Catholic Gun Control is in the Soul, not the Government

In light of the recent horrific mass killing in Las Vegas, this post from April 2013 by Fr Peter Carota (RIP), also known as ‘Traditional Catholic Priest’, is highly enlightening. Whilst heated arguments take place in the U.S. over greater gun control, in fact it is fallen human beings making the vilest ill use of these weapons that are to blame, not the guns per se.


Every time there is a shooting, everyone calls for gun control.  Catholic teaching says that we have a right and duty to protect our families and ourself from someone else killing us or harming us.  There is also the Just War Theory.  It is just to use violence, if need be, to gain a greater good and to save innocent lives.

I remember reading in the Saint Michael Paper from Quebec about a priest who gave a lenten retreat to Pope John Paul.  In that retreat he said what the anti christ would be like.  He clearly stated that he would be a pacifist, a ecologist and a ecumenist.Sermon and Deeds of Antichrist_Luca SignorelliJesus gives the gift of peace at every Holy Mass.  We are called by Jesus to be peacemakers.  But there is a time for going to battle as we see through out history.  St. Joan of Arc, the Vendees, the Cristeros, the struggle against Hitler.  All these needed armed resistance.

I feel that if all arms are banded, then the government takes away our constitutional right to be able to defend ourselves.   Don’t forget the devil always wants to control and destroy the True Catholic Faith.  And he has plenty of his co workers.Michael Archangel_and the Devil_RAFFAELLO Sanzio

My parents raised us to be pacifist.  I was one until I started the St. Francis Catholic Kitchen in Santa Cruz, Cal.  We never knew when one of the guest would become extremely violent.  It was usually provoked by schizophrenia or being high on drugs.  I quickly left my pacifism behind and called on the police to control the person threatening to do harm to others.  Police are able to keep us safe by the real threat of using a gun if need be.

The problem is not guns.  The problem is watered down Catholicism and sin.  You can ban all guns, but someone who wishes to kill can use fertilizer to make bombs to blow up more than any arms can do.  We saw that in the Oklahoma City bombing of the federal building by Tim McVeigh.

It is the heart that kills innocent people.  If we can convert the heart to be holy, then we will not have to control everyone and everything from doing violence.  Criminals have no problem at all of obtaining Guns.  There is a lot of talk that the carteles in Mexico obtain guns from the USA.  All over the world there are sales of Guns made in the USA.  All over the world they are able to get drugs into the USA.  The same thing will happen to guns being smuggled into the USA.

The solution is as always, Traditional Catholic Doctrine.  When you have true morals being taught and lived, we do not need to police everyone.  We do not need a police state.  Confession is a place where we accuse ourselves from within of our sins and weaknesses.  The gun control we need is from within the heart and soul.  As we have sacred liturgies we will respect God’s laws and respect human life.misaa

Anyway God is in control and we are so fortunate to not have to worry about what is going on.  We pray the 15 decade rosary for peace as Mary asked us to do at Fatima.  We work for the return of sacred traditional Catholicism.  And we work on peace in our hearts and families.  When you do a good confession and are truly sorry and humbly getting all the sins out, you have immediate peace in your soul.  The peace of God passes all understanding.


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36 Responses to Catholic Gun Control is in the Soul, not the Government

  1. Jesus merely said..” put up your sword Peter…” he did not condemn Peter’s ownership, nor wearing of the sword. What made the sword – and all killing implements – evil, is the hand/heart that yields them. While I’m am horrified at the murderous use of a gun, it doesn’t make the gun evil, just the one behind it. Over 65 years of gun use and ownership, respect for God’s laws and consideration for the safety of others, has made its use friendly, with regard for the above. How I wish such things were used for right purpose and not evil, this world would be a much better place. God be merciful to the dead and wounded.

  2. JabbaPapa says:

    Gun control isn’t to generally ban firearms — English-speaking countries do tend to have some weird attitudes towards guns, especially of course the US !!

    France, Spain, and Italy have pretty sensible gun control laws.

    Nobody sensible down here thinks that owning a gun equals protecting your family — from whom anyway, other gun owners ? Ordinary gun ownership here is very simply and straightforwardly centred around hunting.

    And no — there’s nothing particularly “christian” about keeping a semi-automatic handgun in your home.

    Nor is there any kind of “Just War” — to deploy military forces in acts of defence against naked military aggression, or to help protect the victims of a genocide, or so on does not “justify” a war, started for clearly evil reasons, it is simply permissible and necessary a minima to protect yourself and others from malevolent warmongering.

    Criminals have no problem at all of obtaining Guns

    This is certainly not true in Europe, or the jihadi terrorists here wouldn’t be forced into having to use knives instead. So, this is basically just a strawman argument.

    Truth is, effective gun control makes it significantly harder for criminals to obtain them — though of course, given the sheer number of guns in the US today, it would take decades for the US gun problem to become genuinely manageable …

  3. Mary Anne says:

    He makes all the sense in the world about it … So plain and simple and true. Eternal rest grant unto to him, O Lord, and let perpetual light shine upon him. … Pray for us Father Carota

  4. toadspittle says:

    Well put, Jabba.
    There are more guns in America today than there are people- an estimated 357 million guns and 3i7 million people. (and those are 2013 figures. Certainly worse now.) Tthis is plain insanity and the priest who wrote the above is nuts.
    I lived 15 years in the States. WIth no gun. It can be done. But the situation has gone too far to solve, I fear.
    Americans will just have to learn to live with it. Or, all too frequently, die with it.

  5. geoffkiernan says:

    You flea…you act as if you have done nothing wrong. Go back and read the Piece on St Therese and try and justify youself. You have reached a new low, and that is hard to do for a flea.

  6. toadspittle says:

    What an absurd headine on this article.
    You might as well say,” Rape is in the soul, not in the Goerenment – so ther’s no point in making it a crime.”

    Geoff, calm down, for God’s sake. You know what the doctor said.
    Andtake the little yellow pills he prescribed.

  7. Mary Salmond says:

    Well said. Our hearts must have peace to control our actions!

  8. geoffkiernan says:

    Dear Mary,
    I note your comment suggesting that ‘our hearts must have peace to control of our actions’. Well said and I agree with you. I assume those comments were directed at me, suggesting I had lost control. If I am wrong in this assumption then I apologize. If not then may I suggest you speak with more clarity in future.
    If I was to suggest that you are sexually obsessed with Jesus Christ or that you had sexual fantasies about the Son of God, I am sure you would be outraged and with good reason. I am sure you would defend yourself with some vigor. I am equally sure your outrage or ‘lack of peace’ would cause you to lose some control but under the circumstances no right minded person would be critical.
    I’m curious, did you read or are you aware of what ‘the Flea’ actually said about St Therese and Our Lord?… You would defend yourself but you chose not to defend the Saint’ integrity nor Our Lord.
    I note that although given the opportunity to do so, you were silent. instead you offer some veiled criticism of someone that did. You are in good company, the ever pompous Jabberer saw fit to suggest that I was picking on ‘the flea’ (You noticed how he can speak french….. much more sophisticated than a mere mortal)
    I take my medication but are you like ‘the flea’ on something entirely different?
    May Saint Therese pray for all those who chose not to defend her.

  9. toadspittle says:

    As usual Geoff – you are quite right. I, too, have observed that fluency in French
    by non-French-born persons, invariably indicates moral character of a highly dubious nature.

    I have nothing but sympathy for Saint Therese, who endured a too-short and painful existence with great fortitude.

    And I think you misunderstand Mary.

  10. JabbaPapa says:

    the ever pompous Jabberer

    Good jolly old simple Christian charity, eh ?

  11. geoffkiernan says:

    Good jolly old simple victimhood, eh?
    You seem more concerned with your poor little self than making any effort to hold ‘the Flea’ accountable for what he said. Do you consider his comments acceptable? Christian Charity should extend to the individual pilgrim, it should not extended to the blasphemous and derogatory comments uttered by them against someone (St Therese) who cannot/would not defend herself. It is rightly left to those of us, still here, to do that.
    As for your ‘french’ rant on another page, pompous is an apt description considering you offered no defense of St Therese or Our Lord but chose simply to denigrate my efforts to do and so support the original perpetrator with a prissy, pompous and gutless diatribe.
    Having said all that I repeat that I pray that St Therese will pray for all those that chose NOT to defend her. That is the essence of Charity, that we pray for the individual and not defend their shortcomings but call them, for what they are. You are a master at deflection.
    Does ‘the Flea’ or yourself have the testicles to apologize for your inability to defend the ‘Little Flower’ ?
    “The Flea”…..uncharitable? I think not, given he calls himself a ‘toad’ and is happy and well able to hide behind that epithet. ‘The Flea’ will remain a Flea until he apologizes, but I wont be holding my breath.

  12. JabbaPapa says:

    you offered no defense of St Therese

    This is a false statement.

    Meanwhile, your attitude is in harmony with la petite fleur not in the slightest — what you describe as a ‘french’ rant was simply direct quotes of Saint Thérèse.

    So you accuse the Saint of “ranting”, and attack her words, but I’m supposed to be the one not defending her ? What a joke.

    Here’s some more “ranting” from the Saint :

    Si vous avez l’amour du prochain, je vous affirme que vous ne manquerez pas d’obtenir de Sa Majesté l’union dont j’ai parlé. […]. Demandez à Notre Seigneur de vous donner à la perfection cet amour du prochain, et laissez faire Sa Majesté. Elle vous donnera plus que vous ne sauriez désirer, à condition que vous fassiez des efforts et que vous recherchiez, tant que vous le pourrez, cet amour-là.

  13. JabbaPapa says:

    Here’s some more “french ranting” :

    Faisons taire le raisonnement et demeurons près du Sauveur. Si nous le pouvons, occupons-nous à considérer qu’il nous regarde, que nous lui tenons compagnie. Parlons-lui ; exposons-lui nos suppliques ; humilions-nous ; réjouissons-nous avec lui, et souvenons-nous bien que nous ne méritons pas d’être en sa présence. Quand une âme pourra produire ces actes, bien que ce soit au commencement de l’oraison, elle en retirera un très grand profit. Ce genre d’oraison est en effet très avantageux.

    Your notion that Saint Thérèse “cannot defend herself” is ludicrous.

  14. JabbaPapa says:

    And finally, some advice from the Saint that you’d do well to take to heart :

    Les habitudes de la vanité, où tout le monde est engagé, corrompent toutes choses ! La foi est si morte que nous préférons ce que nous voyons à ce qu’elle nous dit. A la vérité, nous ne voyons pourtant qu’infortunes chez ceux qui poursuivent ces choses visibles. C’est le fait de ces choses venimeuses dont nous avons parlé ; comme celui que mord une vipère est tout entier empoisonné, enflé, il en est de même ici-bas, et nous ne nous en préservons pas. Évidemment, de nombreux traitements seront nécessaires pour guérir, et c’est déjà une fort grande faveur de Dieu que de n’en pas mourir.

  15. JabbaPapa says:

    And for those who dislike French :

    Canticum Canticorum : {2:1} Ego flos campi, et lilium convallium.
    {2:2} Sicut lilium inter spinas, sic amica mea inter filias.
    {2:3} Sicut malus inter ligna silvarum, sic dilectus meus inter filios. Sub umbra illius quem desideraveram, sedi: et fructus eius dulcis gutturi meo.
    {2:4} Introduxit me in cellam vinariam, ordinavit in me charitatem.
    {2:5} Fulcite me floribus, stipate me malis: quia amore langueo.
    {2:6} Læva eius sub capite meo, et dextera illius amplexabitur me.

  16. toadspittle says:

    Removed by a moderator.

    Watch it, Toad!

  17. mmvc says:

    So you accuse the Saint of “ranting”, and attack her words, but I’m supposed to be the one not defending her ? What a joke.

    Geoff appears not to be familiar with the French language. In which case he won’t have recognised Jabba’s copied and pasted texts as the words of Saint Thérèse. Therefore he is clearly NOT accusing the Saint of anything or ‘attacking’ her words. To avoid future misunderstandings on this English language blog, it would make sense if those who feel the need to resort to a different language could also offer translations.

  18. geoffkiernan says:

    The ‘french rant’ was so called precisely because it was in French. What purpose did you expect that to serve in the scheme of thing, except to engage your pompous streak. You continue to simply confirmed yourself as pompous and a victim. Sorry about your wounded ego but that’s the price you pay when you engage in pomposity.
    And still you studiously avoid the contents of ‘the Flea’s’ comments ( they are at the heart of this whole discussion) denigrating St Therese and engage in a display of your grasp of Latin and French. How pompous is that?
    May St Therese pray for those that have chosen NOT to defend her.

  19. geoffkiernan says:

    mmvc….Exactly. Thank you.

  20. JabbaPapa says:

    What purpose did you expect that to serve in the scheme of thing, except to engage your pompous streak

    Good GRIEF.

    I am uninterested in your frankly paranoid imaginations.

    And still you studiously avoid the contents of ‘the Flea’s’ comments

    I do not, cannot, and will not comment on words that I haven’t seen.

    The ‘french rant’ was so called precisely because it was in French

    I am not responsible for your lack of knowledge of the language, nor am I responsible for your having described the writings of this Saint and Doctor of our Holy Catholic Church as “french rants”, howsoever ignorantly nor unwittingly may be.

    Vivre d’Amour c’est Donner sans Mesure

    Your spite “defends” la petite fleur not even in the slightest.

  21. JabbaPapa says:

    More politely, toad, would have been the good old “Zut, alors !!

    It’s an English myth that the French don’t use this expression, though it’s quite unpalatable in a foreign accent …

    Gustave Flaubert : L’artiste doit tout élever; il est comme une pompe, il a en lui un grand tuyau qui descend aux entrailles des choses, dans les couches profondes. Il aspire et fait jaillir au soleil en gerbes géantes ce qui était plat sous terre et qu’on ne voyait pas.

  22. geoffkiernan says:

    And still you refuses to comment directly on ‘The Flea’s’ comment that prompted this whole debate. I suggest you acquaint yourself with the filth he engaged in. It would change the whole tenor of your contribution to this debate and you would be less likely to enter a discussion with only half the facts

  23. JabbaPapa says:

    de toad : I, too, have observed that fluency in French by non-French-born persons, invariably indicates moral character of a highly dubious nature

    … and yet what are we to make of those with fluency in Catalan of non-Catalan descent ?

    Geoff’s attempts to denounce our moral characters, howsoever degraded by the taint of Original Sin they (and his) may be, are just straightforward ad hominem of the worst manner.

    Saint Thérèse preached a vast and infinitely extensive love — the spite of Geoff is its antithesis, toad, not your self-mocking, self-deprecatory inelegance.

  24. JabbaPapa says:

    I suggest you acquaint yourself with … filth

    An objectively evil suggestion.

  25. mmvc says:

    Saint Thérèse preached a vast and infinitely extensive love

    Indeed, Jabba. Then out of charity, if for no other reason, please post the translations alongside your French, Latin or other foreign language offerings here.

    I suggest you acquaint yourself with … filth
    is very different from
    I suggest you acquaint yourself with the filth he engaged in

    This is cheap selective quoting. Especially from someone who preaches charity and boasts expertise in textual analysis.

    For a reminder of the genuinely ‘objectively evil suggestion’ made by Toad in his now deleted ‘spittle’ below the St Thérèse post, I suggest you read lines 5,6 and 7 of Geoff’s comment from October 10 at 05:10.

  26. JabbaPapa says:

    This is cheap selective quoting

    No it isn’t — to analyse a sentence down to its core statement is to understand the heart of what it suggests.

    I continue to have no interest in “acquainting myself with filth”, of whichever origin. To suggest to me that I should do so is intolerable.

  27. geoffkiernan says:

    Yes the master deflector at his best, but God Bless you pilgrim.
    Why not ask ‘the Flea’ to tell you what he said about St Therese and Our Lord? I dont denounce your moral Character. You both do that well enough without my help. Sorry to have upset your equilibrium . I am spiteful and paranoid….? …..Your ad hominem’ are showing through.
    “St Therese preached a vast and infinitely extensive love” That’s not what ‘The Flea’ reckons and you claim he is simply self mocking and self deprecatingly inelegant.

  28. JabbaPapa says:

    the master deflector at his best

    tum te tum …

  29. mmvc says:

    tum te tum …

    core statement analysis: I’m jolly well sticking to my guns and refuse to engage in the real issues here.

    Oh well, perhaps it’s time to move on….

    Saint Thérèse, please pray for us!

  30. geoffkiernan says:

    Tum te tum……Just how pompous is that?
    I agree mmvc, time to move on, May St Therese pray for all of us

  31. kathleen says:

    We have strayed from the subject of the post on “Gun Control”, but no matter….
    If Jabba thinks Geoff and others are “gunning” for Toad, he is wrong. Toad often provokes even the mildest of commentators with his lascivious, foul and outrageous slandering of the holy and divine.

    In fact, Geoff summed up the attack on St Thérèse very well in one word – it was pure and utter “filth”.

    Jabba may not want to engage in “filth” anymore than any of us would like to, but when it is brought before us in this way by a toad (whose comments, unfortunately, no longer first sit in Moderation), we have a DUTY and a perfect RIGHT to be indignant and even angry.

    Was Our Blessed Lord not “indignant and angry” when He entered the Temple with a whip to overturn the tables of the moneylenders and loudly protest their avarice and greed? It was perfectly right and fitting to defend God’s house when it was being defiled by these wicked men.

    In the same way, Geoff was absolutely right to call out Toad on his filthy insinuations against one of the Church’s most beloved of saints.

  32. JabbaPapa says:

    Just how pompous is that?

    Less than your own rantings anyway …

  33. JabbaPapa says:

    In the same way, Geoff was absolutely right to call out Toad

    It nevertheless continues to be a fact that I do not, cannot, and will not comment on words that I haven’t seen.

  34. toadspittle says:

    What are we to make of the notion, “Brides of Christ,” then? Meaningless? I might well be wrong in my view of the saint. I don’t know for sure. Nor, I suspect – does anyone else.
    Now censor this.

    I hope Jabba took my comment, at Oct 10, @13.09, in the manner in which it was intended.
    Which was to make him laugh.

  35. geoffkiernan says:

    And still the Flea pushes his vile agenda…..

  36. toadspittle says:

    What is “vile” about the concept of, “Brides of Christ,” Geoff?
    Anyway, the concept is not mine. It is that of the Church, as you know.
    Why “Brides”? Why not just “Servants,” or even “Slaves”?
    I don’t know. Maybe someone does.
    An interesting topic, I suggest.

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