“Inter-communion is not allowed between Catholics and non-Catholics”: Card. Sarah

“Inter-communion is not allowed between Catholics and non-Catholics. It is necessary to confess the Catholic faith. A non-Catholic cannot receive communion. This is very, very clear. It is not a matter of freedom of conscience. ” This is how Cardinal Robert Sarah, prefect of the Divine Worship Congregation, responds to those who have seen an intercommunion between Catholics and Lutherans in a response given by Pope Francis to a Lutheran during his recent visit to the Lutheran community of Rome. “We give communion to Catholics,” giving communion to everyone is “a nonsense,” says the African Cardinal.

“There is no intercommunion between Anglicans and Catholics, between Catholics and Protestants. If they go together, the Catholic can go to communion, but Lutherans or Anglicans do not. ” Without a union in faith and doctrine, opening the doors to intercommunion “would promote profanation.” “We cannot do it. It is not that we must speak to the Lord to know if we can make Communion. We need to know whether we are in agreement with the rules of the Church. Our consciousness must be illuminated by the rules of the Church that says that, in order to communicate, we need to be in a state of grace, without sin, and have faith in the Eucharist. It is not a desire or a personal dialogue with Jesus that determines whether we can receive communion in the Catholic Church. A person cannot decide whether he is able to receive Communion. Must be Catholic, in a state of grace, properly married [if conjugated] “. The inter-communion does not allow unity because “the Lord helps us to be one if we receive it properly, otherwise we will eat our condemnation, as St. Paul says (1 Corinthians 11: 27-29). We cannot become one thing only if we participate in communion with sin, with contempt for the Body of Christ. ”

[Source: Matteo Orlando, & with h/t to Nick Donnelly]

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15 Responses to “Inter-communion is not allowed between Catholics and non-Catholics”: Card. Sarah

  1. Mary Salmond says:

    Cardinal Sarah is clear where he stands; he explains why. Is there any reason to doubt him? Or has the church’s position changed and some of us don’t know about it?


  2. Vilma Mendieta says:

    The Word is one. The Body of Christ is one. There is one baptism…I find the quarrel among Christians foolish. All that Our Heavenly Father asks of us is that we renounce sin. Sin is what separates us from HIM. Foolishness is what separates Christians from each other! The New Commandment Our Lord left us is that we love God and each other as He loved us. This ought to be the foundation of our how we live our daily lives as Christians. This ought to be what truly matters.
    The presence of sin is the only obstacle to taking holy communion for anyone who believes in the Eucharist. Christian denominations were created by men; not by Jesus Christ. Inter-faith communion is unifying.
    Jesus does not differentiate one Christian from another. He does not discriminate. We are the ones who make differences between one and the other.
    As Catholics we love our Catholic faith. As Lutherans, they love their Lutheran faith…but in the end we all believe in Jesus Christ. He is our Lord. Our Lord is ONE!


  3. Crow says:

    Can we pray that this man becomes pope?


  4. toadspittle says:

    “Inter-communion is not allowed between Catholics and non-Catholics.”
    Is it all right to invite them in for a cup of tea and a bacon sandwich (not on Fridays, of course) ?
    Or is that the slippery slope?

    “Jesus does not differentiate one Christian from another. He does not discriminate. “
    Where did you get that kindly, but absurdly naive, idea, Vilma? The Gospels? Forget it! The Cardinal knows!

    “We cannot become one thing only if we participate in communion with sin, with contempt for the Body of Christ. ”
    Contempt? By reverently praying, and receiving communion together?
    There is contempt being demonstrated here – by the Cardinal himself for other people whose opinions he clearly holds in contempt.
    …Still, he has a kind face.


  5. SteveD says:

    “..whose opinions he clearly holds in contempt.” How so? I agree with the Cardinal but don’t hold the views of Lutherans in contempt. I regard them as mistaken but sincere just as (I suppose) they regard me. We can’t pretend that differences don’t exist and that they are not fundamental especially where the Eucharist is concerned. We believe in the ‘Real Presence’, they do not.
    The implication that the Gospels are full of ‘sweetness and light’ is absolutely not, of course, the case and should have non-Christians very worried (e.g. Luke 13:28, Luke 14:26, etc. etc. etc.) . There are some very ‘hard sayings’ not least of which is John 6:53 which we ‘non-biblical Christians’ take literally and the Protestants (as did those who at the time of Jesus did not – ‘from that time some disciples no longer followed Him John 6:66). The Mass is a sacrifice, Protestant Communion is a ‘meal’, I can’t think of any greater divergence. Thanks be to God for Cardinal Sarah and his like.


  6. toadspittle says:

    Well, SteveD,
    “We cannot become one thing only if we participate in communion with sin, with contempt for the Body of Christ. ”
    Sarah is claiming that someone is sinfully holding the Body of Christ in contempt.
    Who do you think that is? Lutherans? Catholics? Both?
    …Or do you interpret the cardinal’s words in some other fashion?

    And, yes, I agree that Cardinal Sarah should be the next Pope.
    Then everyone will know where they are. And act accordingly.


  7. kathleen says:

    Well said, Steve!
    The liberals and progressives (or those who disbelieve, or are simply ignorant, of the meaning of partaking of Holy Communion) are those who advocate for Communion for everyone. The Mass is indeed the reenactment of Christ’s redemptive Sacrifice on Calvary, not a mere “meal”, which is what the Protestants claim. Christian believers they may well be, but (depending on which brand of Protestantism we are talking about) there are so many revealed doctrines that they deny. As Protestants are not ‘in communion’ with the true Catholic understanding of the Real Presence of Our Lord Jesus Christ in the consecrated bread, it would be an abomination to allow intercommunion with them.This is not a small matter.

    Vilma (@ 19:53 on Nov. 11):
    To love and honour God above all else (and therefore to obey the commandments of His Holy Church) is our first obligation. Second, we must love our neighbour as ourselves. To disobey the Church’s teaching on Holy Communion (1 Corinthians 11:29) would be bringing severe judgement down upon them*. That is neither “foolishness” nor “discrimination”; it is Catholic teaching. If we really love our neighbour, we tell them the truth for their own good….. Like faithful Card. Sarah has done!

    Our Lady at Fatima warned us: “Do not offend the Lord Our God any more, because He is already so much offended.”

    (Ed. * i.e., Protestants who partake of Holy Communion in a Catholic Church.)


  8. toadspittle says:

    [Blasphemous comment DELETED by a Moderator]


  9. toadspittle says:

    Censorship = Cowardice.
    What can I say that cannot be rebutted?


  10. johnhenrycn says:

    …that you’re a wetback?


  11. johnhenrycn says:

    I recall a comment/video that I posted here some years back – a Denis Leary stand-up skit – that even you said shouldn’t be allowed, and the Mrs Grundy on CP&S duty that day agreed with you. I won’t link it again, mind you.


  12. Elisa D says:

    Very powerful statement defending our Holy Mother Church and our unity as the Body of Christ. Thank you Cardinal
    For speaking the truth so clearly and reminding us of our mystical union with our Savior in the Holy Eucharist.


  13. Andrea says:

    I love Cardinal Sarah, he’s so vibrant in his faith. I’ve just written a post in response to his comments on the Eucharist.
    These are wonderful posts. I’m starting a blog hop linky with an emphasis on the faith and family. It would be fantastic if you’d come and link up some of your posts. I really hope God uses it to evangelise and spread the faith. It starts next Friday 9th, if you want to follow me you’ll get a reminder that it’s on. It would be great to have your work as part of it. God bless, Andrea


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