Pope Francis Weaponizes the Mass for Politics


By Chris Ferrara at The Fatima Center


The Pope who vows he will not interfere in the concrete politics of nations when it comes to abortion and “gay marriage” never ceases to interfere in politics when it comes to his obsession with promoting the mass influx of Muslims into Europe.

Thus the Vatican Press Office has just announced that tomorrow “the Holy Father Francis will celebrate a Mass for Migrants at the Altar of the Cathedra, in Saint Peter’s Basilica. The Mass coincides with the fifth anniversary of Pope Francis’ visit to Lampedusa (8 July 2013).”

Lampedusa is the place where Francis ostentatiously denounced as “shameful” a shipwreck off the coast of that island near Sicily in which many migrants from Africa, most of them military age Muslim males, were drowned. As if it were the fault of the government of Italy that illegal traffickers in human beings had provided an inadequate vessel for their cargo of illegal immigrants.

On June 14, addressing a conference on international migration at the Vatican, Francis demanded “a change in mindset: we must move from considering others as threats to our comfort to valuing them as persons whose life experience and values can contribute greatly to the enrichment of our society.”

The notion that the mass migration of Muslims into Italy in violation of Italian law enriches Italian society is utterly preposterous. And, as the recent elections in Italy have shown, the Italian people, who are overwhelmingly Christian at least by virtue of Baptism, have had quite enough of this nonsense.

Over the past five years Francis has continually glossed over critical distinctions between legal and illegal immigration, between true refugees with bona fide claims of asylum and merely economic migrants hoping to reap benefits by entering illegally, between able-bodied males and vulnerable women and children, between people fleeing wars or disasters and merely opportunistic individuals who had no compelling reason to leave their home countries, between people without skills who may have possible criminal tendencies and the best and brightest from other lands.

These are all legal distinctions it is the duty of civil authorities to sort out with appropriate legislation, including tight restrictions on the number of permitted legal immigrants, not excluding a total moratorium on immigration from certain places if it is deemed to serve the common good of citizens. The crafting of these laws and regulations is, frankly, none of Francis’ business.

Yet on June 14 Francis continued with his crude demagoguery on the immigration issue, demanding that European countries “tear down the wall of ‘comfortable and silent complicity’ that worsens their [the migrants’] helplessness; they are waiting for us to show them concern, compassion and devotion.” As if legitimate attempts to impose strong restrictions on immigration were immoral — restrictions like those in effect in Vatican City!

The Mass tomorrow will be a virtual weaponization of the sacred liturgy for political purposes, including a specially composed prayer, published by the Vatican, that declares: “O God, father of all men, for you no one is a stranger, no one is excluded from your fatherhood…” — as if to suggest that the exclusion of illegal immigrants is per se offensive to God.

The same prayer pleads that “we,” meaning, of course, the opponents of open borders, “be given a sensitive and generous heart towards the poor and oppressed.” One wonders when the Pope will have a Mass for the innocent unborn who are slaughtered by the millions each year, and when he will offer a highly publicized prayer that supporters of legalized child murder be “given a sensitive and generous heart towards the poor and oppressed” victims of their slaughterhouses.

But we know the answer to that question: Probably never. And therein lies the essence of the disaster that is this pontificate.

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10 Responses to Pope Francis Weaponizes the Mass for Politics

  1. Chris Ferrara intelligently and articulately pierces the Cloud-Cuckoo-Land bubble that the pope inhabits, particularly where it concerns The Great Religion of Peace and its many peaceful adherents now entering Europe by the thousands.

    And by the way, remember your history lesson about Charles Martel and his historic defeat of the Muslim army at Tours, France, in 742? Historians have long regarded that battle as preventing the Islamic takeover of the whole of Europe, like the conquest that occurred across North Africa.

    Guess where the newest French mosque is being built.

    That’s right. At Tours.



  2. johnhenrycn says:

    I understand and do not hold it against immigrants, legal or illegal , political refugees or economic refugees, who try to move to First World nations (obviously, I do hold it against jihadists, terrorists and criminals) because, after all, if I lived in one of those “sh*thole” countries (pace President Trump) I would try my utmost to do so as well. Immigration laws would not concern me in my desperation. Anyone who criticizes (non-criminal) Third World peoples for doing so needs a reality check. There’s nothing the least bit immoral or against conscience in wanting to survive.

    That said, there’s also nothing immoral or against conscience when First World countries have rigorous access restrictions and laws. There’s nothing immoral when they enforce of those laws. There’s nothing immoral or against conscience in turning people away from a lifeboat in danger of being swamped – a serious, legitimate, honest fear, and one which Francis is blind to. National suicide is not something our Catholic Church demands or approves. Pope Francis is stepping outside, far outside, of his area of competence when it comes to immigration. His half-baked sympathies should be ignored.

    I like to think that I’d give up my place in a lifeboat for someone drowning. Not sure that I would, but in any case, I’ve no right to expect, let alone demand, that others in the boat do so.


  3. kathleen says:

    @ Robert

    That’s bad, bad news! Another sign the Islamic takeover is well under way.

    Of course they chose Tours – their grievance and the thorn in their side, reminding them of their defeat by the Christian forces there – as an act of vengeance.

    In exactly the same way they chose the 9/11 date to attack the USA (and thus the whole Christian world) with the worst Islamic terrorist attacks of all time. It was on September 11th 1683 that the conquering armies of Islam were met, held, and thrown back at the gates of Vienna!

    I bet they are laughing now at Pope Francis’ naivety of their plans for Europe.


  4. kathleen says:

    @ JH

    Re your first paragraph:
    Yes, but it has been proven that the vast majority are just that “economic migrants” and not genuine refugees at all. It’s easy for terrorists to slip in undetected as pretend refugees too.

    Besides, as I’ve just said to Crow on another thread about immigration, why don’t they go to other rich Islamic countries that are not at war and have no unemployment? Their co-religionists don’t want them there I suppose… so much for the much boasted brotherhood of Islam! But it is strange they all want to come to Europe when their disdain, or even hatred, for Christianity (still the major faith of Europeans) is evident?

    Re your second paragraph (re Francis), I agree.

    Look at this sad case: When it was realised that a handful of Christians were sharing their boat, they get chucked overboard to drown by the Muslim boat captain! It is not a first time such callous murders of Christians at the hands of Muslim immigrants have happened either; we’ve heard here of other similar tales from survivors. At least this time they got and arrested the guilty brute.


  5. johnhenrycn says:

    Well, let’s watch C-Span 36 minutes from now to see if President Trump nominates an orthodox Catholic mother of seven children to be the next judge of the U.S. Supreme Court.


  6. johnhenrycn says:

    …that may be what the Holy Spirit has in mind – to make up for what happened at the last Conclave 😉


  7. johnhenrycn says:

    Mr Justice Brett Kavanaugh. Not a mother of seven, but a committed Catholic who pledges to uphold the Constitution of the United States as it is written, not as he (may have) wished it was written, which is to say he’s an originalist, a textualist, not a “mystery of life” dreamer.


  8. mmvc says:

    700000 migrants are currently ‘bottlenecked’ in Lybia waiting to cross the Med for Europe. Would Pope Francis welcome them all to Italy? Many would head for Germoney where the best handouts are…



  9. johnhenrycn says:

    I was reading an article that mentions a 1973 novel Camp of the Saints written by a traditionalist Catholic Frenchman, Jean Raspail:

    “Raspail blames France’s elites for…the problem of multiculturalism and migration. He even waylays the fictional pope, “Benedict XVI” (remember, the book was written in 1973), a Latin American (Brazilian) who sells all the treasures of the Vatican to give to the Third World poor, and who exhorts Europe to thrown open its doors to the migrant horde.”

    Christianity as a Nathional Suicide Pact. Talk about walking over someone’s grave.

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  10. kathleen says:

    JH, that amazing article you link to sent shivers down my spine too. EVERYONE should read it!
    That book (from 1973) that Dreher discusses, Camp of Saints, is creepily, prophetically accurate. The crazy suicidal situation we are being driven into by this invasion of migrants is exactly what our useless European elites are doing today, and with the same feeble false humanitarianism. (They are French elites in the book, but the current German and Swedish ones fit the description to a ‘T’.)

    But I would even venture to say that the progressive wing of the Church, those who twist the true meaning of ‘charity’ and ‘mercy’ to emotionally blackmail their congregations with their scandalous threats, are much more to blame.

    ”This is suicidal sentimentality. Think of it: a retired bishop said he would turn his churches into mosques for the sake of welcoming migrants. A cardinal says to turn away migrants is to disbelieve in God. A priest orders Catholics who oppose open borders to stay away from church, because they are racist.”

    These worldly clerics and spineless elites of our nations need their heads testing. They are destroying our Faith, our Christian heritage and culture, our livelihoods, our safety*, and worst of all our children’s future.

    * “our safety” because (and I’m repeating myself) uncontrolled massive immigration into Europe these last few years has caused violent and sexual crimes to skyrocket in every European country!!


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