The Lies of the Spanish Left in their “Law of Historic Memory”

The Valley of the Fallen (El Valle de Los Caidos) from afar

Scant notice has been given by the international media to one of the most notorious anti-Catholic ambitions of Spain’s new socialist Prime Minister, Pedro Sánchez, and which is contained in a twisted one-sided version of “The Law of Historic Memory”. Based on the information in this document that is meant to recall the events of the Spanish Civil War (1936-1938), Sánchez and his party (PSOE) wish to remove the earthly remains of General Francisco Franco (d. 1975) from the war memorial mausoleum, Valley of the Fallen, where his body was finally laid to rest, and later to reform or destroy the massive monument.

The Socialists’ systematic manipulation of the historical facts surrounding Spain’s disastrous Civil War and their blatant myopia towards the real motives that started it all off, is typical of the workings of extreme left wing politicians like PSOE leader Pedro Sánchez, Podemos leader, Pedro Iglesias, and their assortment of radical followers. They also either flatly deny, or prefer to ignore, the barbaric genocide of thousands of helpless members of the Spanish clergy at the hands of the ‘Popular Front Socialists’ (made up of groups of Liberals or Republicans, hard-line Communists, anarchists and common thugs) both before and during the early part of the war, their persecution of Catholic laymen, and their wanton needless destruction of hundreds of churches, shrines and Catholic symbols.

With the construction after the war, won by the Spanish Nationals under Franco, of the Valley of the Fallen where numerous victims from both sides of the contention lie buried (another of the facts overlooked by the socialists) these inheritors of the Popular Front fighters, in their revenge for their dead that lie there and for having lost the war, chose to see it as a symbol of Fascist power. In their failed attempt to wipe out Catholicism from the heart of Spain, these radicals are therefore calling for its destruction.

In reality, sitting in an immense and beautiful forested valley, with its enormous Cross reaching the skyline – the symbol of Man’s redemption through the sacrifice of Our Saviour Jesus Christ – the Valley of the Fallen is a poignant reminder of the tragic futility of war, especially civil warfare, where brother fights to the death against brother over conflicting ideologies.

Below is my translation of a Spanish YouTube video that brings up just a few of the true facts the “inheritors”, or descendants, of those Reds of the Spanish Civil War wish to blot out from our memory. The title is: THE REVENGEFUL Law of Historic Memory. And subtitled: The Truth on the LAW OF HISTORIC MEMORY.


“Since nothing is more beautiful than knowledge of the truth, nothing is more shameful than to approve a lie and take it for truth.” (Ciceron)

We are living in times that appear almost science fictiontional, where there are those who desire to exercise full power over history, adding or taking away from it according to their own whims. To do this they have invented a law that will place economic sanctions, or imprison, or even exclude from exercising their profession for fifteen years, anyone who contradicts the theory of the present government on “The Law of Historic Memory” [La Ley de Memoria Histórica”.

And so I ask myself, since when did political parties dictate what took place in history, without examining the evidence? Well then, let me welcome you to democracy of the twenty first century! But what is really behind all this?

It is to maintain the Spanish in ignorance [of the truth] because for as long as the people remain in ignorance, the easier it will be to direct their future, and to also extol the virtues of the Republic that no sooner had they gained power were calling for the burning and down of churches and assassination. This culminated in the shooting through the neck of the opposition leader, Calvo Sotelo, by militant socialists,  All so very “democratic”!

This is precisely what led to the uprising of the National forces. Because no, in reality the Republic was anything but a pacific and Democratic Party, an image they have been trying to sell us for years.

In the words of one of the founding fathers of the Republic, Gregorio Marañón :

“My respect and love for the truth obliges me to recognise that the Republic has been a tragic failure. For many years to come we shall be cursing the stupidity and thuggery of those criminal cretins, and we would still not have finished doing so. Knowing this, how can one find faults with the other side, even if there were any?

“This picture, taken by a Paramount News-reel representative and received by air from Madrid yesterday (in 1936), illustrates an outrage which has no parallel in the photographs published by The Daily Mail of the Spanish Reds’ war on religion. It shows a Communist firing squad aiming at the colossal Monument of the Sacred Heart on the Cerro de los Angeles, a hill a few miles south of Madrid.”

Finally, after various members of his family had been assasinated, Gregorio Marañón had to go into exile in France until the war was over when he could return to Spain. The same occurred to other founding fathers of the Republic,  José Ortega y Gasset and Ramón Pérez de Ayala. Will the commissioners of “The Law on the Historic Memory” include this in their version of the events, or will they leave out these [uncomfortable] facts?  The leader of the socialist party, Largo Caballero, had already warned in February 1936, that if his party, PSOE, lost the elections then they would have to resort to violence before they’d ever allow the right wing party to govern. So much for democracy!

In effect, the coalition of socialists, anarchists and communists – the “Popular Front” (Frente Popular) – won the 1936 Elections, but what they won’t tell you today is about the manipulations and total fraud that the whole thing was. In those provinces where the results of the voting count was not to the liking of the left wing radicals, they accused all the other parties of fraud and began on a recounting of the votes that would systematically favour them, whilst detaining the representatives of these other parties. Do you still believe in the story of democracy?

[An old woman talks]:

“The 1936 Elections were won by the Socialists (called Reds)… and they made our lives unbearable.”

But that’s not all. Do you know what would have happened if the Popular Front party had won the [Civil] War? Spain would have become a satellite state of the USSR.

This is the Puerta de Alcala, Madrid, in 1938. So, who was it that administered weapons to the Popular Front fighters? The USSR Communists. More than 2000 Soviet Communists participated in the Spanish Civil War, [with weapons and machinery].  The Soviet Communists came to Spain to give us lessons in democracy! These [Communists], whose ideology has been the bloodiest of all times, have more than 100,000,000 deaths on their hands, according to the most prestigious public Centre of Investigation and Science in France. And after all this, the inheritors of those Communists have the insolence to come and lecture to us on death and war.

Another event that the adherents of the Historic Memory have forgotten is that the very first historical bombing in modern warfare of a civilian population was committed by the Popular Front on the first day of the war, on 18th July, 1936. But it wasn’t the only one! Within only twelve days their aviation had bombed populations in Zaragoza, Córdoba, Seville, Toledo and various other locations in the control of the ***[inaudible]. Although the bombardment you are possibly most familiar with is that of Guernica, right? I can assure you that it is not by chance. When a particular version of an event is repeated over and over again, it becomes the only accepted truth, something that is not new to these enemies of Spain.

Likewise, the burning of churches in 1936, something they have begun to do again in 2018, although it doesn’t interest the mainstream media to cover such incidents. Only between the months of February and July 1936 they destroyed or desecrated 411 churches and committed over 3,000 politically or socially motivated grave acts of violence. Do you still believe their position was that of a perfect democracy?

But let’s talk about one of the favourite pastimes of the “Reds”, that of displaying dead bodies [in public]! In 1936 they started to profane tombs inside churches, digging up the corpses of nuns buried there. In 2018 they are preparing to do the same with the Valley of the Fallen [Valle de los Caidos] . They must harbour some sort of fetish with dead bodies that prevents them from concentrating on the living. But it’s the living who are suffering from unemployment, poverty, precarious situations and useless work contracts.

And how can we forget the martyrs of Paracuellos where the largest mass grave in the whole of Spain was found? Surprise, surprise! The adherents of the Historic Memory took no interest in this mass grave because the remains lying there were not from their side of the war. This is something that demonstrates very clearly once again that they are motivated solely and exclusively by feelings of vengeance. In the same way as, when earlier in 2018 they uncovered another mass grave in Alcalá de Henares and found that the bodies lying therein were those from the National side, they became  totally disinterested.

Their concentration camps, random killings, mock trials, opening of prisons [to release criminals], uncontrolled death squads, shootings through the head without a trial… all of this is what they want to wipe out with their “Historic Memory” in order to criminalise only one side in the war, the National side. It would be a terrible injustice to the victims to let them get away with this and falsify the true history. We either talk of crimes committed on both sides [of the contention] or we talk of neither. Otherwise we will not permit such a serious manipulation of the truth.

Señores Politicians, have you forgotten about Mother Apolonia Lizárraga, hung up by a hook and sawn up gradually into bits while still alive, and then thrown as food to pigs by the CNT militants for refusing to denounce her faith? Where is the Historical Memory for her? Are you going to condemn and outlaw the CNT [culprits] in these times of democracy in the same way as you are doing with the patriots? I doubt it very much.

[You won’t] because you are a band of revengeful hypocrites and because you are trying to now win a war that you started, and then lost, 80 years ago! Instead of burying the past and allowing the Spanish people to live in peace once and for all, you are dedicating your time to keeping up the flame of hatred between brothers [compatriots], and that is something we’ll never forgive you for.

Good Spanish people, we shall not let ouselves be taken in by their demogoguery and curtains of smoke. We will continue to fight for real social justice for all Spanish citizens, just as we always have done, and always will do, how ever much they try to persecute and silence us.

The true Spain will never give in!


Spanish speakers may also be interested in this 29 minute video interview with lawyer and historian, Sr. Barcenas, who has studied and written extensively on the real facts about the Valley of the Fallen, both at the time of its construction and in the aftermath. (Unfortunately I have been unable to fix English subtitles to the video.)

For further reading: SPAIN’S CRUSADE, 1936-39

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8 Responses to The Lies of the Spanish Left in their “Law of Historic Memory”

  1. planechant2 says:

    Very interesting, thank you. I recommend ‘In Franco’s Spain’ written by Francis McCullagh, an Irish war correspondent writing about his experiences in Spain at the time (1937). Pray that the memorial to this terrible Civil War may never be destroyed.

  2. johnhenrycn says:

    A very good, if also very sad post. To think the monument and cemetery in question may be desecrated for cheap factional advantage is no surprise, nor is the proposed thought crime law. I shudder thinking of what things like this portend 20 years down the road – for us all, but especially Europe.

    Sad to think our Pope, if he says anything at all about this, will likely express solidarity with the *victims* of Falangism in the last century, holding them up as a warning against similar nationalist movements in our current one.

  3. johnhenrycn says:

    Not quite as impressive as the Valley of the Fallen, but a moving site all the same, especially at night when illuminated, is the Mountain of 3 Crosses close to my home commemorating (it is said) the death of Jesuit missionaries thrown from the mountain cliff into the Ottawa river below by Algonquin Indians in the 16th or 17th Century; the historical record is murky. The crosses are said to have been first erected there in 1686 by Pierre de Troyes, a French army captain, and Father Silvie, a missionary, celebrated the first Mass there at the same time. Advance to the 1 minute mark if pressed for time 🙂

  4. JabbaPapa says:

    The Anarchists, Communists, Freemasons, and Soviets started the war by creating Government-supported death squads that they used to try and destroy the Church by rounding up priests and monks and murdering them.

    The Spanish Army stopped the war by harshly repressing these atrociously evil activities and those who were promoting this mass murdering.

  5. kathleen says:

    @ planechant2, JH and Jabba

    Thank you very much for your interesting comments, adding information to my article. I apologise for taking so long to respond to them, but family visitors have kept me busy once again.

    planechant2, thanks for the recommendation of that book. Yes, I have heard about it but have not read it myself yet. Must do so now!

    In fact if one digs a little deeper one can discover some excellent books, articles and videos available for those seeking an objective account of the Spanish Civil War epoch, relating the historical facts of its causes (build up), the war years, and then its aftermath. The problem is, this information is almost exclusively in the Spanish language, so I haven’t referenced it here. Most foreigners writing about the SCW, especially soon after the war, were biased by anti-Spanish sentiments due to General Franco’s unfortunate ‘friendship’ with Hitler.

    The truth is, this vicious contention was overall a demonically-orchestrated fight against Christ and the Holy Catholic Church. The Catholic Faith was strong and flourishing in Spain before the war, producing numerous saints, large Catholic families and booming religious vocations, something that the hatred of Satan could not bear to behold. Our Lady’s warnings of the spreading of “the errors of Russia” (i.e. atheistic Communism) were seen very clearly in the murderous, brutal ideology and actions of the Spanish ‘Reds’.

  6. johnhenrycn says:

    A related piece published today: Don’t Touch The Valley

    I decline to say things such as “Viva Franco” because my grasp of the Spanish Civil War is weak, but it’s interesting to point out that Hitler loathed him intensely, which of course is a plus.

    It’s also interesting to note that Arlington Cemetery – the sacred burial ground of America’s military dead – has a special section dedicated to the memory of the Confederate soldiers who died in their Civil War, a far more tragic war (strictly in terms of numbers of dead) than the Spanish one.

  7. kathleen says:

    Thanks for that great link, JH – very fair in its assessment.
    Yes, why not say “Viva Franco”?! In hindsight many see him as Spain’s saviour when the country was shedding a profusion of innocent blood at the hands of atheistic barbarism.
    This article (in Spanish) recognises the legitimacy of thanking Franco for saving Spain:
    “The Church owes a debt of gratitude to Franco”.

    Yup, it’s easy to criticise such a figure as Franco now through the pretty harsh measures he used after the terrible civil war is no more than history, but one should remember how desperate the situation was at that time of the furious Red Terror in Spain. As has often been said, you can’t use kid-glove treatment when dealing with terrorism!

    Quirky really, the Reds unleash an unprecedented reign of destructive terror and genocide on the Catholic Church for months before the Nationals rose up to defend her people, and then when they lose the war the embittered Reds turn the blame for it all onto the Nationals under General Franco! Typical twisted leftist manipulation of the truth… but many have swallowed it.

  8. kathleen says:

    Here’s my rough translation of the first two paragraphs of the link I gave above:

    “In the debate on the exhumation of the remains of Franco from the Valley of the Fallen, our hierarchy is silent before the main reason for opposing such an arbitrary act of impiety: With his uprising Franco halted the extermination of the Catholic clergy, as was recognised at the time.

    To say that the Spanish Church has remained quiet about the Government’s announcement to exhume the remains of Francisco Franco from the Valley of the Fallen is to fall very short. The slight objections of the hierarchy point – not without reason – only to the illegitimacy of unearthing a corpse in this way, without the permission or consent of its relatives. But there are more profound reasons to speak out against this new and absurd arbitrariness of the Government, and it is none other than the fact that believers, and especially the clergy, owe a debt of gratitude to Franco.”

    The article then goes on to quote some of the shocking statistics of the acts of murder and destruction purported by those under the Spanish Republican/Communist (Red) flag in 1936 and aided and abetted by the Russians, months before the war finally broke out. They observe that it was not the besieged Catholic Church hierarchy that rose up to defend her people, but the Spanish army! It was in absolute legitimate self-defence, and as such a letter dated 1st July 1937 from the bishops recognises this fact.

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