More Presidential Praise for Jesus Christ: Trump Doubles Down

How entirely different to the post-Christian Christmas messages of other Western nations (and former U.S. Presidents and First Ladies) was this one! The Trumps message to the nation was outspokenly Christian, faithful in its recognition of Our Saviour’s Incarnation, God made Man. We thank them for their courage and the hope it inspires in us.

By Michael Matt, Editor of The Remnant, on December 26th.

Trump’s Christmas message includes an excerpt from the Bible, and an acknowledgement that Christ is the most important gift of Christmas, and “the true source of our hope”.

REMNANT COMMENT: Beautiful! Take that, militant secularist haters!

Once again, President Donald Trump either truly means these words, or he’s being political. If he means them, then praise God. If he’s being political, even better since that means the President of the United States is now convinced that siding with Chirstians and offering fulsome words of praise of Jesus Christ may well help him win a second term. Either way, Christians win. Either way, Christophobes lose. Either way, God bless Donald Trump!

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11 Responses to More Presidential Praise for Jesus Christ: Trump Doubles Down

  1. We must be careful as he still speaks with Masonic undertones and he is helping to further the cause of Israel’s rebuilding of the 3rd temple. He is definitely better than past Presidents but not quite there.


  2. johnhenrycn says:

    Given that he is their president, I cannot help but wish him Godspeed in order that his term in office will be a good and effective one in the best interests of the American people; but my confidence and trust in him is low. And – I know it’s not very chivalrous to say – but his wife looks a bit creepy to me.


  3. Toad says:

    Pussy grabber. Nuff said.


  4. johnhenrycn says:

    Also: in no other country do leaders wear flag lapel pins nonstop. Dollar Store patriotism.

    Happy New Year. I guess.


  5. Shannon says:

    It is too bad the message comes from a clanging gong and will only be heard by those who already believe instead of those who need it due to the hypocrisy of the messenger. 😞


  6. Mary Anne says:

    You don’t have to listen to him if you feel this way, people of the left. I seems Melania cannot do anything without criticism … even her face is criticized. Wow! We hardly ever see hear our First Lady because (I believe) she is terribly shaken by all the criticism. We hardly ever see the boy. He’s grown so tall. We missed seeing a young boy in the White House because his parents have to shield him from hurting cutting remarks from the new face of America.


  7. Toad says:

    ”You don’t have to listen to him (Trump) if you feel this way, people of the left. ”
    That’s heartening news, Mary Anne. Tell us how to avoid it. Only watch Fox News?
    So, anyone who thinks Trump is a petulant egomaniac and sexually abusive Yahoo is automatically ”…a person of the left,” now. I see.

    ”We hardly ever see the boy. He’s grown so tall.”
    Often happens with boys. Not their fault.


  8. johnhenrycn says:

    Sorry you feel that way, Mary Anne, which is not to admit that I’m one of those “people of the left”. More 3 dimensional – or 4 – than that. Not that I’m “right wing” either. Was Pope Benedict XVI (my favourite) right wing? My ambivalence about your President Trump is couched in gratitude that he won or stole the last election; and as for his First Lady (his Third Lady actually) there’s not a mean bone in my body. I just happen to prefer women more down to Earth – women who don’t look like ex-pats from Planet Clypso 561Q.


  9. johnhenrycn says:

    Syclop 561Q.


  10. kathleen says:

    Toad, you are so cynical. Perhaps you would have preferred to have seen anti-Catholic, pro-baby-murderer, gender theory fanatic, Hillary Clinton win the U.S. Elections?

    President Trump is certainly no saint (and he knows it himself) and certainly has a weakness for women… although it looks like he has learnt his lesson there 😉.. Also, he has guts, holds firmly and fearlessly to proclaimimg his Christian principles*, is conservative, pro-life, and a man of his word, having already kept most, if not all, of the promises he made in his run-up campaign to the Presidency.

    * How many other world leaders proclaimed, loud and clear, their Christian Faith to the world this Christmas? Certainly not King Philip of Spain… “mustn’t offend the Moslems and non-believers, must we?!”! (Ah, but Queen Elisabeth II also had the courage to do so, I see. God bless her)

    And God bless Donald Trump too!”


  11. kathleen says:

    For all those who might have missed it, here is Donald Trump’s earlier joyous Christmas message to the Nation. What a breath of fresh air it is, among all those soppy “happy holidays” messages of other world leaders! President Trump is unafraid to announce Christ’s wondrous Birth to the world, caring nothing for the disapproval from many that he knew would follow.


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