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What is Death?

From the Remnant Underground Archives (first posted just under a year ago)… Michael Matt reflects on the recent passing of some people close to him, prompting the question: What exactly happens the moment after the last breath is drawn? What is … Continue reading


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The Shroud of Turin: Evidence for Easter

The Resurrection of Our Lord, Jesus Christ is the “miracle of miracles”. The Faith for the vast majority of Christians is based on the overwhelming testimony of the Apostles, and therefore the Shroud of Turin is no more than an … Continue reading

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The Happy Life of those who Love God

Jesus died for us that by His love for us He might gain the entire dominion of our hearts. For to this end, wrote St. Paul, Christ died and rose again, that he might be Lord both of the dead … Continue reading

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Two encouraging stories involving Bishops!

First Posted on 2 April 2018 by Fr. John Zuhlsdorf. Bold text and comments in square brackets are by Fr Z: First, there is story at CNA about the 4th Bishop of Fort Worth, Most Rev. Michael Olson. At the … Continue reading

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