Upcoming 2018 Pilgrimage to Chartres

Annual Pilgrimage to Chartres Friday 18th – Tuesday 22nd May 2018
This year marks the 36th Chartres Pilgrimage – a walk of 70 miles in three days from Notre Dame Cathedral, Paris, to Notre Dame Cathedral, Chartres – with the theme: “St Joseph, Pilgirm and Servant”.

The British contingent of the Pilgrimage gather on Friday 18th May for Mass in Westminster Cathedral crypt at 7.00am and then board a coach for Calais at 7.30am. Each day throughout the Pilgrimage the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass will be offered and the Holy Rosary will be prayed. Confession and spiritual guidance will both be available throughout each day.

Notre-Dame de Chrétienté (NDC)—the organisation responsible for what the late, great Michael Davies, referring to the Chartres Pilgrimage, once described as the ‘most important annual event in Christendom’ has announced that Robert Cardinal Sarah (Prefect of the Congregation for Divine Worship and the Discipline of the Sacraments) will offer the Pontifical High Mass in the Cathedral of Notre Dame de Chartres at our arrival on the third day, Monday 21st May. A NDC  statement reads, “We sincerely thank Cardinal Sarah for having accepted to come and join us on pilgrimage. We are happy to organise this event, which will be an important landmark in the history of our pilgrimage.”

What joyful news! And what a very great blessing this will be for us weary pilgrims!

On Tuesday 22nd May, there will be Mass in the crypt of Chartres Cathedral, before the coach takes the pilgrims back to England via the Eurotunnel, arriving at Westminster Cathedral at about 8.00pm.

What is the Chartres Pilgrimage all about?

A brief explanation HERE.

Wikipedia entry with information on previous pilgrimage themes HERE . (N.B. However there is one mistake in the wiki entry: the SSPX is not “in schism” from the Catholic Church).

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7 Responses to Upcoming 2018 Pilgrimage to Chartres

  1. Mary Salmond says:

    Sounds wonderful! Not this year for me.

  2. JabbaPapa says:

    It’s a wonderful foot pilgrimage, and to do it over three days is very sensible.

    It was the first two days of my 1994 40K/day Camino from Paris, and yet every year there are those who accomplish the Chartres Way from Paris in a single day.

    Which I think is too much, there are many great things along the Way there that are perforce left aside from such haste.

    The final walk into Chartres though, that wonderful Cathedral slowly making its movement over the horizon like a great ship seen from afar amidst that sea of grain, will always remain with me as one of my cherished Camino memories.

  3. kathleen says:

    The final walk into Chartres though, that wonderful Cathedral slowly making its movement over the horizon like a great ship seen from afar amidst that sea of grain, will always remain with me as one of my cherished Camino memories.

    Oh yes, Jabba, you describe it so well! I have made this holy pilgrimage many times now, but that sight of the distant spires of Chartres Cathedral near the end of the long walk on the second day still lifts my heart with inexpressible spiritual joy.

    In making the last physical preparations for the Chartres pilgrimage here in England, I have been staying with my sister for a few days in the beautiful Lake District getting in some good walking. Yesterday I walked at a spanking pace (as we do for Chartres) all around the lovely Derwentwater Lake.

    I shall take all our CP&S friends’ prayers and petitions with me on the pilgrimage. I have witnessed many amazing answers to prayer and countless blessings coming from this holy ancient pilgrimage.

  4. johnhenrycn says:

    Best wishes, Kathleen. Please take with you prayers for my daughter-in-law, that she be delivered of a healthy baby in August. So far, so good 🙂

  5. kathleen says:

    I most certainly will, JH. 🙂

  6. geoffkiernan says:

    JH: Include Cathy and I in prayers for your DIL and Bub ( grand person)

  7. kathleen says:

    I have not written an account of the wonderful Chartres pilgrimage I took part in this year, but I see some of my fellow pilgrims, like Ben Trovato (not his real name) on the Counter Cultural Father blog, have done so admirably well.

    I hadn’t realised we had walked 30 miles on the first day (usually it is around 27 to 28 miles) but Ben is right that it was a slightly different route this year, and it certainly seemed a lot longer!! I had been vowing at the end of that first day, as I struggled with real exhaustion, that I would never be doing the pilgrimage again!
    But I always change my mind when I recover and compare the pain, tiredness and discomfort to the immensely rewarding spiritual benefits and joy of this unique event.

    There were over 15.000 pilgrims doing the walk this year…. an immense number!

    CCF is also publishing daily on his blog the profoundly beautiful meditations we received on St Joseph during the pilgrimage. St Joseph was the main theme of the 2018 Chartres pilgrimage.

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