No Father Without God! (Fighting the ‘soft revolution’ and the destruction of fatherhood)

Fighting the ‘Soft Revolution‘

Sacred Heart patch of the Vendean royalist insurgents. The French motto ‘Dieu, le Roi’ means ‘God, the King“

You have all heard about the French Revolution and the regime of terror which ran for a few months under the ill-famed Robespierre, sending throngs of innocent victims to the guillotine. The days of the bloody revolution have passed. Today, we are facing another type of revolution, a soft one, so much the more dangerous as it is softer. The French Revolution brought about a strong reaction, especially from the Catholic regions of Vendée and Brittany. The soft revolution puts us to sleep…we do not lose our body, but our soul. The light is dimmed. The enemy lines are not drawn. Alexander Solzhenitsyn, an expert in revolution if there ever was one, said something to that effect: “People are more readily enslaved with pornography than with prison towers.”

And, what is the terror which is at the heart of this soft revolution? It is the fear of not being “politically correct.” Whoever does not profess the creed and tow the line is an outcast, a fascist or, worse, a Nazi! Spiritually, he is no better than if he had lost his head under the knife of the guillotine.

No Father Without God

Thus therefore shall you pray: Our Father who art in heaven (Matt vi. 9)

But, we need to explain what the revolution is, deep down. Monsignor Gaume gave this definition: “I am the hatred of any order in which man is not both god and king.” This means that, under the revolutionary spirit, any authority is targeted, any hierarchy is a mortal enemy. Hierarchy comes from two Greek words: Hieros and archè, which mean “sacred order.” The term implies that all authority is a participation in the divine paternity. Or in the words of St. Paul: “There is no power but from God.” God is the first and foremost Father and His paternity is to be mirrored in the human fathers and other like authorities. Being Father of all creation, God acts also in a fatherly way, as Tertullian said of Him: “Nemo tam pater quam Pater—no one is so much a father as the Father.”

It is interesting to see that the enemy has understood this connection of human paternity with God more clearly than most Christians. Mrs. Buffet, former Secretary of the Communist Party in France, said something very revealing: “In line with the French Revolution, we need to destroy fatherhood in order to prevent man from seeing God in the father.”

The Benefits of Authority

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by Fr. Yves le Roux, SSPX

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2 Responses to No Father Without God! (Fighting the ‘soft revolution’ and the destruction of fatherhood)

  1. David Hurley says:

    As Alexander Solzhenitsyn said: “The Roman Empire was destroyed from within. Do not worry about Communism, The West must worry about corruption from within”.



  2. kathleen says:

    @ David Hurley

    But that is precisely the metamorphosis that has taken place with Communism… plain for all to see. It is no longer grim lines of Soviets marching along Red Square with tanks and guns: that’s a thing of the past.

    Instead Communism is alive in the mindset of so-called PC socialists in the West today.
    It is also acting within the Church to corrupt her people through the warped preaching of some of her ministers… and going up to the very top of the hierarchy!


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