Trump Receives Scapular, Our Lady of Fatima Credited for Korean Peace


CP&S comment – An enormous piece of news went by almost unnoticed a few days ago: World peace was assured by President Donald Trump and North Korean leader, Kim Jong-un, signing a joint document before the worlds’ cameras  of denuclearisation after months of sparring threats and warnings. That we all know, but what was the impetus that changed the growing hostility between these leaders to a friendly agreement towards peace? The answer, and apparently reported solely on Catholic media, was through Our Lady of Fatima and the Holy Scapular.

Michael Matt at The Remnant reports:

Last week President Trump received a scapular and a lesson on Fatima from Edward Baza Calvo, governor of Guam since 2011.

“About 165,000 people have taken a big sigh of relief since ten months ago the leader of North Korea was making pronouncements of the nuclear annihilation of our island,” says Gov. Calvo in the short clip below from “And now we have, ten months later, a document paving the way–signed by both [Trump and Kim Jong-un]–to peace and denuclearization,”

A year ago, when this crisis was unfolding, the traveling Lady of Fatima had just come from Korea to Guam, and fifteen minutes after Trump signed the agreement with Kim Jong-un, the statue arrived at the house of Governor Calvo. Being Catholic, he said, “I don’t believe in coincidences.”

In gratitiude to both Our Lady of Fatima and the U.S. President, Gov. Calvo handed Trump a scapular and told him that Catholics, such as Melania, would understand its significance.

Melania Trump offers flowers and prays to the Blessed Mother

[REMNANT] COMMENT: Well, now we know he knows the rest of the story. What will happen next? God only knows. But as most of the human element of the Catholic Church have now betrayed their convenant with Almighty God, it remains to be seen who God will choose as recepient of His Grace to continue His work in the world. I have a feeling we might all be surprised at who from the highways will answer the call and come to the Lord’s feast.

Please pray for the conversion of President Donald Trump. And let’s also pray for the First Lady, that God will open her heart to the truth of the Church into which she was baptized.

May Our Lady of Fatima watch over them both, guide them and eventually open their hearts to the Way, the Truth and the Light. Unlikely? Perhaps, but with God’s grace anything is possible.


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5 Responses to Trump Receives Scapular, Our Lady of Fatima Credited for Korean Peace

  1. God Bless this Administration!!


  2. Mary Salmond says:

    And God needs to continue to bless this administration. It is being blasted from all sides with the the prince of evil. Our Lady of Fatima, grace this president with continued strength!


  3. Klaus F. Beckmann Dr. says:

    Trump attacks US-allies and flatters a cruel dictator


  4. kathleen says:

    God Bless this Administration!!

    Hear, hear!
    And to Mary Salmond’s comment too!

    The secular socialists are indeed raging in impotent, foaming anger at seeing all their destructive policies being quashed by Trump and his Administration. The latest kerfuffle about the children of illegal immigrants being separated from their parents was explained by Breibart rather differently to the MSM…

    “If word gets out that America automatically allows illegal border crossers with small children loose into America just because they have minor children, this would only further incentivize those who engage in the child abuse of dragging children along on the unbelievably dangerous trek across the border — or, even worse, both exploiting them for catch-and-release and then trafficking them after making it into the country.

    No one who truly cares about these children wants to further incentivize that kind of abuse.…

    The only reason the media suddenly came to care about family separation is as a means to fabricate a controversy, as a tactic to distract voters from three legitimate news stories from last week that benefit Trump: 1) our economy is booming, 2) Trump had a successful summit with North Korea, and 3) the Inspector General report exposed James Comey’s FBI as a swamp of corruption out to exonerate Hillary Clinton and frame Trump.”


  5. mekav says:

    Through God, all things are possible. I pray that all the world will open their hearts to God.


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