Prophetic Warnings from Fulton J Sheen

“[Satan] will set up a counterchurch which will be the ape of the [Catholic] Church … It will have all the notes and characteristics of the Church, but in reverse and emptied of its divine content.”

We are living in the days of the Apocalypse, the last days of our era. The two great forces – the Mystical Body of Christ and the Mystical Body of the anti-Christ – are beginning to draw battle lines for the catastrophic contest.

The False prophet will have a religion without a cross. A religion without a world to come. A religion to destroy religions. There will be a counterfeit Church.

Christ’s Church the Catholic Church will be one; and the false Prophet will create the other.

The False Church will be worldly, ecumenical, and global. It will be a loose federation of churches and religions, forming some type of global association.

A world parliament of Churches. It will be emptied of all Divine content, it will be the mystical body of the anti-christ. The Mystical Body on earth today will have its Judas Iscariot, and he will be the false prophet. Satan will recruit him from our Bishops.

The Antichrist will not be so called; otherwise he would have no followers. He will not wear red tights, nor vomit sulphur, nor carry a trident nor wave an arrowed tail as Mephistopheles in Faust. This masquerade has helped the Devil convince men that he does not exist. When no man recognizes, the more power he exercises. God has defined Himself as “I am Who am,” and the Devil as “I am who am not.”

Nowhere in Sacred Scripture do we find warrant for the popular myth of the Devil as a buffoon who is dressed like the first “red.” Rather is he described as an angel fallen from heaven, as “the Prince of this world,” whose business it is to tell us that there is no other world. His logic is simple: if there is no heaven there is no hell; if there is no hell, then there is no sin; if there is no sin, then there is no judge, and if there is no judgment then evil is good and good is evil. But above all these descriptions, Our Lord tells us that he will be so much like Himself that he would deceive even the elect–and certainly no devil ever seen in picture books could deceive even the elect. How will he come in this new age to win followers to his religion?

The pre-Communist Russian belief is that he will come disguised as the Great Humanitarian; he will talk peace, prosperity and plenty not as means to lead us to God, but as ends in themselves …

The third temptation in which Satan asked Christ to adore him and all the kingdoms of the world would be His, will become the temptation to have a new religion without a Cross, a liturgy without a world to come, a religion to destroy a religion, or a politics which is a religion–one that renders unto Caesar even the things that are God’s.

In the midst of all his seeming love for humanity and his glib talk of freedom and equality, he will have one great secret which he will tell to no one: he will not believe in God. Because his religion will be brotherhood without the fatherhood of God, he will deceive even the elect. He will set up a counterchurch which will be the ape of the Church, because he, the Devil, is the ape of God. It will have all the notes and characteristics of the Church, but in reverse and emptied of its divine content. It will be a mystical body of the Antichrist that will in all externals resemble the mystical body of Christ …

But the twentieth century will join the counterchurch because it claims to be infallible when its visible head speaks ex cathedra from Moscow on the subject of economics and politics, and as chief shepherd of world communism.”

(Fulton J. Sheen, ‘Communism and the Conscience of the West’)

Now who is this “False Prophet” Archbishop Fulton Sheen talks about? Do we already have him living among us undermining the Catholic Faith little by little and preaching a false Gospel? And where is that “counterchurch”? Is it already here? Are we in fact the generation chosen to witness, right now, the minions of the Evil One build up their false counterchurch inside the One True Church?

Are we who live in this “decaying civilization” we see all around us blind to the tragedy that is taking place inside the Church

Yesterday’s  Gospel for the Seventh Sunday after Pentecost, according to the Traditional Latin Liturgy, warns us to “beware of false prophets”. It is from St. Matthew, 7:15-21.

Beware of false prophets, who come to you in the clothing of sheep, but inwardly they are ravening wolves. By their fruits you shall know them. Do men gather grapes of thorns, or figs of thistles? Even so every good tree bringeth forth good fruit, and the evil tree bringeth forth evil fruit. A good tree cannot bring forth evil fruit, neither can an evil tree bring forth good fruit. Every tree that bringeth not forth good fruit, shall be cut down, and shall be cast into the fire. Wherefore by their fruits you shall know them. Not every one that saith to me, Lord, Lord, shall enter into the kingdom of heaven: but he that doth the will of my Father who is in heaven, he shall enter into the kingdom of heaven.”

It is time to go into battle to expel the traitors from the Church, every single one. For the sake of souls.

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7 Responses to Prophetic Warnings from Fulton J Sheen

  1. David says:

    I can understand now the resistance to removing Fulton Sheen’s earthly remains from New York to Peoria. The secularists would like this prophetic voice to be quietly ignored, then forgotten.

  2. The Antichrist arrived over 14 hundred years ago and already has close to two billion followers.

  3. Mary Salmond says:

    Wish we had Fulton Sheen leadership today; he would dynamically influence USA citizens and the world without a doubt, with confidence, and with orthodoxy!

  4. apocalypse2blog is correct. The Antichrist? He was and is the founder of The Great Religtion of Peace.

    As for Archbishop Sheen, I hope he’s wrong, but I’m afraid he may not be. He was a very wise man.

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  6. tm says:

    VIDEO – Fulton Sheen on the Antichrist

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