Young Catholics Arrested in Brussels Cathedral for Protesting Celebration of Luther’s Rebellion

When a Prince of the Holy Roman Catholic Church celebrates the Arch-heretic Luther and the countless loss of souls to the so-called Reformation – then the Great Apostasy is here.

This Saturday, October 28, 2017 at 16h, took place in the [Roman Catholic] Cathedral Saints-Michel – & – Gudule a Protestant ceremony in commemoration of the 500th anniversary of the Reformation.
The preaching was done by [United Protestant Church of Belgium /President] Pastor Steven Fuite.
Cardinal Jozef De Kesel, Archbishop of Mechelen-Brussels, participated in this ceremony with other religious leaders and laity.

This initiative was not to everyone’s taste. A group of young Catholic men disrupted the ceremony by reciting the Rosary [in reparation] , preventing Pastor Steven Fuite from beginning his preaching.

That lasted 40 minutes: it was only after the intervention of the police and the expulsion of the young people, that the ceremony could continue.

We applaud the heroic stand for Christ’s Church of these young Catholics, and the fullness of Truth that She alone contains. May other Catholics imitate their courage.

The Protestant Revolt and the breaking up of Christendom is no cause for celebration. Why would anyone celebrate a divorce from the One True Church and the subsequent loss of so many souls led astray by Protestant deficiencies?

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8 Responses to Young Catholics Arrested in Brussels Cathedral for Protesting Celebration of Luther’s Rebellion

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  2. toadspittle says:

    “Jesus calls us to love everyone and that proof of that love is the special love that we must have for our enemies and those who try to destroy us.”
    …Starting with Luther. It says here,
    To be applauded for loutish and disruptive behavior, are the fearless young fellows?
    Bless them all.
    “May other Catholics imitate their courage.”
    What “courage?” Will they now be shot, then? Strangled with their rosaries?
    If a Catholic were invited to preach in a Lutheran church what would, we think if Lutherans rudely and loudly disrupted him?
    (“Ah, but that’ would be different, because Catholics are right, and Lutherans are wrong,”)
    As far as I know, nobody is suggesting Catholics become Lutherans, or vice versa.
    Or are they?


  3. Sarah says:

    Jesus calls us to love our enemies but it is not love to allow someone to persist in error, or to encourage them in their error, or to allow them to spread their error in the very House of God. If the bishops will not defend the faith then the laity must step in.

    And yes, it does require courage to go against the flow, and to risk being arrested; for an upright member of society anyway.

    A Catholic being invited to preach in a Lutheran church to Lutherans seems rather unlikely and not analogous. If a Catholic were invited to preach to Catholics in a Lutheran church then I wouldn’t be surprised or put out if other Lutherans protested. I would be questioning why the Catholics wanted to do such a thing in the first place.

    I don’t expect you to understand. You are obstinate in your error. I have seen your comments in various places, and nothing that faithful Catholics say changes your mind. I’m not replying for your benefit therefore but for those unfortunates who read your comment and are taken in. Do not bother to come to my blog to spread your hateful spittle; as soon as I have finished typing this I will be blocking you from commenting there. I have been praying for you, and will continue to do so. Miracles do happen…


  4. toadspittle says:

    I had no idea you had a blog, Sarah, or even who you are – and so am not impressed on either score.
    And blocking me from commentating on it will not spoil my breakfast, or cause me to fulminate and rend my garments.
    But go on praying, if you like. Does no harm that I can see.
    And I thank you for your interest.


  5. kathleen says:

    Toad to Sarah:

    “But go on praying, if you like. Does no harm that I can see.”

    “Harm” is what you are trying to do to those who live and love their Catholic Faith.

    And prayer for your conversion is an act of charity* that fulfills Our Blessed Lord’s commandment to “Love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you” – (Matthew 5:44).

    Well… I don’t suppose anyone really thinks of you as their “enemy” after all these years, and you have received mostly kindness and patience from commentators here. But you certainly appear to think of practicing Catholics as your enemies, and when confronted, often lash out with sarcasm and snarky retorts.

    Toad, you are just so scared of ‘taking the bull by the horns’ and tackling your hang-ups and grievances with the Catholic Faith. You backtrack every time you draw close to understanding. And your persistence in sticking around here is a clear sign that you know, in your heart of hearts, that in the Catholic Church lies the Truth!

    * One day you will discover just how much you owe to all those who pray for you.


  6. toadspittle says:

    I do genuinely appreciate your last comment, Kathleen, and I thank you. It prompts me to ask (I have meant to for some time) if you, or anyone on here – can supply me with the email of a priest (or the like) who is willing to enter into a one-on-one discussion about religion. His reward will not be on this earth, of course.


  7. kathleen says:

    Thanks Toad. We’ll be getting back to you ‘behind the scenes’ on this one 😉.


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