Your Prayers Please

Teresa lives near this bloke’s birthplace

I feel a bit uncouth intruding yet again into this site of highfalutin Catholic exposition and debate, but my sibling Teresa needs some serious spiritual help, and I know of no other online group that I can put this request to.

Teresa was the beloved and special baby of the family until I came along five years later, closely followed by my brother M. I accept that I inevitably but innocently stole her thunder from her, and thus earned her envious ire. My earliest memories are of her being rather bitter from the get-go. She locked me in the cellar once during a game of hide-and-seek. I suffered many other indignities by her hand subsequently during our cohabitation of the family home.

Anyway, we both grew up eventually with our fixed age difference. She majored at history, literature and modern languages and went off to university to study those, while I capitalised on my natural affinity with sciences and maths and ended up as a medic where I still am.

Teresa fell in with the spirit of the age (mid ’70s London) which was late hippy godless squatterness. Her adult personality became mostly fixed by this environment. We have met many times over the years, and she is still my sister, but we are not exactly close.

I visited her recently and stayed a few days at her home in the midlands, at the prompting of her concerned sisters who have stayed in touch with her. I found her terribly alone, and bored, and without purpose or meaning to her life. She was drinking very heavily. She survives by providing AirBnB which gives her a small income which is mainly spent on booze.

I was unable to do more than reduce her reliance on drink a little bit, and this mainly by being distracting company. Alcoholics know that only a higher power can cure them, but poor T isn’t a believer in higher power. I suppose that she hasn’t reached “rock-bottom” yet. I hope she never needs to.

This is why I am asking for anyone who reads this to pray to God that my sister be delivered somehow from her addiction, and that all souls thus afflicted be delivered likewise, Amen and thank you.

About Brother Burrito

A sinner who hopes in God's Mercy, and who cannot stop smiling since realizing that Christ IS the Way , the Truth and the Life. Alleluia!
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15 Responses to Your Prayers Please

  1. kathleen says:

    Dear team-mate and old friend, Brother Burrito, I assure you I will pray fervently for your sister, Teresa, that she be cured of her addiction(s) and find God and the True Faith into which she was baptised as a babe. She bears the name of a renowned Doctor of the Church, so a few intercessory prayers through St Teresa of Avila should also be made. Also, never forget to implore the help of the Blessed Mother and holy St Joseph!

    Your sister is one of so many who fell in with that diabolical “spirit of the age” of the late sixties and 70s that fed nothing but lies and false illusions to the young. Some, like your poor sister, have never recovered… at least, not yet.

    But we must not lose hope that she will, for the power of prayer is very strong and can even ‘move mountains’, Our Blessed Lord has promised us!

    You did very well to come to your estranged sister’s aid in her loneliness and despair. Keep in touch and keep talking about Jesus and the Faith to her, even if she pretends not to listen. Your kindness will work on her hardened heart, and may well awaken that longing for God that all men hold in their innermost soul.


  2. Brother Burrito says:

    Thank you Kathleen, my sister in Christ.


  3. Brother,
    My prayers are with you, your family, and especially Teresa. I will especially pray to Our Blessed Mother, St. Teresa of Avila and St. Therese of the Holy Face. As St. Pio said: “Pray, hope, and don’t worry (put your trust in God’s mercy).
    Pax Christi,
    Deacon Paul O. Iacono


  4. mmvc says:

    Be assured of my prayers for you, your sister and your whole family too, BB.

    May the Venerable Matt Talbot of Dublin intercede for Teresa!

    “Lord, you give us the example of Venerable Matt Talbot as a man who seemed completely lost and beyond your grace. In a single moment, you pierced his heart and changed his mind, leading him back to you. Jesus, I pray for this same conversion and transformation for _________ in your perfect will and timing and for your greater glory. Amen.”


  5. Gertrude says:

    Be sure of my poor prayers.


  6. geoffkiernan says:

    Yes The venerable Matt Talbot…A giant of a man…. My wife and I will undertake a novena of Rosaries for Teresa, incorporating mmvc’ prayer above… God Bless


  7. Mary Anne says:

    I will pray for Teresa. I will ask Matt Talbot too. Perhaps storming Holy Matt Talbot will do something. God Bless.


  8. Crow says:

    I will pray a novena too, Brother Burrito, and will say the wonderful prayer to Matt Talbot as well, (thank you mmvc). My father spent every Thursday of my childhood at Matt Talbot hostel helping addicted people, clothing and feeding them. It is very sad, when the emptiness of the ‘sexual revolution’ and the ‘freedom’ generated by the rebellion of the sixties and seventies becomes apparent. My cousins are products of this era and there is no movement in their desolation because they see themselves as rebels and reject God and the Church.
    If we all pray for Teresa, then maybe she may see through the darkness, with the help of our blessed Mother.


  9. geoffkiernan says:

    Crowe: I too worked for a short time in the Matt Talbot Hostel in Sydney about 1993.Is that the one you speak of?. They had huge numbers (300-400) for each evening meal sitting and 4-5 sittings.


  10. Brother Burrito says:

    Dear brothers and sisters in Christ, I am moved to tears of joy by reading your kind comments here, for such generosity of spirit is Divinely inspired. Thanks be to God in aeternum.


  11. Toad says:

    Dear Bro,
    God knows far more about your sister than you, or anyone else in the world does. And He loves her, and will look after her and protect her against evil. That’s what He does.
    So, there’s no real need to pray for her. Just have faith.
    But praying is a good thing to do. And I will do so.


  12. Crow says:

    Geoff, sorry for the delay – yes Matt Talbot in Sydney is the one where my father worked. He usually worked on Thursday nights, but I think probably would have stopped around 1993 – although, you never know, you might have known each other! He used to take food and money to people in their houses each Tuesday evening, and I used to sometimes go with him, after school. He was an old style Catholic dad, war veteran, who looked after old soldiers and legacy kids, took up the collection on Sundays. We go to the Latin Mass in Sydney and there are men there just like my dad!
    The sentiments of everybody on this post show how lovely the human spirit is when united by kindness. Toad, your post was very moving, as were they all. I do hope you feel the force of the prayers for Teresa, Brother Burrito – your requesting the prayers, of itself, is an act of kindness, of which she may not be aware, but it has a profound effect.

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  13. GG says:

    I, like you, have had alcoholism and drug abuse affect those I love. My husband has held onto the miracle of sobriety for 22 yrs. thus far. He told me something interesting that has stuck with me: H.A.L.T.= Hungry, Angry, Lonely or Tired. These are the common triggers for the selfishness that leads to alcohol and drug abuse. I hope sharing this helps. I will pray for Theresa and for all those who suffer from these disorders.

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  14. Brother Burrito says:

    Hi GG, it’s BB here!

    I had never heard of HALT before, but it rings perfectly true to me. My sister is always hungry (she is perpetually thinking she is too fat), angry (at her mother with whom she was never close), lonely (aren’t most of us?), and tired-oh so tired (ditto).

    Your comment appeared to me from out of the blue like a merciful fall of dew or manna. Thank you so much for your prayers for Teresa. I am confident that Our Father will hear them+++ God bless you.


  15. Brother Burrito says:

    Here’s a little update on Teresa: I visited her again this weekend, Friday-Sunday. It’s a 3-4 hour drive there, so I can’t do it too often. There was more good news than bad.

    She has completely stopped drinking wine and now drinks beer. The latter slows down her alcohol dosing as it is weaker and more gassy too. Unfortunately it is higher in calories, and has caused a weight gain which Teresa has self-treated by by undernourishing herself. Doh! We had a long chat about that. I made the point that she is no longer a teenage supermodel, and that a little subcutaneous fat can help a woman of her years to have less wrinkles.

    Her sleep remains very poor, and she basically catnaps 24/7. Her need to palliate her withdrawal symptoms (impending panic) thus occurred at 7am this Saturday, just as I was thinking about getting some solid breakfast. I found her supping lager instead. Grrrrh.

    On Saturday evening she volunteered to walk with me to the Catholic parish church in Stratford, and found it overflowing with people. She stayed a full ten minutes with me until her discomforts drove her to go home: It was intensely hot uncomfortable weather for everyone, but it was also possibly her first time at Mass for decades and might have raised many difficult memories and thoughts for her. I was just overjoyed that she had made it as far as the threshold! I prayed and offered up the Mass for her, in my inadequate way.

    In our chats, her attitude to our mum, and the nuns who taught her, and the Church seemed to have softened somewhat. There is a long way to go yet as regards all three, no doubt

    I did succeed in getting her to consume a few solid meals, by starting with tasty aperitifs like olives and salty potato crisps/chips. Her appetite continued to improve until by Sunday lunchtime, she was up to visiting a restaurant to meet up with our younger brother M. and his wife, up from London. We had a lovely time all together, but sadly then had to return home.

    We left Teresa 7 hours ago. I’m sure she is in her cups again, but I know the cure is a slow one, with many setbacks. She hopes to get her car back on the road this week. She knows she must NEVER drive with ANY alcohol in her bloodstream. Increased mobility may help her to travel away from her pit, see friends, be responsible again, and stay sober. May God help these things to happen.

    Thank you for your continuing prayers. I will feed back as I can.

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