Pope Francis ignores Cardinals’ request for an audience to discuss Dubia

These are anxious times for the Church. Doctrinal anarchy and unorthodoxy are reigning in Rome. We had hardly caught our breath after the shocking news of the new heretical appointees to the Pontifical Academy of Life, when we hear about this….

ardinal Carlo Caffarra, the archbishop emeritus of Bologna, asked for an audience on behalf of the four ‘dubia’ cardinals. (Edward Pentin photo)

National Catholic Register correspondent, Edward Pentin, had only two days earlier reported on the ‘Doctrinal Anarchy’ as Bishops’ Conflicting Positions on Amoris Laetitia Show: “Since the publication last year of Pope Francis’ apostolic exhortation on the family Amoris Laetitia, a “doctrinal anarchy” that was feared and predicted at the synods on the family is becoming apparent”, and the urgent necessity for a final Papal clarification on these confusing conflicting interpretations of AL, when news of the latest rebuff towards the four Cardinals who signed the Dubia hit the headlines. Card. Caffara wrote a Letter requesting an audience with Pope Francis to discuss the Pope’s continuing refusal to respond to their questions a year on from when Amoris laetitia was published, but has been met with….. (you guessed it) total SILENCE. Ed Pentin reports:

“The April 25 missive was hand-delivered to the Pope on May 6 but has received no response.

Reasons for Going Public:

The cardinals’ decision to go public with the letter demonstrates increasing frustration on their part at receiving no response to their request, as they have an overriding concern that souls are at stake, that the Church is becoming deeply divided, and that many Church leaders and their flocks are very confused, concerned and wanting clarity.

Also evident in their request is their emphasis on dialogue, seeking to keep channels of dialogue with Francis open to give him the chance to answer, and their unquestionable respect for the Petrine Office whose authority they are keen to preserve.”

We are now informed that Fr Hunwicke’s excellent hard-hitting analysis of the situation has been blocked by Facebook and Twitter. The PC cyber police are out in full force! Therefore we republish it here below.

Cardinals, Collegiality and Amoris Laetitia UPDATE.

By Father John Hunwicke (19th June 2017)
UPDATE (20/6)
This morning the Settimo cielo blog prints the text of the latest appeal by the Four Cardinals for an audience to discuss the Dubia which they raised earlier with the Sovereign Pontiff. I repeat, below, the piece I published yesterday, Monday.

Collegiality did not wait to be invented by Vatican II. In the 1950s, Papa Pacelli, Pius XII, wrote to each bishop of the Catholic Church to ask (1) whether he believed in the Corporal Assumption of the Mother of God; and (2) whether he considered it opportune for the dogma to be defined. The subsequent Solemn Definition followed upon the overwhelming consensus apparent in the replies of the world-wide episcopate.

More than a year has passed since the emergence of the divisive and poorly drafted document called Amoris laetitia. In this time, many Bishops and episcopal conferences have issued guidelines making clear that nothing has changed since St John Paul II in Familiaris consortio, and Pope Benedict XVI in Sacramentum Caritatis, reemphasised the Church’s immemorial discipline: ‘remarried’ divorcees who will not repent of their adultery and undertake either to separate or at least to try, with the help of God’s grace, to cohabit chastely, exclude themselves from the Sacraments during the time of their impenitence.

A few conferences and Bishops have issued statements understood as meaning that the thusly impenitent may, by virtue of Amoris laetitia, receive the Sacraments. Yet other conferences, such as that in England and Wales, have been manifestly unable to agree among themselves. It is clear that the Universal Episcopate is not united behind a ‘German’ interpretation of Amoris laetitia. Very far from it.

In the context of the Unity of the Una Catholica and of the collegial nature of the Universal Episcopate, cum et sub Petro, the time has surely come for this ‘dialogue’ to be moved to a new stage. Manifestly, if we are to persist with the embarrassing notion that we belong to one Church with one Teaching about the Eucharist and the Sacrament of Holy Matrimony, steps must be taken to move in the direction of coherence, harmony, and united witness. The idea that someone who is excluded from the Sacraments by his own impenitent rejection of the Gospel needs only to walk across the border between Poland and Germany, or from one American diocese to another, to be welcomed enthusiastically as a communicant in good standing, is obviously a profoundly unCatholic absurdity which needs speedily to be resolved. Indeed, if one of Bishop Lopes’s Ordinariate parishes in America were geographically within a ‘liberal’, Cupichoid, diocese, the dissonance between the two in doctrine and discipline would be even more ludicrous.

The time has surely come for the Four Cardinals who intervened last year with their Dubia to revisit the question. And the time for Bishops, Successors of the Apostles according to the teaching of Leo XIII and of Vatican II and not mere vicars of the Roman Pontiff, to speak with courage, clarity and unanimity. And for clergy, laity, and academics to do the same. Remember that, at the height of the Arian Crisis, it was not among the Bishops or even in Rome that the Faith was most conspicuously preserved and defended. Remember the careful and lucid teaching of Blessed John Henry Newman, beloved Patron of our English Ordinariate, on the Suspense of the Magisterium.

Parrhesia, boldness in witnessing to the Truth, a virtue which was once (only a couple of years ago … it seems like an eternity, doesn’t it?) so very incessantly on the lips of the current occupant of the Roman See, is surely still an obligation for all faithful Catholics.

The more who speak boldly, the more difficult it will be for individuals to be put under unsympathetic pressure.

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7 Responses to Pope Francis ignores Cardinals’ request for an audience to discuss Dubia

  1. Sarah says:

    Reblogged this on Anglo Saxon Celt Creates Art and Craft and commented:
    Interesting that Facebook and Twitter have waded into the fray (see below). It hardly seems something that would merit their attention but I guess the prince of this world is acting more openly now.


  2. Tucker says:

    I try to take the long view and not get cynical. I trust in the Holy Spirit. I see all this as part of the necessary process of getting out in the open deeply problematic and wrong views for the sake of dealing with them openly. These are opportunities to clearly express and discuss dogma and orthodoxy globally. I pray truth and love prevail, and I believe they will ultimately. God bless these cardinals for not sitting back, or keeping the discussion behind closed doors. Thanks for reporting.


  3. toadspittle says:

    “We are now informed that Fr Hunwicke’s excellent hard-hitting analysis of the situation has been blocked by Facebook and Twitter. The PC cyber police are out in full force! “
    Oh, informed, are we? Perhaps we can also be informed how “a searching analysis”can be contained on Twitter in just 140 characters?
    And why should anyone want to put it on Facebook anyway? That compendium of idiocy mainly involving videos of dogs barking Beethoven’s Fifth?
    But if anyone were daft enough to do so, on what grounds was it blocked?
    Not for being too boring, surely? Anybody know?
    I don’t believe it was”blocked ” on either. Paranoia, I reckon.


  4. kathleen says:

    Well, Toad, I took a look to see if you were right, not being a frequent user of Facebook myself…. and I never use Twitter. It was a commenter on Fr Hunwicke’s blog who reported the blocking of Father’s post. Why would he say this if it were not true? I hear tweets are always being deleted by users who dislike conflicting opinions to the secular, left wing mindset. The heterodox Jesuit, Fr Martin, who has quite a following of likeminded Modernists on Twitter I hear, scraps anything too Catholic!!

    So no “paranoia” on our part here. But how about on yours? 😉


  5. toadspittle says:

    I ask again:
    Perhaps we can be informed how “a searching analysis” can be contained on Twitter in just 140 characters ( say, 20 or so words, maximum) ? Because, if it can”t possibly be done, it can’t possibly be blocked – can it? Now do you see the point of my question?

    “Why would he say this if it were not true? “
    Hmm. Good point. I suppose you must be right. Kathleen, As you know, I certainly would not say anything if it were not true. Unless, of course, it was in my interests to do so.
    Same as anyone else, really.


  6. kathleen says:

    Don’t waste our time, Toad. I gave you a sufficiently explanatory answer first time round.

    And in case you think we are harsh, paranoid, or any of the other things you have called us when your comments either don’t appear here or get moderated, perhaps you should find out how far more intolerant most other Catholic blogs are towards trolls and suchlike…

    Father Z, for example, who has to deal with an incredible amount of visitors and would-be commenters, has this policy:

    “Some people think that this is a open public forum and that they can come into my place and spew any ol’ damn thing they want under the cover of anonymity. Some people think that they have a right to post, and to post any dreck they want. Wrong. I’m the Benevolent Dictator of my blog. I turn on the queue when I want, where I want, for whom I want.

    Furthermore, I allow zero discussion in my combox of my decisions about comments or why this or that comment appears or doesn’t appear. Zero. Mention: “My last comment didn’t appear… “… then neither will this one. Mention: “Why did my comment disappear?” That won’t appear. Mention: “You’ll probably delete this, but…”. I stop reading and it’s gone. Period. Zero. No appeal. Dura lex sed lex.

    These policies help my blog’s combox not to descend into chaos or knucklehead stuff.”

    Perhaps we could learn a trick or two here to keep our own blog from descending into chaos (as it did when troll ‘Declan’ barged in) and free of knuckle-headed stuff too!


  7. John says:

    Why do they push so hard for this Pope to give a modernist interpretation? Don’t they believe in infallibility? Surely that would stop him?


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