Cardinal Caffarra “Suffered Terribly” Because of Pope Francis


Gloria TV reports:

An unnamed ex-journalist who is a Catholic, writes on Marco Tosatti’s blog (January 6) that the late Cardinal Carlo Caffarra, one of the four Dubia cardinals, “suffered terribly” because Pope Francis had not deemed him worthy of an answer.

The ex-journalist adds, “The light-headed Bergoglio, who makes phone-calls to the right and to the left, who gives interviews like an actor, who appears at the birthdays of prelates close to him, who does not hesitate to take pen and paper in order to punish Cardinal Robert Sarah, never found half-an-hour to speak with a man who was held in the highest regard by John Paul II and Benedict XVI.”

When Francis visited Carpi in April 2017, Francis embraced Caffarra in front of the photographers. The ex-journalist writes, “With pain Caffarra told me that the Pope escaped him all day: he had cunningly limited himself to this photo.”

The ex-journalist comments, “How difficult it is to love your neighbour when he is close, and how easy it is to love the migrants, the foreigners from afar, when chatting from a balcony or pontificating on a plane!”

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9 Responses to Cardinal Caffarra “Suffered Terribly” Because of Pope Francis

  1. This pope – such a model of Christian charity and brotherly love.

  2. ljsedivy says:

    I despise Bergolio…………..for the love of Holy Mother Church, I despise him.

  3. mmvc says:

    This is so sad. It is also reminiscent of the cold shoulder treatment given to the deposed Bishop Rogelio Livieres Plano who repeatedly sought a meeting with the pope to discuss the catastrophic outcome of an apostolic visitation to his thriving diocese and seminaries. This was repeatedly denied him and less than a year later the good Bishop died of a heart condition.

  4. johnhenrycn says:

    Many devout Catholics find it increasingly difficult to pray for the intentions of Pope Francis. Without wishing it to be so, such prayers are becoming like ashes in the mouth.

    I see just yesterday, PF preached a homily – “Pastors who lead double lives wound the church”. I thought for a brief moment he was speaking of the fetid bathhouses, locker rooms and Vatican apartments where his homosexual underlings exchange bodily fluids. Silly me, our leader was again, for the umpteenth time, making a dig at ” whitened sepulchres – beautiful in doctrine on the outside but inside, putrid”. The worst sin in his playbook is to take the Catechism of the Catholic Church seriously. The CCC is, for him and his creepy cohort, no better than a manual for Pharisees. I will never let a book or encyclical written by him (or ghost written for him) in my house.

  5. Toad says:

    ‘…how easy it is to love the migrants, the foreigners from afar,”
    Easy? Might as well love our enemies.

  6. kathleen says:

    Knowledge of Cardinal Carlo Caffarra’s “terrible suffering” is truly heartbreaking, isn’t it! So is the knowledge of that same suffering of the many other good faithful bishops (eg., mmvc’s link), both living and dead, under this scourge of such a previously unheard of vindictive Pontificate.
    When I saw this report from Gloria TV this morning, I knew I just had to reblog it.

    Pope Francis cowardly refused to give this gentle, holy Cardinal even a few minutes of his time? What was he so scared of? That Card. Caffarra would calmly floor all PF’s defences to justify his undermining of 2000 years of Church teaching in his unacceptable (even heretical in places) Apostolic Exhortation, Amoris Laetitia? Yup, that must be it!
    Francis buries his head in the sand, ostrich-fashion, to block out any requests for explanations from these loyal successors of the Apostles. Strange and hypocritical behaviour from one who talks so incessantly about “dialogue and mercy”!!

    But here the Dictator Pope (ahem) merciful Pope gets cornered by EWTN’s Raymond Arroyo in this great satirical clip from “Meddling Catholics”.

  7. Crow says:

    This pontificate is extremely demoralising for the faithful and it must be corrosive for the clergy. The book to which Kathleen referred sheds light on the political power games and interest groups which are behind this pontificate. I draw some comfort from the article by Hilary White which this site reposted from the Remnant earlier in the week, ‘The end of the Word as we know it’. She drew the point that crises focus the doctrine of the Church and serve a positive purpose. And yes, we have had bad popes before, I suppose…

  8. LeoG says:

    The cunning photo opportunity with Cardinal Caffara. I’ve always sensed the same when Benedict XVI is ‘wheeled out’ on special occasions for an embrace. It’s pure PR and exploitation. So sad to behold.

  9. johnservorum says:

    We must ask where this pope and his Vatican clique are taking our beloved Church. What will the next year bring, and the year after that? We appear to be headed for a cliff. Can schism be closer than we think?
    God help us because the foxes are running the hen house.

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