For anyone unfamiliar with the liturgical seasons – this is a must-read as we prepare for the Lenten period..

Charlotte was Both

"amy welborn"

This is one of those (many, perhaps) aspects of the post-Vatican II liturgical changes that really, really makes you go, “Huh?”

It’s bizarre for many reasons having to do with the normal reasons of upending tradition via committee work, but also because it’s such an unecumenical move, and, on paper at least, Vatican II was, we hear, informed by ecumenical concerns.


To those of you involved in the Extraordinary Form as well as the Anglican Use, this is not news, but today (February 1) on the older calendar has a special name.  It’s called Septuagisima Sunday. It’s the beginning of a little mini-liturgical season.   From Fr. Kirby:

 In three weeks our heads will be marked with the ashes of penitence. A special time of preparation for Lent emerged in the liturgy of the 6th and 7th centuries. The three Sundays preceding Ash Wednesday were called Septuagesima, Sexagesima, and…

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2 Responses to Septuagesima

  1. Mary Salmond says:

    Thanks. I love the liturgical language you don’t hear anymore. Catholic schools were entrenched in all that language in the Roman missal. Many monasteries continue to use those events and liturgical words, maybe some day they will provide that spiritual education to Catholics and Christians alike as in centuries past. One in our area is doing just that. A true revival of years gone by.


  2. kathleen says:

    Thank you so much for linking us to this wonderful article, Gertrude. I’ve learnt a lot here!

    It becomes all the more evident to me, every time some treasure like the above is uncovered, just how much we, post-V2 Catholics, have been deprived of! The Modernists came seeping in through those ‘cracks’ in the Barque of Peter at V2 and drowned out (or obliterated) so much of our beautiful Catholic heritage. How were they allowed to get away with committing such destruction?

    No wonder so many, left undernourished in their innermost heart and soul, have ended up drifting away from the Faith! It is a monumental tragedy.


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