Save the Family, Save the World

At the Family Life International Conference in London, Michael J. Matt delivers a powerful lecture on the restoration of Christianity through the defense and restoration of the Christian family. Commenting on martyrs, catacombs and Catholic resistance, Michael offers concrete suggestions for how we survive and indeed conquer a ruthless, Christophobic secularism in the modern world. The talk was delivered at the London Oratory on May 13, 2018:


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1 Response to Save the Family, Save the World

  1. JCMeg56 says:

    Jesus was more than a morality teacher. He came to REDEEM us from sin. The human heart needs redemption. Redemption requires a miraculous act of grace that gives us a new “heart.” Only then can the scales fall from our eyes to see ourselves clearly for who we are – Sinners in need of great grace. Then sanctification becomes a life-long process of growing in holiness from grace to grace. Paul called it working out our salvation with fear and trembling.

    Where is the POWER of conversion in your model?

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