Mass migration part of plan to water down Europe’s Christian identity

Perhaps BREXIT was not such a bad idea after all.

Immigrant violence worsens in Italy

A Catholic bishop has stated that the mass migration from Africa and Asia into Europe in recent years is part of a plan to change the Christian identity of Europe.

Bishop Athanasius Schneider of Kazakhstan, 57, told an interviewer from Milan’s Il Giornale last week that “the phenomenon of so-called “immigration” represents an orchestrated and long-prepared plan by international powers to radically change the Christian and national identities of the European peoples.”

The Church, he said, was being exploited.

“These powers use the Church’s enormous moral potential and her structures to more effectively achieve their anti-Christian and anti-European goal,” he stated.

“To this end they are abusing the true concept of humanism and even the Christian commandment of charity. ”

Asked to comment on Italy’s new and very outspokenly Euro-skeptic Minister of the Interior, Matteo Salvini, the bishop said that he did not know Italy’s political situation well, but that he applauded any European government’s attempt to emphasize their nation’s sovereignty and “historical, cultural, and Christian identity” against “a kind of new Soviet Union” with “an unmistakably Masonic ideology”: the European Union.



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5 Responses to Mass migration part of plan to water down Europe’s Christian identity

  1. Mary Salmond says:

    Wake up, world leaders! There’s a lot at stake here and there!!!! Some leaders are aware of changing country and world demographics, others are a little slow on the uptake!!

  2. kathleen says:

    The above picture portrays black African immigrants on the rampage in Italy. It has happened in other European countries too, eg. Spain not long ago, Germany, Belgium, etc. So they come to terrorise and destroy the same host countries that have welcomed them in as “poor refugees” and given them asylum? Why?
    Could it have anything to do with the fact that the vast majority of these African immigrants pouring into Europe are followers of the bellicose religion of Islam, same as the immigrants from Asia?

    (This is very strange though since Christianity, not Islam, is now the main religion in Africa, and growing fast according to all reports. Africa is also the continent where more converts from Islam to Christianity occur than anywhere else.)

    So why is it that it’s the Islamic Africans making for Europe in such ever-growing numbers? We all know how African Christians are being savagely persecuted and murdered daily by Islamic radicals inside Africa, but the ones seeking refuge in Europe (IOW, true refugees) make up only a tiny minority of the immigrant numbers pouring in. Something doesn’t add up here.

    There is, without a shadow of doubt, an orchestrated diabolical agenda at work to destroy our Christian heritage in Europe, and unless firm measures are put into place right now to stop them, they will succeed.

  3. Crow says:

    Kathleen, that is spot on. It is something I had not thought through, but it is a big question – the persecution of Christians is greater than at any time in history and yet, in every instance of ‘refugees ‘ they are young, Muslim men – the profile of the persecutors.
    How is this happening? Have people been placed in key positions?

  4. Mary Salmond says:

    A YouTube on muslim migration called Muslim Dempgraphics is most. revealing about what the world will look like in 2025 unless nationalities start having more than 1.3 babies.

  5. kathleen says:

    Crow @ 23:45 on 7th July

    That’s right Crow – nearly all the ‘refugees’ are fit young Muslim men! Naturally these are far better prepared to defend themselves in complicated situations in their countries of origin (North Africa and the Middle East mostly) than vulnerable women with children, the elderly, suffering Christians and other persecuted religious minority groups. Yet it’s Muslim men, perfectly fit to work and/or fight (though many don’t want to do either) who come here instead of travelling to super-rich Arab (Muslim) countries like those on the Gulf peninsula! The Gulf States, esp. Saudi Arabia, have so many jobs they are desperately needing to seek work power from far and wide. The GS also happen to be far closer for most ‘refugees’ too, with no need to embark on flimsy overcrowded boats for the perilous journey across the Mediterranean Sea.
    But they don’t go there – too strict – they prefer to swarm over to invade soft-touch Europe! (And rape our women?)

    The whole thing has become an overwhelming problem in every single way, plus posing a real safety threat, both now and for our future. Crime rates everywhere, including violent sex crimes, have greatly increased, even skyrocketed in some countries (eg, Sweden) since this mass immigration started. It’s no secret that Islam imposes its fath system on its host countries just as soon as they have the numbers to do it. We can already see this happening in many parts of France and Belgium… with many other countries coming up close behind.

    No sensible person could be against a limited and controlled form of legal immigration – unless we raise our birth rates it is certainly necessary – but many people are beginning to realise there are sinister ulterior motives at play here. The Masonic-run EU that will stop at nothing is allowing, or even encouraging, this alien mass invasion to take place. It wishes to stamp out the last vestiges of Christendom and our Christian identity, just as Bishop Schneider says above.

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