A Halloween Special from the Remnant

A Remnant Halloween Special: The Praxis of Evil: Pope Francis, Fr. James Martin, and Liberation Theology Featured

Written by Dr. Jesse Russell, Ph.D. | Remnant Columnist

Over the past year, Fr. James “spooky” Martin SJ has gone from the author of feel good Catholic bedside books for “take it easy” American Baby Boomer Catholics such as The Jesuit Guide to (Almost) Everything and My Life with the Saints as well as the occasional visitor on the Colbert Report (where he infamously gave the “hail satan” 1970s style rock concert devil horns to introduce the aging members of Metallica), to the nervously smiling public face of the “LGBT Rights Movement” in the Catholic Church in America.
While marketing his book, Fr. Martin has had to endure an onslaught of assaults from traditionalist and conservative Catholics who have reached the end of their tether with the “Francis Church” and have decided that it is time for the empire to strike back–hard.

Fr. Martin’s continual argument is that the Catholic Church must reach out with compassion to the haunted house of “practicing” lesbians, gays, bisexuals, transexuals, “queers,” and “questioning”(LGBTQQ) who have traditionally felt excluded from the Church.

Michael Voris of Church Militant TV, despite his own scary shortcomings, has been brave enough to ask Fr. Martin what letter in the alphabet soup acronym for psycho-sexual disorders he considers himself part of.

In face of these attacks, strangely (or perhaps not), Fr. Martin has repeatedly emphasized that he is not trying to change the teaching of the Catholic Church. In America Magazine, Fr. Martin, responding to Cardinal Sarah’s criticism of his book, stated, “Building a Bridge is not a book of moral theology nor a book on the sexual morality of L.G.B.T. people. It is an invitation to dialogue and to prayer, and I’m sure that Cardinal Sarah would agree on the importance of both.”

Fr. Martin is here stating that he is not trying to change the teaching of the Roman Catholic Church; he just change the way the Church acts by implicitly telling Catholic who suffer from same sex attraction and gender dysphoria that it is OK to continue living their self-destructive lifestyles.

In fairness to Fr. Martin, Pope Francis has set the precedent for the hard rocking Jesuit’s clever tactic of not trying to change what the Church teaches but trying to change the way the Church acts. In 2014 while discussing Humanae Vitae, Pope Francis famously said, “The question is not that of changing doctrine, but to go into the depths, and ensuring that pastoral [efforts] take into account people’s situations, and that, which it is possible for people to do.”

Like Fr. Martin, Pope Francis explicitly states that he is not going to change Church teaching but, at the same time, implies that it is OK for people “to do” something contrary to the Church’s teaching.

It appears that Fr. Martin and Pope Francis are reading from the same spell book: they both give them impression that doing something contrary to the Church teaching is not bad (due to the historical, cultural, personal situation, etc.).

Where did these two nice men get this scary idea?

Fr. Martin and Pope Francis are dipping into the trick or treat bag of rotten goodies handed to the Church by Fr. Gustavo Gutierrez OP, the founder of liberation theology. Fr. Gutierrez, now comfortably ensconced at the university of Notre Dame where he can sip pumpkin spiced lattes and watch the leaves turn far from any third world poverty, famously wrote in his 1984 work, We Drink from Our Own Wells, “Any discourse of faith starts from, and takes its bearings from, the Christian life of Community.”

This ghoulish idea is known in Marxists circles as praxis, famously summarized by Karl Marx in his Theses on Feuerbach: “The philosophers have only interpreted the world, in various ways; the point is to change it.”

Liberation theology, like every left wing theology, becomes “Marxism for dummies” by the time it gets into the hands of theologians like Fr. Gustavo Gutierrez OP. However, the same idea lingers in Fr. Gutierrez’s teachings: changing the ideas of a people is a futile waste of time if the people’s practice or praxis is not changed. For a Marxist, such revolutionary praxis might be accomplished by setting garbage cans on fire and marching through the streets screaming with Antifa (for whom everyday is Halloween). However, in the Church, revolution is affected through immoral activity that violates the natural law as well as liturgical abuse and change (which always go hand-in-hand). Once the people change what they do, what does it matter what the Church teaches?

The radical vanguard in the Church led by Fr. Martin, Pope Francis and the Halloween line up of Francis appointees in the Church such as Blase Cardinal Cupich have utilized the Marxist method of praxis injected into the Church via liberation theology to convince many Catholics that sexual reassignment surgery, gay marriage, birth control, is OK (as long as one supports the demographic suicide of his or civilization via “refugee” resettlement, of course!) even though no Church teaching has actually changed.

While the horror story of the Francis era goes on, sowing bitter consequences throughout the Church and world (Google how many Christian countries have legalized gay marriage since and partially because of Pope Francis’s infamous, “who am I to judge” speech), we can be reassured that through our own reactionary praxis of living the ancient faith of our fathers and mothers, we will keep the faith alive and weather this spooky storm.

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9 Responses to A Halloween Special from the Remnant

  1. David says:

    Profound. Hits several nails on their respective heads.
    However, Michael Voris is one who is speaking out. Passionately. Thank Heaven he is.


  2. johnhenrycn says:

    Jimmy Martin, SJ bears a passing resemblance to this Finnish man who is famous for better, or at least other, reasons. I’ll not get into it right now:


  3. Mary Salmond says:

    Straight talk by Michael Voris at Church Militant.com, The Vortex, The Download. Some snowflakes think he is too harsh and make fun of him, but he tells it like it is whether you like it or not. He doesn’t exaggerate, sensationalize, beat around the bush. Yes, he is a former homosexual, he has acknowledged it, reformed his life, and dedicated his career to getting the Word out with truth. He doesn’t mince words on anyone, does his homework, and explains in simple terms the Church’s foundations. Life is harsh if you want cushy stuff.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Yes, we are indeed in a “spooky storm,” but I remember, over and over again, Our Lady’s words to the children of Fatima – and to all of us: “In the end, my Immaculate Heart will triumph.”

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  5. johnhenrycn says:



  6. toadspittle says:

    Two illustrations of men who don’t look all that well. I will put them in my prayers along with the people in Hell who are there because, “nobody prayed for them.” (Except Toad, apparently,)
    If the top one (and God knows what it is) is the Jesuit -it strikes me as being a hateful and spiteful image. But I might be wrong, Maybe it’s all of us. Because we love the person pictured, don’t we?.

    I read a nice quote from Victor Hugo the other day – which, being the usual lazy Toad, I neglected to write down. So I paraphrase: ” If man is made in the image of God, then God must be very ugly. indeed” The French .Wonderful people. Everyone else on the Camino, regardless of nationality, says, “Buenos dias.” The French invariably say, “Bonjour.” Go figure.


  7. SteveD says:

    Talking of ‘wise’ French writers of the 19th century and distorted faces, Emile Zola took a trip to Lourdes to research a story that he intended to write (and subsequently did without mentioning this incident). His visit was conducted to great fanfare and he told the press, ‘If I see even a cut finger healed, I will believe’. On the train south from Paris, he met a woman called Marie Lemarchand who had lupus and whose face was almost eaten away. Zola showed her great courtesy and was very concerned about the rigours of a long and, to him, pointless journey for such a sick woman. The woman was healed in Lourdes and her face restored. She returned to Paris on the same train as Zola and she was presented to him as proof of the apparitions at Lourdes. He said that this had not persuaded him since, ‘she is still not very pretty’ and went on to declare that if all the sick in Lourdes were healed, it would merely be proof of the power of ‘religious auto-suggestion’.
    Zola was an ‘Optimist’, a believer in the continuous moral improvement of mankind. The Holocaust and the Gulags might have changed his mind.


  8. And the truth shall make you free


  9. toadspittle says:

    ‘”If I see even a cut finger healed, I will believe’. “
    I’ve seen many cut fingers healed, very often mine.
    What useful knowledge can we learn from Zola’s behavior?

    “Zola was an ‘Optimist’, a believer in the continuous moral improvement of mankind.”
    Believing things on insufficient evidence is never a good idea.
    Humans have behaved equally badly post Christ as they did before. What can we extrapolate from that? That the human race is perennially hopeless?
    I don’t think people are any more evil these days, just more efficient at killing


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