12 Bad Things I Experienced Concerning Holy Communion Since Vatican II

This post by Fr Peter Carota was first published on his blog, Traditional Catholic Priest, four years ago today, 16th April, 2014. It has lost nothing of its actuality today. Father Carota passed away in July of 2016. RIP Father Carota.

One of the greatest sacrileges since Vatican II is how Jesus, (God), truly present in Holy Communion, is treated all over the world.

1) Particles of Jesus’ Body trampled on. When people receive Holy Communion in the hand, particles remain on their palms and then fall on the church floor where everyone tramples on then everyday. Next time you receive Holy Communion in the hand, wear black gloves and you will see exactly what I mean. Even when this is said, people continue to receive God in the hand and walk all over Him.

One of the things I most regret as a priest is being obliged by the bishops of the United States to give Holy Communion in the hand. The pope, bishops, and we priests, are going to have to explain to Jesus why we let His Body particles be trampled on. This all happened when Rome gave an Indult (not a right, but permission) to countries where priests started breaking the rule and giving Holy Communion in the hand to please protestants (who protest that that is not truly God in Holy Communion). All the people who have been told this and still receive in the hand will have to answer to God for it.

When giving Holy Communion in the Latin Mass, an altar boy puts a paten under the chin of the communicant as he receives. Very often I see large particles of the Host on the paten. I then wipe them off into the chalice after giving out Holy Communion.

2) Long lines of Catholics receiving Holy Communion. Before Vatican II there were long lines for confession and short lines for Holy Communion. Now, almost all present in the Mass, go up for Holy Communion and very few go on a regular basis to confession.

3) Consecrated Hosts on the ground. Several times I have actually found the Sacred Host on the ground. People have brought me hosts they found in kleenexes. Many people have told me about finding it in the gutter outside the church or on bathroom floors. It is much harder to “throw Jesus out” when you receive Him on the tongue.

4) Holy Communion given to protestants, muslims and a dog. I had to take the host away from a muslim that the Extraordinary Eucharistic Minister gave to her. Many people, who are not Catholics, take Communion at funerals and weddings. I was at a retreat where the priest gave communion (made out of Bisquick that has other ingredients than flour and water in it) to a protestant who then gave half of it to his dog. The dog did not eat it and actually spit it out on to the ground.

5) The Precious Blood spilled. Many times I have seen the Precious Blood spilled on the ground, and purificators soaked with blood. At the Instillation Mass of Bishop Cordileone to the Oakland Diocese (before he became Archbishop of San Francisco), a deacon, somehow, spilt the Precious Blood all over his alb. He continued to walk down the main isle to where he was to give out the Precious Blood dripping the Blood all over the floor of the Oakland Cathedral. People were wiping it up with their kleenexes.

6) A Bishop screaming at people for kneeling to receive Holy Communion. Many times I had to experience the horrible abuse of people by them being screamed at and told to stand up when they knelt to receive Holy Communion. (Before the General Instruction of the Roman Missal (GIRM) allowed the bishop or priest to correct people for kneeling to receive. The last edition removed that terrible part.) He also yelled at someone to stop kneeling for thanksgiving after everyone had received Holy Communion.

7) Altar Cloths full of particles of the Body of Christ. In Mexico, the altar cloth was green for “ordinary” time. I could see so many particles of Jesus all over it. I tried to eat them all. Here in the USA, every time one of the real big Hosts is broken, all sorts of particles shoot all over the altar cloth and floor.

8) A priest calling a woman a “cookie worshipper”. My friend who would adore Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament was called by a priest in my diocese a “cookie worshipper”. That is what protestants call us Catholics because they say we are not adoring Jesus because He is not in the Host, instead we are only worshiping a “wafer”. Jesus says in the Gospel of St. John Chapter 6, “This is my Body, This is My Blood”. Who are we to correct Jesus? He also said this in Matthew, Mark and Luke at the Last Supper.

9) Abuse of people who receive Holy Communion on the tongue. A teenager girl friend of mine had the Host jammed into her tongue for kneeling and put out her tongue. Many others were treated very badly and not given Holy Communion unless they received it in the hand and standing.

10) Jesus put in the closet. At my brothers parish in Hollister California, for a long time Jesus was in a tabernacle way far away and in a tiny space. In so many Catholic churches you can no longer find Jesus in the Blessed Tabernacle.

11) No genuflection for Jesus in the Tabernacle. Over and over again I see children, youth and adults make NO genuflection when walking in front of the tabernacle. Some will make a sort of bow toward the altar and sometimes the Real Presence of Jesus in the tabernacle.

12) Receiving Jesus In Holy Communion in Mortal Sin. People have been told that all they need to do, when committing a mortal sin, is to tell God they are sorry. It is extremely important to know that it is a very grave sacrilege to to receive Holy Communion without going to confession after a mortal sin. St. Theresa of Avila says that the soul becomes dark and full of monsters (devils) after one mortal sin. So when you receive Jesus in this condition, you force God to have to come into your demon filled soul. I explain it this way. How would anyone feel if I were to dunk them in a septic tank full of poop. They would be, understandingly, full of anger at me and would never forgive me for doing such terrible thing to them. Yet it is a billion times worse to subject Jesus to our stenching soul full of vile sins.

Each one of us traditional Catholic can make their own long list of spiritual horror stories. We should keep telling them, because people think everything is just fine. But looking at the Catholic Church from a God point of view, says just the opposite.

But we are not to be discouraged. There still are some good bishops, priests, religious and people. We just tell the spiritual horror stories to help change the situation and to help our Church become the Spotless Bride of Christ again.


Please keep Father Carota in your prayers.

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