As Thin As A Planck


(This is a joyous rejoinder or perhaps a ‘rejoynder’ to the recent post by St Alphonsus et al).

We Catholics often pray for Our Lady’s comforting intercession at “the hour of our death”.

But what if we don’t have an hour, a minute, or even a nanosecond of our death, in which to repent of our sins, tear our garments, show true purposes of amendment, etc.

What then? Does God wield a stopwatch? I have known at least one Catholic priest who fiercely wielded a stopwatch, but it was only in the service of mere sport.

The point of this article is to suggest that Mary instead prays for us in the “Planck Instant” of our death, for it is the shortest possible length of time that we humans can possibly conceive of.

That way maybe we will all be in Heaven before the devil has put his boots on!

[NB, This is Brother Burrito writing here: please don’t automatically assume I am trying to subvert all of Salvation History And Everything Else That Is Holy! 😉 I am a full-time amateur fool, one of Christ’s legions of such.]


About Brother Burrito

A sinner who hopes in God's Mercy, and who cannot stop smiling since realizing that Christ IS the Way , the Truth and the Life. Alleluia!
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4 Responses to As Thin As A Planck

  1. Brother Burrito says:

    I wanted to stress the thinness of a Planck over the thickness of a brick but I prematurely published.
    Declaration of interest: I am the son of a builder.


  2. Good post.

    And however long or short the “hora mortis nostrae” may be – a moment, a Planck instant, whatever – I think we can be confident that she’ll be praying for us, since we’ve all asked her so often!


  3. Toad says:

    Well said, Bro. B.
    I find it hard to believe God won’t take ”previous good character” into account at the hour of a sinner’s death. I can’t believe salvation comes down to a question of luck – whether we die in ”sin” after a lifetime of decency and kindness to our fellow woman (or man) or not.
    …But then, I’m as thick as a plank.


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