“They Inspire Joy, Kindness and Wonder.”

From LES FEMMES – THE TRUTH (with a H/T to Geoff Kiernan)

…from President Trump”s statement declaring Down Syndrome Awareness Month.

Now what will the mainstream media find to criticize about this?

Talk about a group that is targeted by the culture of death. Most Down Syndrome babies never see the light of day. Ninety percent are killed before birth by abortion. I’ve posted the video below before but it’s worth watching again. The weak and vulnerable teach us how to love “with a love so pure it makes your heart break.” No, God doesn’t make mistakes!

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4 Responses to “They Inspire Joy, Kindness and Wonder.”

  1. Mary Salmond says:

    Wonderful reminder what blessings God give us in all our own imperfections! Such innocence is enviable!!!!!

  2. You are right Mary, it would be great to have such innocence again, as in children, before adults infiltrated their cynicism and mockery over virtue and rejection of God’s overt and hidden gifts.

  3. There are families who wish to adopt Down Syndrome babies and to connect them with birth families who decide to place their Down Syndrome child for adoption, several agencies exist.
    Here is one of them:

    National Down Syndrome Adoption Network
    This is the website for the National Down Syndrome Adoption Network. … Learn about domestic adoption, how to adopt a child with Down syndrome, and how to …
    ‎Children in Foster Care · ‎Adoption Process and Cost · ‎For Adoption Agencies · ‎Staff

  4. toadspittle says:

    What it boils down to, I suspect – is, if you are given the potential choice of having a potential Downs child and a potentially normal one – which would you prefer to carry?
    That is, would you prefer your child to be ‘normal,’ – or not?
    What ‘you’ will actually carry is another thing.
    And we should, I suggest – play the cards we are dealt. By God, it seems, Or else pure chance. Same cards, either way.
    That said, I suspect, very few of us are so sainly as to not opt for a reshuffle, given the choice.

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