Communiqué of the General House of the Society of Saint Pius X


On July 11, 2018, Father Davide Pagliarani was elected Superior General, for a mandate of 12 years, by the 4th General Chapter of the Society of Saint Pius X.

The new Superior General is 47 years old and is of Italian nationality. He received the sacrament of Holy Orders from the hands of Bishop Bernard Fellay in 1996. He exercised his apostolate in Rimini (Italy), then in Singapore, before being appointed Superior of the District of Italy. Since 2012, he was Rector of Our Lady Co-Redemptrix Seminary of La Reja (Argentina).

After accepting his office, the elected pronounced the Profession of Faith and took the Anti-Modernist Oath at the seminary church. Then, each of the members present came before him to promise their respect and obedience, before singing the Te Deum in thanksgiving.

The 41 capitulants will proceed tomorrow with the election of the two Assistants General, for the same mandate of 12 years. The Chapter will continue until July 21st at the Seminary of St. Pius X of Ecône (Switzerland)

Ecône, July 11, 2018


RORATE CAELI has reported:

To get a feel of what Fr. Pagliarani thinks (or what he thought in the quite different previous Pontificate), please read the long text by him RORATE translated in 2011:

Pagliarani: ‘If we do not arrive at some canonical regularization…’

[Final part of text:

“Archbishop Lefebvre embodied something imperishable: the Tradition of the Church, and if there was a bishop in whom Tradition never ceased to be “living” (if I may use the expression), it was certainly the “rebel” bishop. For example, the one prelate who never stopped celebrating publicly in the traditional rite, which was then mistakenly considered abrogated and banned, was the founder of the Society of St. Pius X: he did not merely hand on to new generations a printed, dusty missal, but preserved and transmitted a real, living treasure which is present every day on the altar, with which he was totally and personally involved.

But anyone who speaks about him, for good or for ill, cannot do so without speaking about a Tradition which, far from being “Lefebvrite”, is simply and forever Catholic.”]

A lot has changed in Rome since then: Pagliarani is not in continuity with his predecessor in the position.



In the midst of this momentous transition, let us give thanks to God for Bishop Fellay’s twenty-four years of faithful service as General Superior and pray earnestly for Fr. Pagliarani as he assumes this daunting office, as well as for the success of the remainder of the General Chapter. …

Our Lady, Seat of Wisdom, pray for us!

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3 Responses to Communiqué of the General House of the Society of Saint Pius X

  1. johnhenrycn says:

    Not saying I completely understand all the “ins-and-outs” of the tension between the Vatican and SSPX, but it was reading SSPX literature – including the rightfully discredited Richard Williamson’s – which helped gently push me into the arms of Holy Mother Church; and so while I am an obedient follower of the Pope, I’m thankful the SSPX bolthole is there if worse comes to worse.

  2. geoffkiernan says:

    “…and so while I am an obedient follower of the Pope,”

    JH:…. This comment intrigues me… And when the Pope indicates there is no Hell and that all lost souls are simply annihilated and suggests this is so because otherwise, is not the way of the Gospels (and offers no explanation by way of clarification of his comments) do you still obediently follow the Pope?
    What of his apparent abrogation of his mandate to teach and protect the truth, and permits German Bishops to usurp his authority and allows non Catholics and even non believing ( in the Real Presence) Protestants to receive Holy Communion? Do you tell and encourage friends and acquaintances who are non Catholics to receive H/C on the simple say so of this Pope, when you know and almost everyone else knows he is wrong? I could go on and on with examples…
    I believe this Pope is the Pope….Is he wrong or am I wrong? Maybe I have just misunderstood your comments, JH.
    Please pray for the Pope and the Church.
    ” ‘Tis a strange, strange world we live in, Aunty Jack.” – Courtesy Graham Blundell…not a patch on Banjo.
    PS…. It just occurred to me… Is the Pope encouraged and embolden by such blind acceptance by all that are obedient followers of his every word ? And do we by this ‘blind acceptance’ then become co-conspirators/co-offenders with him? Maybe it just doesn’t matter.

  3. johnhenrycn says:

    Geoff asks: “…do you still obediently follow the Pope?”

    You should read between the lines, Geoff and allow “obedience” in its qualified context. Obedience is not the same thing as slavish acceptance. There are indeed a number of things this pope has said which I refuse to accept. There are a number of things I refuse to do despite his exhortations. Nevertheless, he remains the pope and that requires our obedience when he does not contravene Catholic dogma; and in those cases where he appears to do so, it behoves Catholics to give him the benefit of the doubt if that’s possible

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