The Lake Garda Interviews: Michael Matt and Dr Joseph Shaw

From RTV:

In this latest installment of The Lake Garda Interviews, Michael chats with Oxford fellow and chairman of the Latin Mass Society of England and Wales, Dr. Joseph Shaw:

– What’s happening with the traditional movement in the UK?
– What is the Latin Mass Society of England and Wales?
– What was the Agatha Christie Indult?
– What’s the attitude among English traditionalists on Brexit?
– How has the pontificate of Pope Francis altered the situation?
– Why are so many Catholics no longer having large families?
– What’s the connection between cultural decay and contraception?

This is another interview preview of the upcoming RTV documentary on the 25th Anniversary of the Roman Forum in Gardone Riviera, Italy.

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3 Responses to The Lake Garda Interviews: Michael Matt and Dr Joseph Shaw

  1. mary salmond says:

    Thank you, Dr. Shaw and Michael Matt for a good interview. Dr. Shaw approaches the topics from a step back, objectively, and suggests good reasons for many of his views. “Decolonization,” “benign neglect” etc are an interesting concepts. If there is hope for the UK, then there is hope for the rest of Western Civilization.


  2. kathleen says:

    I wonder if Dr Jo Shaw would still believe the Traditional Latin Mass was not in danger under this pontificate if he looked at the evidence LifeSiteNews and some other Catholic sites are reporting, like this one, and this worrying report from 1P5 that our collaborator, Geoff Kiernan, has brought to our attention!

    Tough times ahead for the Church’s beautiful sacred Liturgy?


  3. mary salmond says:

    After a quick look at the readings, Kathleen, we can only hope the TLM is on the back burner and out of sight and that the SSPX don’t draw attention to its adversaries so it will be able to continue without notice for years to come.


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