Civilizations die from suicide, not by murder

By Pete Baklinski at LifeSiteNews:

Historian Arnold Toynbee once famously said that “civilizations die from suicide, not by murder.”

Using this as a springboard, commentator Mark Steyn shows in a new video how Western Europe is already in the death throes of “demographic suicide” because couples are no longer having enough children. He then shows how a thriving Muslim population in Western Europe is well on its way to filling all the empty space.

Steyn explained how given the divergent birth rate between Muslims and post-Christian secularists, it will take only two generations for the current Muslim population (sitting at about 10-percent) to have as many grandchildren as post-Christian secularists (who currently make up the other 90 percent). This is due, he said, to Muslims having on average 3.5 children per couple compared to post-Christian secularists who have only 1.3 children per couple.

“People think this is a slow process…It happens very fast. The catching up is well under way,” he said.

Steyn said that the takeover of Western Europe by Muslims is “not a prediction.” He noted that some elementary schools, such as in Antwerp, Belgium, already have a majority of Muslim students.

“Nobody is predicting anything. We’re talking about who are the kids in the grade school right now, which means they are going to be the guys entering the workforce in fifteen years time,” he said.

“That’s not a prediction. We’re not looking at trends. We’re looking at the actual warm bodies sitting in the elementary classes now,” he added.

Steyn quoted statistics from the Vienna Institute of Demography which he said predict that by mid-century a majority of Austrians under the age of 15 will be Muslim.

“This was a country that not so long ago was 90 percent Catholic,” he said.

Steyn said that some of his American followers might remember Austria as the setting for the film Sound of Music about a large family that fled the country in 1938 in the face of a Nazi takeover. Steyn said that by 2038, Austrians will no longer be singing “how do you solve a problem like Maria,” but “how do you solve a problem like Sharia.”

“This is the biggest story of our time, and yet hardly anyone ever writes about it,” he said.

“This is the biggest demographic movement/transformation in history, and it’s about to accelerate,” he added.

Steyn said that the demographic suicide of the West highlights the importance of U.S. President Trump’s July message in Warsaw, Poland about faith and family.

In his July 6 rousing speech, Trump issued a clear call for the defense of Christianity that underpins all of Western Civilization, along with all the culture and traditions that arise from that source. He urged Europeans to put “faith and family, not government and bureaucracy, at the center of our lives.”

But for Steyn, it is likely already too late for most Western European countries to turn the boat around.

“A post-Christian Europe doesn’t really have any faith and it doesn’t have any families either. They are fading into the past. They have essentially broken the compact of human societies,” he said.

“The people who built the modern world are going out of business, voluntarily,” he added.

Steyn is not the only one warning of the pending demographic crisis.

Last month Tesla CEO and SpaceX founder Elon Musk tweeted that “The world’s population is accelerating towards collapse, but few seem to notice or care.”

Earlier in March Musk told CNNMoney that the world “should be concerned about demographic implosion.”

“So if you look at countries like Japan, most of Europe, China,” Musk said, “and you look at the birth rates, in a lot of those places it is only at about half of the sustaining rate.”

Musk described an up-side-down demographic pyramid, where the elderly are now the new flat top that is supposed to be held up by a shrinking younger base.

“So it will sort of fall over,” he said. “It will not stand.”

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27 Responses to Civilizations die from suicide, not by murder

  1. mary salmond says:

    Thank you! I’ve been listening to Steyn’s logic for some time and he’s been writing about it for more than 10 years. The catholic church has done a disservice by not enforcing the culture of life, the “natural” birth rate. It is just as responsible for the culture of the death of western civilization and of the USA. No one wants to hear this, no one wants to take responsibility for babies, pleasure is the buzzword without consequences. The bishops of Europe and the US have fudged on their job to promote life, come out strong on the family, procreation, Humanae Vitae, and respect for the elderly. The low percentage of orthodox bishops has resulted in low percentage of Catholics who follow the Church’s teachings. Most orthodox bishops are scoffed at by their colleagues (in private, I’m sure) but championed by Catholics who want true leadership by their bishops. Steyn is trying to give a strong warning to all of us – catholic and secular alike – what we can expect in the near future if we don’t wake up. Paul Erlich of the 60’s didn’t foresee the Muslims taking over the world, but at 5 children per family, it won’t be long.

  2. GC says:

    Like many others, I’d suspected Frau Merkel’s astonishing receptiveness wasn’t purely altruistic.

    A Tale of Two Crises – German Birth Rates and Syrian Refugees

  3. “This is the biggest story of our time, and yet hardly anyone ever writes about it,” Steyn said.


    The answer’s easy. Hardly anyone ever writes about it, because if anyone ever did, he or she would be accused of being “Islamophobic.”

  4. toadspittle says:

    The ironic aspect of Islamania, as depicted here, is that Muslims are, on the face of it, all that TradCaths admire and aspire to – absurdly prusish about displays of the body (invariably female ones) that God is reputed to have designed in His personal Image for Humankind and obsessed wiith sin and redemption. They also judgementally regard everyone else on earth, apart from themselves of course, as damned – and are certain that they, and they alone, have God’s Ear and are privy to the answers to all possible moral questions – written down in a Big Fat Book.

    Unfortunately, they each have different answers, in a different book.
    And then, there are the Jews and Masons, and Mormons, and their books.

    So, mankind is doubtless doomed, one way or another. (Hope that helps.)

  5. Roger says:

    How about instead looking at the Light of the Faith.

    You see actually Heavens judgement on this Apostate Western World and its deliberate policy of Eugenics (controlled evolution). These arguments are purely material BUT the policy and intent is the destruction of Christ (Church mystical Body of Christ) and especially the Sacraments starting with the Mass.

    Islam doesn’t have sacraments but it is like a scourge sweeping out of the desert.
    Lepanto is forgotten and ignored! Fatima (the very name found in Islam) a warning.
    Islam came out of the desert and what is the Apostate Western World but a spiritual desert.

    Not suicide because its all about MASS murder of souls and treating Men and Man like cattle with selective breeding (evolution). Its a very old idea found with the Pagan’s called Eugenics.
    There are various spuriously arguments such as useless eaters. How about Henry Kissinger Quotes On Depopulation. “Power is the ultimate aphrodisiac,” and “The elderly are useless eaters”.

    The modern history of eugenics began in the early 20th century when a popular eugenics movement emerged in the United Kingdom (mother country of masonry)
    “..As a social movement, eugenics reached its greatest popularity in the early decades of the 20th century, when it was practiced around the world and promoted by governments, institutions, and influential individuals. Many countries enacted various eugenics policies, including: genetic screenings, BIRTH CONTROL, promoting differential birth rates, marriage restrictions, segregation (both racial segregation and sequestering the mentally ill), compulsory sterilization, forced ABORTIONS or forced pregnancies, ultimately culminating in genocide (EUTHENASIA). ..”

    The Popes warned of modernism, socialism , communism etc.. these materialist pagan in origin ideas which have swept around the world as Human Rights! If you wish to look at the path it well set out with a re engineering of Society, equality of the sexes, destruction of the Family and especially of Christianity. Genesis the serpent targetted Eve to bring down mankind. 20th century (as was implement in Marxist Russia) equality of the sexes. Genesis has been replayed before mans eyes.

    As for What comes out of a masonic Curia! Bearing in mind Man was told to go forth increase and multiply!

    “Speaking to reporters as he travelled back to Rome from the Philippines, Francis said there are plenty of church-approved ways to regulate births. On the trip, he gave his strongest defence yet of the 1968 encyclical Humanae Vitae, which enshrined the church’s opposition to artificial birth control. On the plane, the Pope insisted that being a good Catholic did not involve breeding “like rabbits”, arguing that “responsible parenthood” requires that couples regulate the births of their children, as church teaching allows. The Catholic Church upholds a strict ban on contraception. Instead, it advocates that women monitor their menstruation cycle to avoid intercourse when she is ovulating. Francis cited the case of a woman who was pregnant with her eighth child after seven caesarean sections, saying that is “an irresponsibility.”
    According to the National Catholic Reporter, he said: “This is to tempt God”. He also asked: “Does she want to leave the seven orphans?”

  6. toadspittle says:

    Expound more clearly and in greater detail please, Roger.

  7. Roger says:

    This from a great friend of mine we knew and met St Pio many times.
    “..On one of my visits there, I made the acquaintance of a teacher from Pescara, who moved house to SGR.
    He had six children and for each one he asked St Pio to suggest a name for the child, immediately after the doctor confirmed, pregnancy!
    Pio gave a name for each of the six children, without his having met the mother! Some male some female, bur all of his suggested names corresponded to the resulting birth of the child! was.
    My sincere advice to all whom I have met, be they Jews, Muslims, Bhuddists, or of Shiva or Shinto or so called Christians including, has always been, for them to buy /beg/ borrow or steal, a good book on St Padre Pio.”

  8. toadspittle says:

    “(Steyn) then shows how a thriving Muslim population in Western Europe is well on its way to filling all the empty space.”
    Well, if God says. “Be fruitful and multipy. ” shouldn’t beleivers in Him be happy?
    But we aren’t – are we? We hate the fruitful multi[lying, don’t we? Wrong brand of fruit, it seems.
    And doesn’t God love everybod on earth, Muslims included? (Or so I was taught.)
    Why the hand-wringing hysteria, then?
    Nice to get a sensible answer here.

  9. Mary Salmond says:

    Yes. I love all God’s children till I’m decapitated.

  10. Roger says:

    Genesis 1
    23 “And God blessed them, saying: Increase and multiply, and fill the earth, and subdue it, and rule over the fishes of the sea, and the fowls of the air, and all living creatures that move upon the earth.”

    This was before Original Sin. So we know that God’s blessing applies to the second Adam and Eve. That’s Jesus and Mary.This is to the Church (thats the seed of Jesus and Mary)
    2 Corinthians 9:
    10 “And he that ministereth seed to the sower, will both give you bread to eat, and will multiply your seed, and increase the growth of the fruits of your justice:”

    But with the Apostacy from Christ the West have rejected the Light (Law of God) and have become blind and sterile. Killing their own offspring as did the pagans. Without Grace they are spiritually dead.
    John 7:
    49 “But this multitude, that knoweth not the law, are accursed.”

  11. johnhenrycn says:

    TS @ 20:47:
    “Well, if God says. ‘Be fruitful and multiply’, shouldn’t believers in Him be happy?
    But we aren’t – are we? We hate the fruitful multiplying, don’t we? Wrong brand of fruit, it seems.”

    Nothing to do with hating the offspring of the enemy. What the great Mark Steyn, who’s got even less formal education than you, means is that nature abhors a vacuum. Do try being honest whilst searching for the right keys on your laptop, pending which I’ve decided to correct all of your typos whenever I reply to you, because you’re not quite the ignoramus casual visitors here might otherwise think.

  12. toadspittle says:

    “What the great Mark Steyn, who’s got even less formal education than you,”
    As the great Sam Goldwyn said,”In two words, im-possible.”
    However, JH, thanks for the proferred help with the typos.
    It’s not easy being (somewhat) blind.

    “Yes. I love all God’s children till I’m decapitated.”
    True, Mary, that does rather put a full stop to proceedings. As Dum (or is it Dee? Hard to tell ) rightly says: “Getting your head cut off is one of the most serious things that can happen to you in a battle.”

    And just in case anyone thinks I’m defending Muslims, be reassured – I regard them as considerably nastier than Christians.

  13. geoffkiernan says:

    All frogs are idiots….

  14. JabbaPapa says:

    all that TradCaths admire and aspire to – absurdly prusish about displays of the body (invariably female ones) that God is reputed to have designed in His personal Image for Humankind and obsessed wiith sin and redemption. They also judgementally regard everyone else on earth, apart from themselves of course, as damned – and are certain that they, and they alone, have God’s Ear and are privy to the answers to all possible moral questions – written down in a Big Fat Book

    Crikey, well that’s a big fat pile of I-have-no-idea-what-I’m-going-on-about, dear toad …

  15. Mary Salmond says:

    Ok Toad, I guess you’d be redeemed yourself with that last statement!

  16. toadspittle says:

    “Crikey, well that’s a big fat pile of I-have-no-idea-what-I’m-going-on-about, dear toad …”
    Of course. I only make comments like that to elicit such sorts of response, Jabba.

    As to, “All frogs are idiots, “ I doubt that. Voltaire, Montaigne, and Flaubert weren’t.
    But it is inadvisable to argue with Australian bus drivers. You can find yourself thrown off the bus in the middle of the outback – with only your wallaby, a tucker-bag, and trouser snake for company.

  17. kathleen says:

    Geoff says, “All frogs are idiots…”

    Indeed. Fortunately we only have one and his nonsense to contend with. The rest are pure trolls, and their pathetic attempts to pour out their spite and/or heresies here on our blog are all in vain. (They remain stuck in Moderation!)


    It is a proven fact that in countries where Islam gets the upper hand – as we are already seeing in many European countries today, or parts of them – the native population suffers an onslaught of violent crimes (especially sexual crimes towards women), and constant harassment, bullying and intolerance towards all non-Muslims. As their numbers increase, and native Europeans decrease, things will only get worse in the coming years – far, far, worse!

    Why have these bellicose followers of false prophet, war-mongering, murderer, desert-wanderer Mohammad set their sights on Europe? Why are they so determined to invade our beautiful but tiny continent as they surge north under the guise of refugees? Why don’t they hammer at the door seeking “asylum” of far wealthier Muslim-majority countries instead, where there is plenty of room for them to live, like those on the Gulf?

    The answer?
    Because THEY WANT TO IMPOSE ISLAM on their old enemy, the once-upon-a-time cradle of Christianity, that used to be Europe! In their blatant hatred of the West, they desire to wipe us out, pay us back for our heroic Christian victories at Lepanto, the siege of Vienna, etc., and to set up an Islamic caliphate in our lands where they can bawl out their heretical Islamic intonations from mosques – built on the ruins of our lovely churches and magnificent cathedrals where the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass was once celebrated.
    That’s why.

    Are we going to allow this to happen?

    When Europe was Christian… when the population (at least the vast majority of the population) lived and died within a solid Christian framework, heretical Islam didn’t stand a chance… although they never let up in their attempts to invade us! Now they note with vengeful glee that we are weak, that we have abandoned our Glorious Faith all by our stupid selves and embraced sterile, suicidal Secularism. “This moment in time is now our chance to move in”, they say to themselves, “and it’s been served up to us on a platter!!”

    Unless a massive miracle takes place, and Europeans wake up to the disaster that is about to befall us and our descendants, return to the practice of the One True Faith in all its splendour and fullness (i.e., being open to life again), and send the Mohammadan back home with his tail between his legs, we are truly doomed!!

    Pray earnestly for this miracle! Pray to the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary to reach out and save us as we drown from the satanical forces of Islam and Secularism. “Our Father, etc…. Deliver us from evil. Amen.”

  18. Roger says:

    Thank you Kathleen.
    Atheist Europe is essentially Socialist and the Russian Marxism was exported from the West (with funding for Swiss and Wall Street) to set of the Revolution in Russia 1917. Now this is a description of Marxist Leninism

    “..In the USSR, Marxism-Leninism was taught in schools and universities with anyone questioning its beliefs punished (THE EU COURT DOES THE SAME WITH HUMAN RIGHTS). As a result, the ultimate Soviet propaganda machine took control of millions of minds, with the Marxist-Leninist ideology reinforced by the defeat of Hitler in the Great Patriotic War (1941-1945), the first man sent to Space (Yury Gagarin, April 12th 1961) and other achievements by the USSR.

    Marxism-Leninism rejected religion. Even before it was officially announced by Stalin, many cathedrals and churches were taken down right after the communist revolution. Some churches were even used to store grain. The ideology’s main goal was to establish a world-wide communist regime. The USSR was supposed to become a center to spread the ideology to other nations (at some point this became known as “The export of the revolution”). At the same time, under Soviet plans, Moscow was supposed to become the head of the global communist movement,

    The Key moment for Russia was the Triumph Of Jesus and Mary in early 1980’s 1983 at the latest when this Athiest Marxist State joined with the Russion Orthodox Church for a National celebration of 1000 years of Christianity in 1988.

    Can anybody see any Authority in the West capable or celebrating Christianity?
    The Huntingdon Book Clash Of Civilizations envisage the mutual destruction of Islam and Christianity. What other purpose is there in the West for building up Islam other than the destruction of Christianity? New World Order (Apoc the two beasts, one secular the other religious (false ecuminism) )

  19. JabbaPapa says:

    Of course. I only make comments like that to elicit such sorts of response, Jabba

    Well, I can only guess as to your purposes, but the key word in the phrase “traditional Catholics” is Catholic, not Tradition.

    We are united in Faith as Catholics, not segregated into various groups by this or that adjective, not even by such a theologically important one as “traditional”.

    It can be a bit of a confusing word, given that in a core, central sense the Catholicity and the Tradition are one and the same, whereas in another sense “Tradition” can be seen as referring to an Ideal that some Catholics seek to embrace in its History just as others seek to define it as a transcendental historic motion to a perfected Future.

    The Church has been engaged in this difficult argument since Antiquity.

    But to accuse so-called “TradCaths” of this or that which might somehow be equivalent in purpose or nature to the grotesquely murderous excesses of intolerant narrowly dogmatic Islamism is just straightforward cod’s wallop.

    And implicitly, that’s what you have done.

    No — it is grossly heretical to suggest that God can save only Faithful practising Catholic Christians and nobody else. And you have suggested objective falsehoods by claiming so.

  20. kathleen says:

    Yet another vile, cowardly Islamic terrorist attack – this time in Barcelona. Thirteen dead; many wounded.

    Seems like Europeans are not disappearing fast enough for some of the more extreme elements of the satanical ‘religion of peace’! So they now resort to mowing us down to hurry up the process…
    Evil, evil, evil!

    Pray for those innocent victims… and for their families.
    (Surely, without God’s help, it would be impossible to get over losing a loved one in such a heinous way!)

  21. Roger says:

    Join with Me and Start a Rosary Crusade

    The Rosary is a powerful and infallible weapon, since it bears the imprint of a very strong spiritual crusade against the enemies of Christ and his Church.
    The origins of the Rosary are on the battlefield! It was organized as a wall of defense around the city of God to protect it from the invasion of heresies, through the invocation to the Immaculate Virgin, the Woman crowned with twelve stars, whose virginal foot crushes the infernal dragon.
    Our Lady, Queen of the Church, is strong as an army deployed in battle against legionsof heretics and people without God!
    Yes, in fact, the official title of Mary was “Victorious Queen against heresies”! So, in our time, this crusade is most appropriate and even urgent!
    Pius XI encyclical “Ingravescientibus Malis,” September 29th, 1937:
    “… And as in the times of the Crusades, in all Europe there was raised one voice of the people, one supplication; so today, in all the world, the cities, and even the smallest villages, united with courage and strength, with filial and constant insistence, the people seek to obtain from the great Mother of God the defeat of the enemies of Christian and human civilization, to the end that true peace may shine again over tired and erring men!”

    It is true: in place of the Albigenses and the Turks, today, we have other heretics sitting in powerful places who have
    started and have continued to wage a satanic offensive which began with the iniquitous Herod and that will only end with the glorious advent of Jesus Christ, King and Savior

  22. toadspittle says:

    “it is grossly heretical to suggest that God can save only Faithful practising Catholic Christians and nobody else.”
    Absolutely agreed, Jabba. But that’s precisely what I was taught as a toadpole.
    I didn’t believe it then, and I don’t believe it now.


    [A moderator writes – we couldn’t care less what you believe, toad. Nothing as far as we can see. You’ve made it abundantly clear faith is meaningless to you. But do us the favour of bothering others, similar unbelievers on atheist sites, of your non belief. We’ve had enough.]

  23. Roger says:

    The problem Toad isn’t about Belief in God because we find this wherever we find Man.
    Equally we find a commonly understood natural law sic thou shalt Not because this Law is found again commonly wherever we find Man.
    Again Hades is a commonly understood place for the dead. Hades isn’t a pleasant place (Homer)
    At this point we find another common belief in an original Man; Adam and Eve and Oh yes Creation.

    None of the above is proven by the Bible because these are common to wherever we find Men and they have All commonly worship God or if you like Divinity

    Now comes a problem because Man cannot progress beyond this exiled State. He cannot be with God for Eternity. Who then could win for Man this prize the key to Heaven which Our parents had lost.
    Man the offspring of Fallen Adam can’t enter Heaven BUT if we could become the offspring of a Man who could unlock Heaven become flesh of His flesh, Blood of His Blood?
    The Church is this mystical Body of the God Man who is the key to Heaven and an Eternity with God. This is what the Faith teaches and it is True.

    The Church Militant and Free Will is your sticking point. You frankly have a naive childish view of Faith. If you looked at the early church and the holy martyrs you would discover a living vibrancy and zest, zeal for Life that confounded their persecutors. Charity and a Love for God and Neighbour that transcended Hatred. That sought the salvation of ALL and especially their persecutors. They commonly displayed a supernatural transcending Love and its source? Grace the Life Of Christ within them.

    Behold the Folly of the martyrs and saints the transcending Love of Christ conquering the Hatred of the world.

    You simply cannot or won’t see this Divine Love of Grace as opposed to Satanic Hatred. Now whence comes this Grace Toad? Because this is your problem. Go and read everything that you can about St Padre Pio.

    The Rosary is the weapon of Love against Satanic Hatred because the Child of Mary overcame the Hatred of this world and the False demonic religions.

  24. johnhenrycn says:

    It doesn’t matter what we say, Toad’s against it:

  25. kathleen says:

    @ JH

    Oh, that is soooo funny! Toad will love it too 😉 .

    Back on topic, Anne Hendershott has written a brilliant article, Reaping What We’ve Sown, where she delves deeper into some more possible reasons for the West’s falling birth-rates. I’m more convinced than ever that only a great miracle from Our Merciful and Blessed Saviour is going to get us out the grave we have dug for ourselves…. And all thanks to the inculturation of the Culture of Death the Secularist leaders of most western nations have been ramming into the heads of the population these last decades!

  26. Crow says:

    Great article, Kathleen. I have ordered her book, ‘The Politics of Deviance’.

  27. arsenios says:

    That’s why.

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