An Interview with Henry Sire, Author of ‘The Dictator Pope’

It is no longer “breaking news”, but for those who might have missed this insightful interview at the Register with author and historian, Henry Sire (published ast week) we are reposting it here. Henry Sire displays no antagonism or bitterness towards the person of the Pope; his criticism is totally objective and his aim the safeguarding of traditions in the Church which Francis is jeopardising. However, Sire admits to his interviewer that Francis is far from the worst example of a once great, but now, “thoroughly corrupted Society of Jesus”. In summary, and as one commentator has defined it: “Henry Sire is asserting the classic Catholic mind; erudite, tough, humble, steeped in history and Tradition; possessing a piercing intellect”.

Historian H.J.A. Sire, a.k.a. Marcantonio Colonna, author of the ‘The Dictator Pope’. (Edward Pentin photo)

By Edward Pentin on the National Catholic Register

Henry Sire says he wrote the book The Dictator Pope because he felt it necessary to uncover the “gap” between what he says is the media “facade” of Pope Francis and the “reality as it is known in the Vatican.”

In a March 26 interview with the Register (see video below), Sire says that Francis is essentially a “politician who relies on public relations,” a “maverick pope” who manipulates the media and falls short of acting in a collegial manner with bishops.

Pope Francis doesn’t deal with bishops “in a collegial spirit at all,” the historian says, despite the Holy Father’s often stated wish to make the Church more collegial and decentralized.

“They were treated much more collegially under Benedict XVI. No, as I say, Pope France is a dictator,” explains Sire, who is half Spanish and traveled to Buenos Aires to research the book.

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1 Response to An Interview with Henry Sire, Author of ‘The Dictator Pope’

  1. Mary Salmond says:

    Great interview. With Sire’s background, Jesuit schools, time in the Vatican, and member of Malta it seems he has a creditable view of the facts. Perhaps a progressive or modernist with the same credentials would author something totally different.


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