‘What the hell was the Vatican thinking?’

From LifeSiteNews:

May 8, 2018

Liberal commentator Piers Morgan has once again broken ideological ranks, this time penning a column expressing his disgust over how “a bunch of flesh-flashing celebrities” disrespected Catholicism with their sacreligious costumes at the Met Gala.

“I’m a Catholic,” Morgan wrote for the Daily Mail. “Not the most devout you’ll ever meet, I’ll admit. But I was brought up a Catholic – I even received not entirely successful spiritual guidance from nuns as a teenager! – and I still consider myself to be a Catholic. I know many people don’t believe in any God or religion, let alone Catholicism, and I respect that. All I ask in return is for my beliefs not to be rudely disrespected.”

And the Met Gala costumes did just that, he wrote. Such costumes included sexualizations of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Rihanna dressed as a glitzy female pope, and a Victoria’s Secret model in a modified cardinal’s cassock with a slit up the side.

“A lot of the imagery was highly sexualised, which you might think not just inappropriate for a religious theme but also incredibly offensive to the many victims of sex abuse in the Catholic Church,” Morgan pointed out.

He wrote that Madonna “looked preposterous” and performed Like a Prayer at the after-party.

“When it first came out, Madonna enjoyed enraging Catholics by making a video featuring burning crosses, statues crying blood and her seducing a black Jesus,” he commented. “What a nice touch to have this blasphemous old crone returning in all her unedifying glory to insult us all over again.”

“Next year’s Met Gala is going to have an ‘Islam’ theme,” Morgan wrote sarcastically. “Yes, guests in 2019 will be encouraged to wear skimpy, provocative dresses that ‘celebrate’ the Prophet Mohammad, Islamic clothing including hijabs and burqas, and the Koran. I can also reveal that the 2020 Met Gala will have a ‘Jewish’ theme. Yes, a bunch of celebrities and models will be posing for the world’s paparazzi dressed in all manner of Jewish attire and regalia, including dressing up as Rabbis and wearing kippahs.”

“Oh, wait,” he wrote. “Those celebrities who took part in this offensive fiasco need to ask themselves one question: ‘Would I have gone dressed as a Muslim or a Jew if I were not Muslim or Jewish?’ If the obvious answer is ‘No, of course not’ then they should all be ashamed of themselves.”

Morgan seems to have picked up on the ongoing crisis in the Catholic Church, too. The Vatican loaned some of its sacred vestments to the Heavenly Bodies show – which are being displayed in the same exhibit as a rosary-covered bondage mask.

“Apparently – staggeringly – the Vatican gave permission for the Gala to be ‘Catholic-themed’ because it has already provided a variety of clothes and other items for an accompanying exhibition at the Met,” he observed. “To which my response is: what the hell was the Vatican thinking?”

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5 Responses to ‘What the hell was the Vatican thinking?’

  1. Piers Morgan asks, “What the hell was the Vatican thinking?”

    The only answer that come to mind, for me anyway, is that the Vatican wasn’t thinking at all. And that in turn brings to mind an urgent prayer: may God send us a good pope and bring an end to the horrors of this pontificate.

  2. johnservorum says:

    When I first saw the title of this piece I assumed it was in reference to the recent meeting in the Vatican with Cardinal Marx and the German bishops who are calling for dramatic and heretical changes to the doctrine of the Eucharist.
    Like many others I wondered why Pope Francis didn’t simply send Cardinal Marx home with a resounding NO! to his request to give Holy Communion to non-Catholics.
    Alas, I was wrong. This article highlights an entirely different error of Pope Francis’ Vstican.
    At this time in Church history all we have to hold on to is Our Lord’s promise that the gates of Hell will not prevail against his Church.
    That promise alone must be sufficient.

  3. rachel says:

    Pray the tide will turn against often demonic liberalism…..

  4. Mary Salmond says:

    Piers is showing his age better than I thought – even the liberal was offended.
    The fact that the Vatican loaned those vestments out is a sign of the insanity of our times. At least they could have sent a picture and make the event planners use their own imagination.
    Was this a fundraiser for the Church? Very poor taste. Can’t imagine Jesus telling the Apostles to send Pilate the resurrected garments and the wood of the cross for Pilate’s fundraiser.

  5. Crow says:

    It is strange that Piers Morgan is suddenly acknowledging being Catholic. I actually didn’t mind the event – even though the usual crowd such as Madonna paraded Catholic icons (in bad taste), nevertheless, it showed the beauty of the faith historically as well, and also it’s stylish elegance. Maybe sometimes things need to be presented in a different context to recognise their full effect.
    I did notice one fact though, and perhaps we may let the modernists in the Vatican know this, (Pope Francis, his friends, Cardinals Danneels, Marx and Kasper); there were no stars who turned up dressed as nuns in pants suits, priests with rayon vestments or liturgical dancers. Funny that…

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