COMING HOME: My Conversion Story Into Catholicism (From an Ex-Protestant)

Of late, there has been a video making the rounds of a young lady by the name of Lizzie Reezay. Lizzie has a YouTube channel which started out as a protestant apostolate channel. What in fact happened recently, and why [we are] bringing this story to your attention, is that Lizzie announced that she has converted to the ONE TRUE FAITH, hence the Twitter popularity of her video.

Now conversion stories are nothing new, yet what makes this story very interesting and most enlightening is that the PROCESS that Lizzie describes leading her to Catholicism is very well thought out, systematic and rational.

The first OBSERVATION that needs to be made is that just like with Ancient Rome, all roads eventually lead to Catholicism. And I mean the real Catholicism and not the post-conciliar protestant sect or the post-Modernist, crypto-materialist FrancisChurch sect cum ideology.

In the case of young Miss Lizzie, her conversion PROCESS came via what can be called literary criticism or to be more precise, Biblical criticism, i.e. “the scholarly “study and investigation of biblical writings that seeks to make discerning judgments about these writings”.


I will transcribe and comment those parts that I think are important. I will begin today with only the first 5 minutes, since the video is quite long. But please watch the entire video, since it is quite informative.

As is only right and just, Lizzie begins by describing the PROCESS back to Rome. Here is how she explains the jump off point:

Lizzie Reezay: “This is a process that took years and years of gradually opening my mind, reading different books, taking different classes that made me realize that I can’t accept the basic tenets of Protestantism.”

The observation that I would make here is that Protestantism is a negative theology. […]

(There is much more. Source: THE DEUS EX MACHINA BLOG. Please read the whole article over there, its analysis of the video plus personal comments. It is really worthwhile.)

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4 Responses to COMING HOME: My Conversion Story Into Catholicism (From an Ex-Protestant)

  1. Mary Salmond says:

    Thanks, will do. Thought i saw her YouTube on the scroll, but chose not watch.

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  2. Her story is really amazing and it has many similar pieces of why the Catholic Church called me home. I knew one day she would become Catholic. We’re both entering this Easter. So great!

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  3. kathleen says:

    @ Menny Thoughts

    Welcome home, friend! That’s wonderful news, and I give you my promise that I shall keep you (and Lizzie) in my prayers at the Easter night vigil. God bless you, Lizzie, and all courageous converts to One True Faith.

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  4. mary salmond says:

    Finally got to watch Lizzie’s story. Her enthusiasm sometimes is distracting, but very infectious, sincere, and refreshing. (Would love to introduce this video to a family member who dislikes it when we take her to the Catholic Church in her hometown. This family member currently goes to the Church of Christ – so I connected with Lizzie’s conversion.) Lizzie’s progression is truly systematic, rational, and methodical. Love her discoveries along the way. So glad she found the Church, the Truth! Her separation from her previous church family was a difficult decision for her to make. I can understand her crying about these feelings. Wonderful testimony.

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