Spend a little time with your patron saint this Holy Saturday

By Michael Davis (on the CATHOLIC HERALD)

I’m a better Catholic – and a better person – for knowing my own patron

Deo gratias, [tonight’s] Easter Vigil marks the one-year anniversary of my reception into Christ’s true Church. Every now and then I re-read my conversion story – my first article for the Herald – and balk at how much was left unsaid. For instance, I didn’t have time to explain why I decided to join the Latin Mass community instead of the ordinariate. Maybe someday I will.

The omission I most regret, though, relates to this anecdote:

One day, while we’re playing frisbee in the yard, mum calls and says my grandfather had suffered a massive stroke. The doctors aren’t sure he’ll pull through. I can feel my heart breaking. My grandfather is my hero. I’m closer to him than anyone else in the world.

Without a word to my friends, I run to the Marian grotto. Students tend not to hang out there. It’s set right next to the graveyard where the Xavierian Brothers are buried. When I get there, I find myself clutching the Virgin’s feet. I beg her to pray for my grandfather. If he lives, I promise to say a rosary every day for a week. She does, and he does, so I get permission from campus ministry to borrow one of their beads.

I used the money my grandparents gave me for Christmas to buy my own rosary. I don’t tell them; they were, like many older New England WASPs, gently anti-Catholic. Still, I don’t hold it against them. Mary didn’t.

I didn’t get to mention is that it was a St Thomas More rosary. My initials are engraved on the back of the crucifix. And, when I was confirmed, I took the name Thomas – “being, I hope, the Queen’s good servant, but God’s first.”

Please read the rest over at the Catholic Herald (link above).

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2 Responses to Spend a little time with your patron saint this Holy Saturday

  1. This Easter I remember what scripture says about praying to God. ” There is but one mediator between God and man, Christ Jesus”…
    I don’t see any mention of praying to Mary or any other human being and no magic about beads . I always wonder how the Lord must feel as He sees and hears people He died for attempt to reach the Father in any other way except through Him.

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  2. geoffkiernan says:

    Maybe that’s because you are late on the scene. By that I mean which protestant denomination do you belong? What ever your persuasion despite your profession to accept only the Biblical , (remembering of course that the Bible as read and written today did not exist for the 1st Hundred or so years) with no regard for the tradition and beliefs of the ) Church (Catholic), you are misguided and misinformed The tradition of the early Christians ( Catholics) and the Scriptures is awash with reference to the Mother of God and her intercessory ‘power’ with Her Son. Bone up Pal and then get back to us with something of substance and that doesn’t simply repeat the tired old ill informed nonsense of of the 16th Century

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