Pray for the Victims of Hurricane Harvey and all Natural Disasters

Our Lord calms the storm at sea

The horrific images of the catastrophic landscape Hurricane Harvey has left in its wake in Houston (Texas) and its surroundings, together with some tragic reports of personal stories, has left the rest of the world reeling in shock and with feelings of heartfelt sympathy for all the victims.

Nor is the U.S. the only country to have suffered from recent natural disasters – Nepal, northern India and Bangladesh have also been subjected to great loss of life, homes and livelihoods destroyed, owing to similar devastating forces of nature. Our friends in the Philippines can be added to the list of people who have suffered greatly the consequences of wild storms and tornadoes. Last year in Spain, no less than eleven brave firefighters were trapped by a raging forest fire and burnt to death. Earthquakes, wherever they occur, invariably leave many victims dead, wounded or horribly trapped, homes destroyed, and great grief among the survivors.

Even now with the advances in modern technology warning us beforehand of certain types of dangerous and destructive storms coming our way, giving us a little precious time to ‘batten down the hatches’, or to try to escape to safer latitudes if we are fortunate enough to have the means to do so, we still cannot control the forces of nature. It is something we all know: our worldly home on Planet Earth is unstable and exposed to the whims of nature.

But we have not been abandoned by God to these “whims of nature”. Our Blessed Lord, He Who calmed the wild wind and great waves of the storm at sea on Lake Galilee (Mark 4:35-41), tells us not to fear, to have faith, for not even a tiny sparrow falls that He does not see it. We are held in the “palm of His Hand”; He is watching over us. Our only real fear should be to fall out of grace by grave sin. Our true home is Heaven, and making sure we keep travelling forwards on that “narrow path” that will eventually lead us homewards calms all temporal fears for our and our loved ones’ physical safety. Nothing else matters.


Compassionate Lord, we pray for those who have been devastated by recent natural disasters. We remember those who have lost their lives so suddenly. We hold in our hearts the families forever changed by grief and loss. Bring them consolation and comfort. Surround them with our prayers for strength. Bless those who have survived and heal their memories of trauma and devastation. May they have the courage to face the long road of rebuilding ahead.

We ask your blessing on all those who have lost their homes, their
livelihoods, their security and their hope. Bless the work of relief
agencies and those providing emergency assistance. May their work be guided by the grace and strength that comes from You alone.

Help us to respond with generosity in prayer, in assistance, in aid to the best of our abilities. Keep our hearts focused on the needs of those affected, even after the crisis is over. We ask this in Jesus’ name,


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5 Responses to Pray for the Victims of Hurricane Harvey and all Natural Disasters

  1. kathleen says:

    In the article I rather gave the impression that the worst of the terrible flood damage wrought by Hurricane Harvey in southeastern Texas had passed, but that is clearly not the case. As the torrential rain has not dissipated, the waters continue to rise together with distressing reports of fatalities, stranded victims and homes destroyed. The tireless rescue teams are being stretched to their very limits at the sheer magnitude of the disaster. But in a CNA article the general response to the call for help one local priest has called “outstanding” and “generous”.
    (Ed.) Often the best of the Christian “love of neighbour” comes out at times of suffering like this!


  2. Roger says:

    I assure you of my prayers for the victims of hurricane Harvey and all natural disasters.


  3. kathleen says:

    Have you seen this? Yesterday was a National Day of Prayer for the victims of Hurricane Harvey in the U.S.

    A President and his cabinet who humbly pray for help for the suffering, placing their trust in Our Lord Jesus Christ, is a wonderful witness to the world!
    No wonder President Trump is so harshly criticised by the God-hating secularists and militant socialists.
    But that same criticism is a sign that he’s doing a lot of things right.

    May God bless him and protect him and bring him one day into the Holy Catholic Church.


  4. kathleen says:

    More terrible destructive natural disasters are striking our friends on the other side of the Atlantic!
    I hope this lovely post I read today at Chant Café will bring some small measure of spiritual comfort:

    Speak through the earthquake, wind, and fire, O still, small Voice of calm.

    “We’ll have to take this hymn, originally written as a protest against liturgical ceremony, out of context. I’m a big believer in liturgical ceremony’s ability to influence the human mind and heart towards just the recollection this text rightly celebrates, with a fluency and beauty unparalleled in the hymnals.

    Some may wish to pray this hymn for those suffering from natural disasters these days.

    Dear Lord and Father of mankind,
    forgive our foolish ways;
    reclothe us in our rightful mind,
    in purer lives thy service find,
    in deeper reverence, praise; in deeper reverence, praise.

    In simple trust like theirs who heard
    beside the Syrian sea
    the gracious calling of the Lord,
    let us, like them, without a word
    rise up and follow thee; rise up and follow thee.

    O Sabbath rest by Galilee,
    O calm of hills above,
    where Jesus knelt to share with thee
    the silence of eternity,
    interpreted by love; interpreted by love.

    Drop thy still dews of quietness,
    till all our strivings cease;
    take from our souls the strain and stress,
    and let our ordered lives confess
    the beauty of thy peace; the beauty of thy peace.

    Breathe through the heats of our desire
    thy coolness and thy balm;
    let sense be dumb, let flesh retire;
    speak through the earthquake, wind, and fire,
    O still, small voice of calm; O still, small voice of calm!”


  5. Sharon Korte Molenasr says:

    Prayers to all Families and Friends for ALL the Disasters. Prayers, prayers, prayers.


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