“Thrones” of Holy Week in Spain

Holy Week is celebrated with unabashed passion in Spain. People come from all over the world to watch these most amazing displays of fervour, devotion, lavishness and Faith in the whole world. Beautiful, elaborate processions of “penitentes” (repentant sinners), elegant girls and women in mantillas, boys and men in smart suits, and devotees dressed in outfits from the time of Our Lord, usually some town dignitaries too,  and accompanied by bands loudly sounding out stirring music from Holy Week, all follow behind enormous decorated candlelit  thrones depicting scenes from Our Lord’s Sacred Passion. They make their way around each city and town of Spain, most particularly in the southern region of the country, Andalucia, often for long torturous hours well into the dawn.

The masculine Legionnaires march in one of the most popular Holy Week processions, even visiting little towns like ours! Here we see them in an official celebration in Malaga this year singing out “El Novio de la Muerte” (The Bridegroom of Death”) with the Crucifix named, “Christ of the Holy Death”.

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