A Morning Laugh!

From Nick Donnelly

“The absurdity of Francis’ pontificate in a tweet”

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1 Response to A Morning Laugh!

  1. kathleen says:

    Better to laugh than to cry…. and I did laugh at first.
    But dear Bruvver Eccles’ perceptive tweet also tugs at our heartstrings when, on second thoughts, we realise just how close to the truth this depiction of cold-blooded murder really is in Pope Francis’ appalling new appointments to the PAL! It simply beggars belief, doesn’t it?

    Remember the video of the ‘Silent Scream‘? The tiny baby’s absolute terror of the abortionist’s pointed instrument entering the womb to destroy him as he wriggles helplessly to avoid it in a wide open-mouthed silent scream? Not really any different to the pic of the terrified woman in ‘Psycho’ who is about to be stabbed to death!

    Too close to the truth to be really funny.


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