A Late-Night Counsel to the Bold and the Beautiful

Dominus Mihi Adjutor

In the past 24 hours a previous post here, Vale Vatican II from last September, has received some attention on two very worthwhile, tradition-minded websites: Liturgy Guy and 1 Peter 5. I am grateful and gratified because these are sites which hold clear views directly expressed but season them with intelligent commentary and coherent argument.

As so often on a wide range of websites, religious or otherwise, the comments’ section—the combox for short—reveals a less attractive side to debate and argument. No doubt most of these commenters are decent people of faith, capable of high emotion in defence of the Church and its faith and worship, and brave enough to stand up and be counted for it. However, some of them, invariably laity, while so bold and beautiful in the profession of their faith, sometimes fall into the trap that the internet lays for us: indiscretion.

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  1. Mary Salmond says:

    Dom Hugh nailed it. I looked for good readings materials that defended what I learned in grade school and high school. A seminarian could not give me a good answer, so I asked for a book (which I still have to remind me of uncertainty) teilhard de chardin – Adult Christianity was the book, which looking back, was gobbledegook. I searched till I heard about USCCB Catholic news service, Origins, that printed Pope and bishops letters and homilies. Eureka! It was the kickstart I needed, especially reading all JPII articles etc. I was still getting no solid grounding from the priests and some Bishops around us. And yes, the internet did start to supply a conservative point of view, finally. I regret all those years I was flailing around trying to explain what I needed to hear, but couldn’t find. I couldn’t explain my uncertainty to my children, the religious education classes I taught, or the grade school children I taught. I . (Those textbooks, 80-90s, were non-substantive, but I couldn’t find anything good all those years). Yes, Dom Hugh, keep telling your story.


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