Pope Francis promoting a ‘hidden schism’ with ‘obstinate persistence,’

from: LifeSite News.

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ROME, July 12, 2017 (LifeSiteNews) – An atheist philosopher friend of Benedict XVI has strongly criticized Pope Francis, accusing the Holy Father of not preaching the Gospel but politics, fomenting schism, and issuing secularist statements aimed at destroying the West.

In a fiery interview published July 10 in Mattino di Napoli, Marcello Pera, who co-wrote the famous 2005 book Without Roots with then-Cardinal Joseph Ratzingersaid he cannot understand the Pope who, he said, goes beyond the bounds of “rational comprehension.”

A philosophy professor, member of Silvio Berlusconi’s Forza Italia party, and a former president of the Italian Senate, Pera said he believes the reason why the Pope calls for unlimited immigration is because he “hates the West” and is seeking to do all he can “to destroy it.”

He added that he does not like the Pope’s magisterium, saying it is “not the Gospel, only politics,” and that Francis is “little or not at all interested in Christianity as doctrine, in its theological aspect.”

“His statements appear to be based on Scripture,” he said, but “actually they are strongly secularist.”

Immigration has become a highly sensitive topic in Italy in recent months as thousands of refugees arrive every month, mostly from north Africa, placing considerable strain on local communities and services.

Pera’s comments also come after another conversation between the Pope and the atheist Eugenio Scalfari in which Francis allegedly told Scalfari to be “very concerned” about the summit last week of the G20 group of industrialized nations because they have “very dangerous alliances” and a “distorted view of the world.”

According to Scalfari, who is over 90 and doesn’t record his interviews, the Pope also said the G20 worried him because of the issue of immigration, saying the problem is “unfortunately rising in today’s world, that of the poor, the weak, the excluded, of which migrants are part.”  Some of the G20 nations have “few local poor but fear the invasion of immigrants,” he said.

In the July 10 interview Pera, went on to say that he believes the Pope isn’t concerned about the salvation of souls but only social well-being and welfare, and argued that if Europe were to follow the Pope’s position, it would be committing suicide. “The Pope reflects all the prejudices of South America against North America, against the free market, liberty, and capitalism,” Pera added.

On the issue of migration, the philosopher politician believes the Pope’s approach is not from the Gospel, and his words are designed to win easy applause from the United Nations.  His political vision on migrants and society, he continued, has “nothing to do with the Western tradition of political freedom and its Christian roots.”

Pera’s book with Cardinal Ratzinger, whose full title was Without Roots —The West, Relativism, Christianity, Islam, warned of the dangers facing civilization if the West abandoned its moral and cultural history. The joint authors called on Western leaders to embrace a spiritual rather than political renewal, accepting the moral values of its Judeo-Christian heritage which would enable society to make sense of today’s economic, political and social challenges.

In this week’s interview, Pera said he believes the open doors approach to migrants that the Pope is advancing will lead to a “bad reaction” with no desirable solution. He said the Pope’s positions underline that he is not in “perfect harmony” with “conservative Catholics and the rest of the Church.”

He added that Francis is not only causing problems in politics over migration, he is also fueling a kind of schism within the Church.

Pera, whose 2008 book Why We Must Call Ourselves Christians contained a preface by Pope Benedict XVI, maintained that an “apparent hidden schism exists in the Catholic world” that the Pope is “pursuing with obstinate persistence and determination.”

But he said this “new course” being pursued by Francis does not convince him at all, and argued that it is “exploding the Second Vatican Council in all its revolutionary radicality.”

Pera further believes these ideas, which he thinks are devastating for the Church, have their origins in the Council. “That aggiornamento (updating) of Christianity secularized the Church, triggering a very profound change, even if it risked bringing a schism that was kept at bay in the years that followed,” he said.

He credited Benedict XVI and Pope St. John Paul II for saving the Church, “resisting and trying to mediate the new with tradition.” They did this in a “lofty way,” he said, but now Francis has brought all back into discussion: “human rights, all without exception, have become the ideal point of reference and compass for the Church” while the “rights of God and of tradition have almost gone.”

In an interview with the National Catholic Register in 2006, Pera warned against multiculturalism, saying it leads to the exact “opposite of integration, because it gives rise to separate communities, that are then reduced to a ghetto-like status and enter into conflict amongst themselves.”

He also said then that his diagnosis for Europe’s future was “not a happy one.”

“If Europe goes forward with its relativist culture, with the refusal of its own tradition, with its low nativity rates, with indiscriminate immigration, then Europe is going to end up Islamized,” he warned.

Referring to Benedict XVI’s comments in Without Roots, he said “the impression today is that Europe resembles the Roman Empire at its fall.”

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14 Responses to Pope Francis promoting a ‘hidden schism’ with ‘obstinate persistence,’

  1. Mary Salmond says:

    That Europe resembles the Roman Empire at it’s fall. No truer statement could be said. If the US bishops read that, maybe they will ponder that and resolve this decay. Otherwise in the US, we will be like Rome and decay with Europe. Many lay people including some in our government are aware of the moral decay and are attempting to do something about it. Resolve to not repeat history is paramount.

  2. johnhenrycn says:

    This can’t go on. 70 years ago, Europe’s population was almost twice that of Africa. Now it’s about half that of Africa’s. Europe is doomed, unless Charles Martel rises from his grave, which I doubt.

    Whether people like Le Pen or Wilders or not, it’s either keep the hordes at bay or prepare for the end of Europe in our children’s lifetimes. There are too many who don’t care or who are too scared to think about that, and people like Pope Francis are the worst when it comes to giving us political (if not moral and spiritual) guidance.

  3. Mary Salmond says:

    I would prefer spiritual guidance from the Pope.

  4. A friend commented, “Dear God, You can convert the souls of evil men in an instant with a miracle of Your grace. Convert Bergoglio.”

  5. toadspittle says:

    You don’t think birth control might help then, JH? Africans are pouring into Europe because Africa can’t sustain them all. But we can’t have contraception, can we?
    If not that – then what “political guidance”? Ban all the blacks? Sterilise them all? Kill them all? I can see no other solution. Except get used to it, and try do deal humanely with the situation.
    Why should Europe’s population be double that of Africa’s, anyway? And how many of these “hordes” are Christian? Maybe these days there’s almost twice as many Catholics in Africa than in Europe, but we don’t want them here, do we? Not even Cardinal Sarah.
    True, I don’t know the numbers. Maybe you do.

    Bennett’s friend is an ass. If God didn’t tolerate evil men, there wouldn’t be any. If God hadn’t tolerated the Fall of Adam, it wouldn’t have happened. It’s not as if He didn’t see it coming – from eternity.

  6. Mary Salmond says:

    Wow. I happen to agree with Toad on most of his statement and questions. Especially if God didn’t tolerate evil men, there wouldn’t be any. The only thing God doesn’t “tolerate” – he is total love, forgiveness, and mercy. But none of us would be here without Him.

  7. toadspittle says:

    “… He (God) is total love, forgiveness, and mercy.”
    Then how come He apparently created Hell?
    (And don’t say we created it for ourselves. I didn’t, personally. I’d be too soft.)

  8. johnhenrycn says:

    Toad (21:11) says he can’t see a solution to massive African immigration other than contracepting, sterilising or killing blacks. Such a failure of imagination. Such a malfunction of his moral compass. Give your head a shake, friend, which is what I always do when confounded by reality. Now, listen up: my solution to massive migration of Africans into Europe is to stop it by interdiction (e.g. towing all boats back to Libya, disembarking all passengers at a European controlled beachhead and quarantining them there à la Calais until they agree to be loaded on cargo planes and flown back to their countries of origin) coupled with a HUGE increase in foreign aid to Africa (one way or the other, we will have to pay if we wish to survive as civilised countries) funded by all Western powers (including Russia, the USA and the white Commonwealth) strictly controlled by Christian NGOs, not by UN corruptocrats or by tin pot tribal chieftains.

    This back-of-the-napkin proposal, while in need of refinement, is far more proactive, positive and creative than Toad’s hand-wringing, imbecilic “get used to it” defeatism, as well as far more masculine, mature and Christian than the precious “Welcome” sign posted outside (not inside, mind) Vatican City by that political ignoramus mentioned in my earlier comment at 19:31.

  9. johnhenrycn says:

    Correction: for me to call PF a “political ignoramus” was not very astute. After all, he’s in that very select (265½) group of men who’ve climbed to the top of the pole these 2000 years, which is not to say that all popes have been *politicians*, but PF is a consummate one. I should have said that I don’t think he’s very wise, learned or well read. I decline to mention his bad qualities today.

  10. toadspittle says:

    “(e.g. towing all boats back to Libya, disembarking all passengers at a European controlled beachhead and quarantining them there à la Calais until they agree to be loaded on cargo planes and flown back to their countries of origin.”
    From whence they freely choose to risk almost certain death ( and many of them, each day, pay that price) to leave by whatever means possible – forced out by starvation, disease, slavery, corruption, and plain sectarian murder, eh, JH?
    A bit of a brutal solution on your part , but also effective, no doubt. “Got to be cruel to be kind. I
    It’s the Canadian way.”)
    Not altogether clearly “Christian values,” one might suspect – but so what? Who’s to say what “Christian values ” are, anyway? Methodists? Baptists?

    The indubitable bottom line is that we don’t want all those hordes of wretched black folks here, do we? Including the “hordes ” of Catholics among them* – also being sent back, too often to be killed by insane Muslim fanatics, in very considerable numbers.

    But that’s not our problem, on CP&S, is it?
    We are more profitably, and decently, occupied with problems like bringing back altar rails, and the taking of communion while kneeling, or lying down, or whether or not to wear rubber gloves when giving “the sign of peace.”

    …Except that Francis seems to think immigration is a Christian problem. He seems, freakishly, indeed highly unCatholicly, to regard the life of a poverty-stricken, black, unemployed, Muslim, woman from Timbucktu to be equally as valuable in the eyes of God as a that of a wealthy, white, Catholic, male, lawyer from Toronto.
    He’s clearly wrong – of course – as he is about most everything.
    Just ask Bennett. He will put you right.
    …We can agree on that much, at least.

    You surprise me on this particular topic.
    A bit. Not very much.

    Because don’t Catholics believe there’s plenty of room on Planet Earth for everyone, right this minute? No need for birth control, abortion, etc. So why ban the free movement of people?
    Religion? Too many Muslims? Catholics only allowed to head North and West?
    Seems a bit odd to me. But what do I know.

    * Catholicism is , so we are told, mushrooming nowadays in “Africa.”
    That’s nice. Or it should be. As long as they all stay there. And get on with it.

    (Yet more pompous, self- opinionated, bloviating from Toad. Boring old twit.
    How long, Oh Lord? Insert frowny face)

  11. johnhenrycn says:

    So many knee jerk reactions, so many typographical errors by our 77 year old half-blind (only metaphorically speaking, one hopes) USA pensioner living the dream in rural Spain who may not have anything to lose (children, for example – I’ve always been mildly curious about that – but too respectful of another’s privacy to ask) when Europe’s Qawm al-Kafiroon’ are subjugated by the “hordes” of whom he and I speak.

    I may “fisk” him later on, or leave that sad duty to others. Probably to others.

  12. toadspittle says:

    Since you’re soliticious enough to mention my glaring physical defects, JH, I am literally – if not half-blind – certainly considerably. “vision deficient” on a keyboard now – particuliarly for the last few days, due to a slight mishap. No big deal. I get on wiith it. Things might improve.
    It’s frustrating, though, to seee my errors clearly in the more readable serif type, after I’m “published.”
    I hope others can make charitable allowances.
    I have four sons, all in their forties, and five grandchildren. Nor am I as ancient as youi magine – a mere 76. Still, feel free to “fisk.”

    On the topic, I see the Pope as being more globally catholic than Roman Catholic. I’m in faour of that, naturally.
    And I’m pessimistic about the future for my family. But perhaps it won’t be any worse than the past two (make that seven) thousand years of racial, political, and religious slaughter.
    After all, Catholics and Protestants hardly ever murder another in significant numbers these days. Perhaps extreme Muslims will also mellow and follow suit.
    But I have no grounds for believing that. “Siempre algo,” as my neighbours often say.

  13. toadspittle says:


    Load of tripe. The kid will almost certainly grow up to be a suicide bomber, won’t he JH? No way he will ever be a good, devout, caring, charitable, Catholic like you.
    Just another one of the “hordes” of foreign brown people trying to invade Canada ( God’s own country, well – at least a suberb of it) , including several thousand Catholics.

    As to “knee jerk reactions” – maybe I should try genuflecting again, every few seconds – like when I was a toadpole at Mass?
    No, I will leve the compulsive knee-jerking to you and yours:
    Abortion = Bad.
    Current Pope Francis = Bad
    Ex-Pope Ben = Good.
    Communion in the hand = Bad.
    Communion while knee-jerking = Good.

    All together now – down on our knees! (Or stand up and go to Hell.)

  14. Mary Anne says:

    Hell exists because God is Perfectly Just. Perfectly.

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