and avoid bigotry and hatred. Have they done this so far? Have you? Otherwise you continue to play into the plans of terrorists.

  7. toadspittle says:

    Better sick the “MODERATORS,” that is the censors – on Declan, right away.
    So that his comments can await, or be killed – like mine are.

    [The shabby, mealy-mouthed, cowardly moderator – Declan’s comments are getting delayed because he keeps using different TOR exit nodes, which means that he keeps coming up as a ‘new commenter’. The only thing going on here is Declan’s love of privacy (and who am I, a pseudonymous, anonymous moderator to judge? To quote someone or other).]

    Such as this one:

    “The reality is that our lives today are full of cruel and hungry idols – lesser gods – who demand continual worship and will increasingly brook no rival.”

    The trouble is,all gods seem to demand that. We’d just be replacing one with another.

    “Allah is very far from the Christian understanding of a loving God, and if we wilfully refuse to acknowledge that – “

    And Christ is very far from the Muslim understanding of a loving God, The writer, like others, appears to believe Muslims, and indeed all other religions – really actually know, deep down that only Christianity is true – but simply, “wilfully” refuse to accept it.

    I suspect that all religions are just as sincere about their religion as Christians are about theirs.
    (Except for Lutherans, of course.)

    What a shabby gang of mealy-mouthed cowards you “Moderators” are. [The Moderator – You’re welcome.]

  8. toadspittle says:

    “At (Islam’s) heart is not love, but judgment and separation, and all who follow any belief system other than its own stand condemned. “
    Whereas Catholics would never dream of condemning other “belief systems,” would they now?.

  9. toadspittle says:

    I had no idea that Declan’s comments were already being “moderated.” D’oh!
    Nor do I understand the technical explanation, but then I’m only an ignorant, technologically illiterate, toad.
    However – I really do appreciate your having the nerve to running my last two comments, including one that had earlier been killed .

    So, I accordingly withdraw my unkind, and illiberal , remarks.
    CP&S is clearly a wonderfully liberal – and modern – forum.
    The possibly ensuing and stimulating debate will surely pay off in the long run.
    (It says here.)

  10. GC says:

    Once, when I was much younger, I did a check on the Qur’an, both in the various English translations and in the Arabic “original”. I felt up to this as I managed to take a postgraduate letters degree in literary Arabic at one stage. The check was to see how often the word “love” appeared in the Qur’an, in both its verb and noun senses.

    The discovery was that it occurred not at all in the noun sense, but sometimes (though not often) in the verb sense. In the verb sense mentioned, it only occurred in the negative, meaning to say that it appeared only in some expressions informing us that “God loves not . . .” ( various kinds of blaggards and suchlike). Well that’s something, I suppose.

    If I am mistaken, I do apologise. But if I am not, it does seem quite a contrast to the Christian “God is love”.

  11. toadspittle says:

    Well, we can’t expect Muslims to behave like Christians, because they are not. Any more than we might expect Lutherans to behave like Catholics.
    But, GC, did you find the oft-reported, ( but never quoted, as far as I know ) bit that says it is a good idea, mandatory even, to murder all infidels?

  12. GC says:

    I am informed that one should never expect too much of toads. Which is to say that the point sought to be made was that God’s love in the Qur’an is not too much of a feature, if at all. The compassion and mercy of God, yes, but that’s not the same. Sounds a bit like the Bishop of Rome, doesn’t it?

    Putting infidels under severe durex is there most definitely in the Qur’an, but it would appear, mainly when said infidels put Muslims under durex.

    It may in the end be a matter of who is duressing who first.

  13. toadspittle says:

    Well, I shall continue to pray that you are not hacked to death, blown to bits, or put under durex by your satanic, next door neighbours. It’s all a toad can do.

  14. GC says:

    Yes, Toad, there are at least 18 million muslims on the outer side of my front door right now. But I feel quite safe.

    Although some of the young have been “radicalised” and popped off to Iraq and Syria etc., most of them view their Islam as a guide to living morally. I see them every day at work and in the shops. It all appears to be a very normal situation, like any other country where people want to be moral. It’s nice really. I love it and them. They are good-natured and affectionate and often very humorous

    A national airline video. Very normal here, full of pop music. No bombs in the wings. We have always loved our airline too, full of our young working there. It was always great, but they’re suffering now, mainly because of all the (oil) money behind the Arab Gulf airlines. See how wonderfully normal everyone is, just like everyday life is here.

  15. toadspittle says:

    Makes the Children of Satan look almost human, dunnit?
    Although, being able to summon up love for an airline is way beyond Toad’s amatory powers.

  16. Declan says:

    ” The only thing going on here is Declan’s love of privacy (and who am I, a pseudonymous, anonymous moderator to judge?” Absolutely. My thanks to the moderator, sitting behind his/her confessional screen, who recognises why I am anonymous , as he says. Everyone is incognito here; none of the names may be true. But that doesnt matter, it’s OK.. I don’t want to know who anyone is.

    Its nothing more than caution about handing over one’s details to an unknown site. If ever my anonymity is not accepted, I will immediately withdraw. Given my soapbox style, this is possible.

  17. toadspittle says:

    Declan is right, yet again. A welcome addition to our little, dysfunctional, family.
    For example, I am not really Toad at all – but someone else of the same name.
    Because, as JH often sagely avers “You can’t be too careful can you?”

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