Fatima: The Path to Peace Conference – Killing for Organs

The adamant refusal of the medical staff at the Alder Hey hospital in Liverpool (England) and the judges appointed to the case, to release baby Alfie Evans so that his parents may take him to the Bambino Gesù Hospital in Rome for further treatment, has provoked much criticism. Owing to a total lack of a proper explanation for this decision all sorts of incriminating rumours have been circulating. We are in no position to pronounce on the verification of any of these rumours and our sole motive for posting the video below is to give a Catholic viewpoint to our readers on the serious questions being raised on organ trafficking.


Dr. Paul Byrne gave this excellent talk at ‘The Path to Peace Conference’ in Fatima some years ago on the dangerously unethical practice of the removal of organs on patients that are considered ‘brain dead’. But what does ‘brain dead’ really mean? Find out…

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  1. This is a very important, and also “pure and simple” lecture re ‘brain death’ and organ harvesting/donation. Thank you for posting it here.


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