‘Eerie and ominous’ sign appears as Pope Francis visits Vatican Nativity

Saint Peter’s dome was twice struck by lighting after Pope Benedict’s resignation, then the papal peace doves were attacked by seagulls and crows and now this:

From LifeSiteNews:

ROME, January 2, 2018

Would Pope Francis say anything about this year’s Vatican nativity scene — which was so clearly meant as a nod to the LGBT lobby — when he paid it a visit on New Year’s Eve?

He spoke not a word of course, but instead blessed it and chuckled as a few dignitaries, responsible for what some have called a “hideous” and “sacrilegious” crèche, gave him a guided tour.

And yet something very eerie and ominous happened that evening.

At exactly the same time as the Pope left St. Peter’s Basilica and walked to the crèche in St. Peter’s Square, a squabble of about 500 seagulls suddenly flew up from behind the basilica and circled around the crèche.

They swarmed above the nativity scene, squawking and squealing for about the exact time it took for the Pope to walk from the basilica to the crèche. They then disappeared into a night sky lit up by an almost full moon.

Seagulls flying above the Vatican Nativity

Many had been wondering what the Pope might say about the nativity scene. Facebook had banned users posting the figure of a naked man in the crèche, and when LifeSite revealed its creators came from Montevergine, a town with close links to Italy’s LGBT community, its sordid nature became clear.

The naked, athletic figure was ostensibly meant to be a poor man, showing one of the seven corporal works of mercy (clothing the naked) while other disturbing figures, in what is normally a scene of holy innocence and purity, showed a dead man covered in a blanket (burying the dead) and what looked like a decapitated head behind iron bars (visiting prisoners).

That the Pope should remain silent about the crèche, which even the Italian police in the square disliked and thought “strange,” is not surprising as he had seen the plans for the crèche weeks ago and had given it his approval.

Also the timely appearance of the seagulls, who scavenge on any filth they can find, is actually not new to St. Peter’s Square during this pontificate.

In the adjoining piazza and around the colonnade, passers-by have been shocked at the degradation and squalor that emerges there at night. The seagulls descend on the headquarters of the Church and pick at rubbish bins, leaving debris strewn across the sidewalks and roads.

The homeless are allowed to bed down under main thoroughfares and archways, on the outskirts of the colonnade and in front of the Holy See press office. Often they are drunk and disorderly, sometimes threatening passing tourists hoping to get a shot of the basilica.

For all of the Pope’s worthy outreach to the poor and the homeless, he hasn’t lifted them up and off the streets, but instead created a culture of homelessness around the Vatican.

Some have called the miserable scene “apocalyptic.”

And yet the general waste and degeneration, the screaming, scavenging birds circling over the Vatican like a dead carcass, is perhaps highly symbolic of this pontificate, one that many see leading the Church in the direction of a kind of death.

And all the time that the degradation and squalor continue in the Church — both physically and morally — no one is really speaking up and coming to her rescue.

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9 Responses to ‘Eerie and ominous’ sign appears as Pope Francis visits Vatican Nativity

  1. Mary Anne says:

    Wow! Agree it appears to be a sign! Remember the time his ‘peace’ dove was attacked by a huge bird (?black) the instant he let it fly out the window from which the Popes always speak? It drew blood from the dove, but, we don’t know if it was killed or not. (of course)


  2. Toad says:

    Coo-er. Spooky!

    What is not reported here, is that when Francis got back home, he also found somebody had stolen his bike. Well, that proves it, dunnit?

    Splendidly idiotic and highly promising start to the New Year.
    Well done, CP&S – keep up the zany work!


  3. kathleen says:

    There have been lots of ominous signs these last years that inevitably must lead us to see that what was once only the sulphuric odour of Satan’s “smoke” slowly penetrating the Church, has now been whipped up into a raging, destructive fire of evil.
    Our Lord recriminated His followers with this warning (Luke 12:56):

    “You fools! You know how to interpret the weather signs of the earth and sky, but you don’t know how to interpret the present times.”

    Surely it is time to wake up and see the writing on the wall?

    Also Our Blessed Mother Mary, at dozens of appairition sites (both the well-known ones, and the lesser-known), has entreated us with warnings of this coming infiltration of Satan and his Devils into the Church. St Michael the Archangel, saints and visionaries have coincided in prophesies concerning the coming Apostasy of our era. Only a fraction of the estimated 1.285 billion Catholics* in the world appear to have taken these warnings to heart, doing all in their power through prayer, fasting and faithfulness of life to combat this evil. Far too many Catholics have become ‘Laodicean‘ Christians, i.e., lukewarm and more preoccupied with selfish and worldly affairs…
    Yet let’s be honest; this temptation to place our obligations to God second (or even last) in our lives is something we all need to watch out for. The world has plenty of alluring temptations constantly calling us away! Every day we need to commit anew the totality of our lives to Our Lord and Saviour.

    * statistics at the close of 2015


  4. kathleen says:

    I was in a hurry earlier and left my previous comment rather unfinished…

    Without falling into the web of increasingly apocalyptic conspiracy theories, some that have little or no foundation, we still have to be sensible and realistic. Signs and prophecies have always been a part of the history of Mankind. Often, in the past, those who refused to read “the signs of the times” – whilst ignoring the warnings of the wise who predicted terrible disasters were threatening – frequently then fell victims to them.

    For example, we don’t have to look very far back to see how St Pope Pius X foresaw the diabolical signs of devastation that WW1 would bring Holy Christendom. (He died broken-hearted at his inability to stop the war.) Or the aurora bolearis Our Lady of the Rosary foretold at Fatima in 1917 would herald in another war, even worse than the one in progress! (Such a thing would have seemed impossible at that time; never had a war been so destructive as the “Great War”.)

    “You have seen hell where the souls of poor sinners go; to save them, God wishes to establish in the world devotion to my Immaculate Heart, if what I say to you is done, many souls will be saved and will have peace; the war (referring to WW I) is going to end; but if people do not cease offending God, a worse one will start (referring to WW II) during the Pontificate of Pius XI. When you see a night illuminated by an unknown light, know that it is the great sign that God gives you that He is going to punish the world for its crimes, by means of war, hunger, and of persecutions of the Church and of the Holy Father.”

    Our Lady was not obeyed by the majority, and her prophecy came true.
    Are we going to foolishly allow history to be repeated?

    We cannot only sit back and calmly point our finger at others though, even those elected to lead the Church on the path of holiness who are failing us: we all have a responsibility to live as true Catholics.

    But when error, sin and heresy is corroding the very centre on Earth where the Bride of Christ is built – on the tomb containing the holy bones of Saint Peter – we cannot do otherwise than fight for Christ’s Church, and to defend Her integrity and true teachings, against the Devil’s minions who are out to destroy Her.


  5. kathleen says:

    The insightful LifeSiteNews article ends with this sentence:

    “And all the time that the degradation and squalor continue in the Church — both physically and morally — no one is really speaking up and coming to her rescue.”

    Yet I believe there are courageous and faithful voices that are “speaking up” and coming to the Church’s “rescue”.
    There are definitely too few, and often these are not adamant enough to stand up to the bully boys in power, but they are certainly there. Voices like those of the widely read LifeSiteNews website itself (much criticised in the liberal press), Deacon Nick Donnelly (forced by his bishop to shut down his ‘Protect the Pope’ blog), many other orthodox Catholic blogs, newspapers, etc. the four Cardinals of the dubia, the +60 signatories by Catholic clergy and scholars of the Fillial Correction, other good Cardinals, bishops and priests, countless honest Catholic apologists, authors, journalists, et al, and even just ordinary Catholics in the pew who love and defend the Church’s magisterial teaching in their little unknown lives. They are the true heroes of our age, for many risk their livelihoods in doing so. Despite the underhand methods from the Modernists in the Vatican who try to drown out their voices of protest through a variety of underhand tactics, the outspoken criticism from the faithful of the “degradation and squalor” in the Church will never cease… until the Church is cleansed of these traitors.

    For those who truly love Christ and His Holy Church, no punishment the world can mete out should scare us. Our only fear should be that of offending God… or failing to uphold the true teachings on Faith and Morals of the Catholic Church that many in the Church hierarchy nowadays are shamefully compromising to go along with worldly PC values.

    As he mounted the scaffold for his brutal execution, St Thomas More, who had been Henry VIII’s adviser and friend, proclaimed: “I die the king’s good servant, but God’s first.”

    The signs of the times – warnings to the Faithful of ominously hard times ahead – should help prepare us, and our descendants, to do likewise!

    (Persecuted Christians, who have gone through hell on earth at the vicious hands of Islamic fundamentalists (and of whom we talk far too little), have fearlessly gone to their deaths, martyrs for Christ, rather than denounce their Christian Faith. Would we have their holy courage in similar circumstances?)


  6. Toad says:

    ” Signs and prophecies have always been a part of the history of Mankind. ”

    So have all manner of idiotic superstitions, the reading of chicken entrails, astrology, palmistry, the existence of Afreets, demons, hob-goblins, banshees, conversing with the dead, ancestor worship, bleeding and weeping statues, and, of course – The Bogey Man.
    But we are, thanks to science, beyond that now. (Some of us, at least.)

    Anyone can make prophecies of doom. I confidently prophecy that mankind will go on being just as stupid, blinkered, and intolerant of different beliefs, and killing each other over differences of opinion – as it has done from the very dawn of history, and will continue to do so until we manage to obliterate ourselves entirely from the surface of the planet.
    And who can confidently say that I am wrong?


  7. Dean A. Hoffman says:

    Perhaps His Holiness might have perceived the symbolism better if one of thoses gulls had soiled that deceptively immaculate garb of his. . .


  8. Toad says:

    If a bird ”soiled my garb,” I would not immediately see it as a warning from God to mend my ways. Would you, Dean?


  9. Dean Hoffman says:

    I’d have to; I’m an Augustinian…


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