Catholic Identity Crisis 2017

Simon Michael Walker Reilly: “The premier English-language Vatican journalist, Edward Pentin of the National Catholic Register, offers a journalist’s objective evaluation of a climate of fear in Rome, the Synod on the Family, Amoris Laetitia, and the crisis in the Church during the reign of Pope Francis. [The real revelation of this talk was (for me) the fact that the majority of Catholics in parishes across the globe are totally oblivious to what is happening in the Vatican. – It’s a stark reminder that social media can be a bubble, the content of which, doesn’t necessarily reach the outside world.]”

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2 Responses to Catholic Identity Crisis 2017

  1. toadspittle says:

    “Edward Pentin, …. …offers a journalist’s objective evaluation..”.
    Not a bad talk – but far from objective. Pentin has an agenda, which is to expose what he already sees as the Pope’s sins, shortcomings, or failings – from Pentin’s Traditional point of view.
    Nothing at all wrong with that. He has every right to do so.
    But “objective,” it certainly is not.


  2. johnhenrycn says:

    Objectivity is a difficult concept, if even a possible and desirable one in an absolute sense, which I doubt. Outside of STEM-like (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) subjects, we come to the discussion of important human concerns with prejudices, which can be good or bad. Is a pre-existing dislike of dishonesty a reason to disqualify lawyers seeking judicial appointments? Of course it isn’t. Is a pre-existent liking for pornography a reason to disqualify a postulant from the priesthood? Of course it is. In both cases, neither candidate is impartial. In the case of journalists and pundits, I think the issue is not whether they have pre-existing points of view that will colour their reports – obviously they do and should (what value is there in having no personal opinions?) – but whether they strive to be accurate and fair despite them. If your *agenda* is to be a propagandist, you can be neither accurate nor fair. I see Edward Pentin as having a point of view (orthodoxy) not an “agenda”.


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