LIFELINE FOR ALFIE? Alfie Evans case to be heard AGAIN this afternoon as tot survives 17 hours at Alder Hey hospital

Alfie was shown cuddling his family after his life support was turned off

ALFIE Evans has been handed a dramatic lifeline with his case to be examined in an emergency High Court hearing today as the toddler continues to cling to life. Alfie’s father, Tom Evans, 21, confirmed the 23-month-old was taken off his ventilator at 9.17pm last night, but that he started breathing on his own in just minutes.

Tom Evans, 21, told supporters that the doctors were “gobsmacked” that the little boy was still fighting and breathing on his own 17 hours later.


A bit of background to this story from LifeSiteNews yesterday:

In the video, posted on Facebook at 6:40pm local time (London), Thomas Evans tells viewers that a hearing is to be held by conference call at 7:15 pm, with the Italian Ambassador to Great Britain, Judge Anthony Hayden, and Thomas Evans’ barrister present.

“The Italian Ambassador is going to do all he can now to seek request of Alfie’s care, and try to have Justice Hayden allow Alfie to go,” Evans says. Earlier today, the Italian government granted Alfie citizenship in a bid to transfer him immediately to the Bambino Gesù hospital in Rome.

“No one can promise that it’s going to happen, but Justice Hayden’s either going to either agree to life support being withdrawn, or he’s going to agree to let Alfie go to another country, today, as soon as today, as soon as the next couple of hours. We are going to have Alfie in the Vatican being treated,” he says.

Thomas Evans then tells supporters: “Now we pray hard that Justice Hayden releases Alfie, if not he’s going to be executed. So please pray. You can pray at home, pray in your car, pray at work, or come down to Alder Hey and pray peacefully and be respectful. I encourage everyone now to stand together for Alfie.”

“Pray hard to protect this little innocent blessed child of ours. He’s absolutely amazing,” [Tom begged], adding that Alfie has been much more alert and lively today. .


On 18 April, Mr Evans flew to Rome for a meeting with the Pope, pleading with him to “save our son”.

Mr Evans kissed Pope Francis’s hand when he met him at the Vatican

After this interview with Alfie’s parents, Pope Francis said on Twitter: “Moved by the prayers and immense solidarity shown little Alfie Evans, I renew my appeal that the suffering of his parents may be heard and that their desire to seek new forms of treatment may be granted.”

Edward Pentin (National Catholic Register correspondent in Rome) tweeted earlier today: “Italian lawyer Filippo Martini defending #AlfieEvans says: Italian medical professionals giving “remote instructions” to Tom Evans. Defense Minister Pinotti confirms availability of military plane to take him to Italy. “We are helping the miracle… but let the miracle happen”.”

We must not give up hope for this little boy as he struggles for life. Kept praying, and for his long-suffering parents too as they battle for the rights and life of their child.

For some background information on Alfie:

Who is Alfie Evans and what is the row over his treatment?

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22 Responses to LIFELINE FOR ALFIE? Alfie Evans case to be heard AGAIN this afternoon as tot survives 17 hours at Alder Hey hospital

  1. Mary Salmond says:

    Hooray for life!!!!


  2. mmvc says:

    There are more details about Alfie’s case on this blog:

    For the official ‘Alfie’s Army’ Facebook page go here:


  3. johnhenrycn says:

    What a story this child will have to tell when he reaches adulthood, if he’s allowed to.

    A few years ago a baby in my town was born in a garbage dumpster to a drug addled mother while the father was scavenging food for them at the back of a nearby restaurant. He (the baby) will also be a remarkable witness to the sacredness of live if he survives. He was born on December 25th.


  4. Toad says:

    Yet, what matters in all this,is the next world, mot this one.
    Or else, all this is meaningless. As we all agree. It says here. Nobody on earth wants to kill this poor child. Why should they? And yet, God apparently allows millions of other people to die one way or the other. As during wars and diseases, and general horror, over the last two centuries.

    ”He (the baby) will also be a remarkable witness to the sacredness of live if he survives. ”
    Yes, but how sacred is life? How many deeply-wanted babies are stillborn? We have no idea, but we know there are millions. I know of several myself. Don’t you\?. Yet God sees to care nothing. Ask the Jews. Six million dead. For what?
    Shut up, Toad – simplistic idiot. Best censor it. all as usual.


  5. NEO says:

    So far, so good, Thank God.


  6. NEO says:


    Interestingly, while I and a few others (especially Caroline Farrow) have been writing about Alfie, as far back as last August, in the last few days, our big blogs have picked it up. In the last day, there have been posts from Ace’s, The Federalist, and Commentary. That’s merely the ones I have seen, And these are people that are read by our conservative and political leadership, running from our right wing to quite center.

    Sadly I’ve seen little from Britain on it. Other than you guys, and the Catholic Herald.

    As you know, we are majority pro-life, and Charlie Gard raised a stink here, amongst us. If the NHS continues its plan to execute this baby, I think there is likely to be a fair amount of blowback. Abortion is bad enough, this is a travesty, and never have I heard such disparagement of Britain as I have in the last day or so. Not a good look for a country that is our friend, not just an ally. Looks really bad when your sick kids end up as Italian citizens or with American green cards, simply to try to save their lives, and futilely,.because of your government’s inability to treat people fairly.

    Personally, I go from incoherent rage to profound sorrow, and back again. But I’m old, I guess. I expect better from Britain. What a cretinous action.


  7. kathleen says:

    Great comment, NEO, and I absolutely agree with you.

    What is happening to the U.K. (rather its leaders and laws more than its general population that is coming out in greater force now) that they can refuse the parents of little Alfie the right to take their beloved son to Italy to prolong his life? It is sickening, shameful, and I would even add, EVIL! It is another sign of the growing ideology of the Culture of Death in our country.

    I know the prognosis of Alfie’s condition is practically without hope, and even the Italian medics admitted that…. but even if it is only the smallest and faintest of glimmers of hope that he could ever possibly recover, should he not be given it? Don’t the parents have the right to cling to this hope?

    Profoundly sad is how I feel right now too. Only a miracle can save the life of this innocent little fighter now. Keep praying!

    Good-night old friend.

    P.S. ‘Torch of the Faith’ (mmvc’s link above) written by Alan and his wife who also live in the Liverpool area, have been faithfully reporting on Alfie’s situation for many months too.


  8. NEO says:

    That word crossed my mind as well. I didn’t use it because, well, the words around it might not have been appropriate. That’s exactly what it is: The Cult of Death, where it comes from, I suspect, is an ultra-utilitarianism. I know that the average Briton is a good decent soul, and as I just hear BBC 5Live’s coverage, well if all I knew is what they broadcast, well I’d be considerably less upset.

    It is nearly hopeless, but I know of miracles, in very recent days, that happened through faith and prayer, and mine shall be there for Alfie as well, both through Christ as I learned as a child, but also through his mother, who must be weeping as we are.

    And a wondrous link, so glad they are there.

    Good night my dear old friend.

    ps We have been through much, and we will go through much more darkness, but the light ahead is not a train, I pray God.


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  10. kathleen says:

    Haha, thank you dear NEO – we have indeed!

    And yes, miracles do happen. But whatever the future for Alfie now, whether he continues to defy death, or he is taken home to Heaven, he will always be remembered as the little fighter who clung to life against all the odds.

    Alfie has, in fact, already been the catalyst for a small miracle to take place. His case has awakened the consciences of many people all over the globe to the wondrous gift of life! Who knows how many little babies destined to be aborted will be saved by the tremendous, heart-wrenching impact his story has become?


  11. JabbaPapa says:

    Or else, all this is meaningless

    Please can the moderators cease so aggressively censoring the good, dear toad as at present ?

    We are not so fragile that we cannot face his seeming unfaith head on !!

    It’s hardly his fault if he still does not understand that the teachings of Montaigne are from an orthodox Catholic purpose.

    Whereas the toad is our friend. Our Charity is meaningless if we fail to keep dear Paddy near our hearts.


  12. johnhenrycn says:

    The trouble is that he’s a broken record and has been for a long time. He may be intelligent, well read and all, but if he’s here, he also has to try to be interesting and entertaining. It’s not like he’s one of us (not mentioning any names, Jabba) for whom allowances must be made. I mean, look at his last comment (21:08) in reply to me. We’ve heard it all before umpteen times. He and Gunga Din may both be be better men than me, but on a blog, it’s not enough. As a non-Catholic, he has no business hanging around if he doesn’t at least try to say new and interesting things.

    And while we’re at it: I hate how you disrespect readers by not giving names and timestamps when replying to earlier comments, thus forcing people to search for them if they wish to make sense of your *thoughts*. I sometimes make the same error (like now, for example, although it’s clear right away who I’m addressing) but you are really bad that way. I’ve told you this before. Smarten up.


  13. JabbaPapa says:

    but if he’s here, he also has to try to be interesting and entertaining

    So you wish him to jump through your hoops of selfish gratification ?

    I’m sorry, but I will always love Paddy for who he is, and for the real services that he helps to provide on a daily basis to those on Catholic Pilgrimage, rather than listen to your own siren song of spite.

    one of us (not mentioning any names, Jabba) for whom allowances must be made

    Case in point.

    I hate how you disrespect readers by not giving names and timestamps when replying to earlier comments

    I am uninterested in your desires that I should punch some such virtual card on my way in — but à propos I can see that you are hypocritically complaining of that which you neglect yourself ; or why did you not preface your post responding to me with such anorak’d coordinates ?

    See ?

    THAT’s what lack of respect looks like, just FYI.


  14. JabbaPapa says:

    I hate



  15. johnhenrycn says:

    The fear the Lord is hatred of evil. Pride and arrogance and the way of evil and perverted speech I hate.

    Look it up. It’s in the Bible. And next time, silly man, consider context. Don’t use perverted speech to twist words to disrespect people who disagree with you.


  16. johnhenrycn says:

    Sorry, Jabbers. I meant “The Fear of the Lord”…but knowing how prideful and arrogant you are, and how prone you are to perverted speech, I now consider it best to correct my last comment.


  17. JabbaPapa says:

    And next time, silly man, consider context

    You first, then — show the way by considering reasonably what is written, instead of so quickly getting out the daggers of your disdain.


  18. JabbaPapa says:

    Pope Francis, Gaudete et Exsultate : 159. We are not dealing merely with a battle against the world and a worldly mentality that would deceive us and leave us dull and mediocre, lacking in enthusiasm and joy. Nor can this battle be reduced to the struggle against our human weaknesses and proclivities (be they laziness, lust, envy, jealousy or any others). It is also a constant struggle against the devil, the prince of evil. Jesus himself celebrates our victories. He rejoiced when his disciples made progress in preaching the Gospel and overcoming the opposition of the evil one: “I saw Satan fall like lightning from heaven” (Lk 10:18).


  19. Toad says:

    Far too much talk of Toad on here, who is not worth it.
    Better to discuss the vagaries of God who permits millions of babies to die each month, if not each week. or day – of all manner of unpleasant things.
    Because of Original Sin. It says here.

    [The rest of this comment raging at God and Catholicism has been deleted.
    Jabba: see what we are up against? We are under no obligation to permit this sort of blasphemous commentary on our CATHOLIC blog. We hear enough of it all in the world we inhabit.]


  20. mmvc says:

    Perhaps it’s time for Jabba to routinely address the questions and blasphemous comments Toad continues to post on this blog (starting with the one above). Better that than sending personal messages to him on this public forum. With his profound knowledge of the Catholic Faith JP would no doubt be every bit as helpful as the lady blogger whom he holds in such high esteem. The penny might then finally drop for Toad, and Kathleen, who (with some assistance from others) has over the years shown superhuman patience, kindness and wisdom in her replies to the amphibian, would be given a well-deserved break. As would the moderators.


  21. johnhenrycn says:

    Toad should either go to an agnostic/atheist blog, or be a generous, open minded contributor to this one. He’s not a believer. I get it. Still, he has no business here without basically accepting what CP&S is about. If this was a paleo diet blog, how long would he be allowed to call non-vegans stupid and absurd?

    I look forward to arguing with people who seek to understand the Faith – and also to arguing with people who accept it without having exactly the same opinions as me (hi, Jabby!) – but I don’t like constant farts burps from those who either hate Catholicism or show no interest in joining it. Evangelism is important, I see that; but for those who’ve already heard the Word and still reject it after best efforts are made to persuade them, the thing to do is shake the dust off one’s sandals and move on. It’s in the Bible.

    There’s a right-wing Canadian website I’ve considered joining for a few months now, but the main contributors seem so close minded, not interested in mature exchange. Here’s a short example of what I’ve come across on a totally unimportant event. The only good thing is that the owner calls me “JH” – as if he’s seen me elsewhere – so maybe I underestimate my global influence.


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