Sacrileges Against the Blessed Sacrament all started with Communion in the Hand!

Sacrileges Against the Blessed Sacrament all started with Communion in the Hand

This has long been witnessed by faithful clergy and laity in the Church, ever since the practice of receiving Holy Communion in the hand and while standing became the norm in most Novus Ordo parishes.

The True Story of Communion in the Hand Revealed

When the Mass is celebrated with greater devotion and attention to detail, ad orientum, and where Holy Communion is received by the congregation kneeling (if possible) and on the tongue, the Faith flourishes. A flourishing Faith brings much good fruit. It really is not rocket science.

God Bless Poland!


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6 Responses to Sacrileges Against the Blessed Sacrament all started with Communion in the Hand!

  1. leftfooter says:

    God bless Poland indeed!

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  2. the sacrileges didn’t start with communion in the hand, the sacrilege started with receiving Eucharist while standing. Receiving the host on the tongue while standing only lasted 6-months, then receiving in the hand, then both species, then Eucharistic ministers. Kneeling is the reverent posture.

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  3. Traditional Catholic says:

    I agree 100%! This new Vatican II sect is losing members, and people are losing their faith because of sacrilegious practices that were changed. The Church has lost it’s way because they took out the reverence and mystery of the Trententine mass. But also the neo-pagans have done away with doctrinal teaching.

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  5. kathleen says:

    From the 1P5 linked interview in the article above:

    The great concern … is with the dispersion of the fragments of the host, which is almost inevitable with Communion in the hand, and then the fact of the way in which it encourages irreverence toward the Eucharist, as well as the weakening of faith in the Real Presence.

    EXACTLY! Those few points sum up the whole problem with Communion in the hand.

    And if anyone were to doubt this, we have the proof of Poland (where the practice of Communion in the hand is uncommon, I am told) and their thriving faith and great reverence towards the Blessed Sacrament.

    P.S. Also: Cardinal Sarah: Widespread Communion in the hand is part of Satan’s attack on the Eucharist

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  6. Exactly it seems today people have no respect or feel only irreverence toward anything Holy. To them they no longer even know what to believe seeing as everything so slack that they now feel they can pick and choose parts of all faiths and make that their new believe system.


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