Closing Our Wallets on the Lavender Mafia

It was finally  the breaking of the camel’s back with the recent uncovering of the Card. Theodore McCarrick case (known about yet ignored for years among his peers) and we, the Catholic laity, have had enough. After enormous imdemnisation payouts from diocesan funds made from some dioceses (most notably in the USA) to victims of molestation by homosexual sexual predators in the clergy, many feel it is time to finally close our wallets. We must put a stop on contributing our hard earned money, we thought would be going to the many worthy causes in the Diocese, but instead was being channelled off to finance the payouts for this perverted Lavender Mafia. No more money for these hypocrites. Time to clean house, once and for all, and get rid of this foul infiltration of evil in the Church, starting by switching off their funds! FROM NOW.


By Beverly Stevens, REGINA Editor

That’s my money, Your Excellency

Okay, I’ve had enough.

Last week, the story broke that a HIGH RANKING US CARDINAL has been a homosexual predator for decades.

Masturbating priests, forcing seminarians to sleep with him at his beach house paid for by Church funds – a Big Cheese in the homosexual networks within the priesthood which create a culture of abuse within the Church. (For those of you who are clutching your pearls in denial, kindly check out the media reports below — but be forewarned about their graphic content.) [See original post for links.]

This predator was appointed by JP II, over the objections of Americans who flew to Rome to voice them because they knew about his behavior. He was kept in office by Benedict and Francis. He was retired honorably, and now lives on the laity’s support.

Furthermore, members of the Catholic and secular media knew about his activities and said NOTHING.

This is IT, for me.

I know I speak for hundreds of millions of Catholics, not just in America, but around the world, when I say the following to the Lavender Mafia in the Catholic hierarchy:

– Do you really think we are stupid?
– You are parasites on the Body of Christ.
– You have overseen the disastrous destruction of the Church in the West, and have worked overtime to spin the story so that you appear to be the helpless victims or even the fearless champions of mindless ‘change’.
– Meanwhile, you do not believe in the Faith, easy to see because you don’t espouse it.
– As a result, the Church is in a tailspin, hemorrhaging Catholics across the West – souls lost to cults, sects and atheistic despair.
– Vocations are down AGAIN, after a brief uptick during Benedict’s pontificate.
– Meanwhile, the churches that represent the blood, sweat and tears of generations of Catholics are being sold on the real estate market to fuel fatuous pseudo-corporate ‘empowerment’ programs to ‘revitalize’ or ‘empower’ (I forget which nauseating buzzword) ‘vibrant’ parishes.
– This is not to mention your drug-fueled orgies where you assault our sons, or pay pennies for the services of other people’s sons in poor countries. (Google: ‘Sex abuse Saginaw Diocese’)

Preying on seminarians

Because of you, most of my generation will die without Last Rites.

Why? You have sabotaged the future of the Faith by preventing honest young men with genuine vocations from entering our seminaries – calling them ‘rigid’ when you read in their eyes that you cannot suborn them.

And the ones you DO admit to seminaries? I have spoken personally with dozens of them. Your seminary teachers prey on them, using every grooming and abusive tactic in the book. If they acquiesce, they are prey for blackmail their entire careers. If they refuse, they are openly humiliated and mocked, until they leave – their faith all but shattered, their psyches all but destroyed.

As the mother of a son, here’s what I told a young man in the Frankfurt, Germany seminary who told me and my husband that his teacher was openly mocking him at lunch gatherings because he had refused to have sex with him – knowing full well the boy was from a poor family which couldn’t possibly afford to repay the tuition he would owe them if he quit.

If that boy was my son I would personally wreck your offices.

That’s right.

Tear all the freaking ‘artwork’ off your walls, and throw them all through your windows. Bust every piece of glass I could find, and before the police got there, I would do enough damage that every boy in that seminary would know that at least one parent would not take this crap lying down.

Solving the problem

But luckily for you, my son is not in a Catholic seminary. Instead, this is what I am going to do: I am going to close my wallet. And I am going to get Catholics all over the world to do the same thing.

So listen up, boys.

We, the Catholics, demand the end of the Lavender Mafia.


And no crap about ‘zero tolerance’ a la the laughable ‘Dallas Charter’.

We demand that homosexual predators be immediately dismissed from our seminaries.
We insist that bad bishops be removed from their sees.
We demand that homosexual-promoting clerics be relieved of their positions.

Giggling over the Cosmopolitans

I can hear you snickering over your Cosmopolitans, boys.

Who does this woman think she is?”

Boys, in your world, I’m a nobody.

Except there’s literally hundreds of millions of ‘nobody’ Catholics just like me, and we are going to CLOSE OUR WALLETS.

I can hear you tittering, and toasting each other.

What does she know about our sources of income?

Well, each bishop is responsible for his own diocese, right? And about 95% of THAT income comes from 5% of donors, right?

So, boys, times have changed.

The information about what you are up to is all over the internet.

Aand the vast majority of Catholics are smart enough to simply divert their donations to the authentic Church, once they get the lowdown on what you and your minions are up to.

Tomorrow, I will outline our ‘Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval’ list of seminaries, charities and apostolates that teach the authentic Faith and which can be trusted with our money.

Did you really think we would let you destroy the Faith of our families, our treasure for 100 generations since Christ walked the earth?

Think again, your excellencies.


WATCH THIS revealing video from The Vortex

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15 Responses to Closing Our Wallets on the Lavender Mafia

  1. Mary Salmond says:

    Yes, I’ve been following Voris for about 3 years. Yes, this is an unpleasant topic; no one has been listening and he will continue talking till this scourge and injustice is brought to zero tolerance and accountability. Yes, Jesus asks us to forgive, but remove the priests and put them all in rehab for the rest of their lives. Let them live with each other. Those suffering from abuse and the rest of the Body of Christ need their (priests) chorus of voices in reconciliation while we try to pick up the pieces and rebuild the Body of Christ. We are at low tide and we need some heroes, since so many clergy from the past were not.


  2. Scoop says:

    Anymore, I wonder what the bishops, cardinals and (doubtful) pope are really advocating when they urge us to pray; or are they urging us to prey as they do?

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  3. Crow says:

    This article is spot on! Yes, please post the list of genuine Catholic organisations to which we can contribute. The Catholic Church has been appropriated by these pretenders. It is not confined to the homosexual takeover of the priesthood- organisations such as St Vincent de Paul are now run by a beaurocracy that is aggressively Novus Ordo (read anti-Catholic) and who purge the organisation of all tenant of Catholicity and piety, because that is repulsive to them. The Sydney lot have changed the name to ‘Vinnies’ because that gets rid of the vexxing reference to ‘St’ and do not stock anything that encourages that ghastly, primitive superstition called religion- ie., no rosaries. I am told that they absolutely detest the Cathoic hierarchy in Sydney, as they see them as way too conservative (ie., Catholic).

    I do some work for ‘Vinnies ‘ but will not donate to them. They have become a cannibalised version of the former organisation.

    It is interesting that the perpetrators of the sexual abuse are the ‘progessive’ sections of the Church. It is interesting furthermore, that the ‘progressive ‘ section of the Church have no vocations (maybe Darwin was right, after all)! In comparison to this, are the vocations of the traditional Church – but we must keep quiet about that, in case they suffer the fate of the FFI. That, of itself, speaks volumes as to the bona fides of these people.


  4. kathleen says:

    This (below) is good! It’s from EWTN’s ‘The World Over’ yesterday with Raymond Arroyo.
    An indignant woman speaker, Marjorie Murphy Campbell, gives a piece of her mind to this outrageous scandal. The spineless Church leaders not only betrayed the many seminarians and boys who reported the sexual abuse they were suffering at the hands of this wolf-in-sheep’s-clothing, but by promoting the McCarrick sodomite to higher and higher ranks in the hierarchy, they made his predation on more of these innocents all the easier!! IOW they are guilty of aiding and abetting in the crime!


  5. kathleen says:

    Methinks it is going to be the rising up of the exasperated Catholic laity who are going to be the ones that will eventually rake out this “filth” from the Church. Doesn’t look like we can rely on ‘Francis church’ to do anything about it.

    It’s a good idea to let bishops know that anywhere the diabolical Lavender Mafia can get their greedy hands on our purses, that source of funds has dried up. Hard luck! You should have listened to us long ago and protected our boys and young men from these dangerous sodomites.

    Yet we know that one of the commands of the Church is “You shall help to provide for the needs of the Church.”
    It’s “needs”, yes… but NOT LEGAL PAYOUTS FOR SEXUAL ABUSE BY SODOMITES who should never have been made priests in the first place, “Bella Dodd’s boys”, as one commentator put it!

    Yes Crow, as soon as we can, we’ll post a list of “genuine Catholic organisations” where we can send our funds… as there are indeed very many genuine needs in the worldwide Church. Donating to the upkeep of small impoverished parishes should be safe enough though, whilst boycotting donations to the big wealthy ones from where these payouts have come.


  6. johnhenrycn says:

    But what about the Cathedraticum payments which (I believe) all parishes are required to make to their Dioceses, which means donating to small impoverished parishes is not protection against being indirectly supportive of what is happening at the diocesan level? Part of every dollar, pound, etc. placed in the offertory basket goes to the local Ordinary, be he good or bad.


  7. 125gardener says:

    Our tithes can be redirected to support those earnestly following our Lord’s directions in fighting for the lives of the preborn children, for the defense of persecuted Christians, and for the sacred Word of God. The giving can be budgeted for many existing causes of the faithful.


  8. Crow says:

    Kathleen, I think they are worse than spineless- they are the problem. Just think about Michael Rose’s book, ‘Goodbye, Good Men’-exactly your point about ‘Bella Dodds’ boys’.
    People such as Theodore McCarrick don’t get promoted by people who disapprove. Look at the appointments by Francis (he who claims ‘zero tolerance ‘ – Danneels (to the Synod of the Family, no less! What is the message there?! He is saying to the world, ‘Claims of sex abuse and cover-ups are powerless, impotent’. It is a very clear message. Then we have a pretty clear record of members of his committee resigning, no action taken, homosexual priests having drug-fuelled parties, and finding out that these priests are protégées of supporters of Francis; no action taken in Chile by Francis, etc etc, all set out in The Dictator Pope.
    It is not a case of ‘reflection’ and ‘resignation ‘. These people are not Catholic and those solutions are for genuine Catholics who genuinely repent. These are people who have appropriated the Catholic priesthood and are faking it, all the time abusing the position of trust that is there as the result of hundreds of years of good, holy priests.
    She is so correct – this is a matter for the laity. We cannot trust the hierarchy – they have been shown to be duplicitous. And she is also correct in that our young priests need us to stand up. They are tied by their vows of obedience. If the hierarchy to whom they would complain are the problem, they have no- one who will stand up for them.

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  9. Crow says:

    JH, what about payment in kind? We don’t have that problem in our parish, but it would apply when you have a corrupt hierarchy, such as the American Bishops, and you are a member of a parish with a good priest. I don’t think we have that problem here, although they are trying to fit up Cardinal Pell with some very convenient charges- ironic, as it was he who came here and cleaned up the mess. He shut down St Patrick’s Seminary, which, I was told by a young priest, was along the lines as described in ‘Goodbye, Good Men.’ He has been pilloried in the media (because he didn’t say gay was good) and, again ironically, the ‘progressive’ Archbishop of Melbourne, under whose watch the abuses in Melbourne occurred, is never mentioned, except with the epithet ‘liberal.’ Cardinal Pell was also investigating Vatican financing, as Raymond Arroyo said, the two layers are linked.
    I think the laity are naive to look at this in terms of ‘repentance ‘ or internal investigations or responses by the Vatican. The Fox is in charge of the hen house – the laity and honest religious must do it, and the withholding of funds is the best weapon ever!

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  10. kathleen says:

    Kathleen, I think they are worse than spineless- they are the problem

    You nailed it, Crow, whereas I fell short in naming the main root of the “problem” – the bishops themselves. (Many, if not most of them – at least those in the American Church and other Western nations, and those in positions of power in the Vatican.)
    The Lavender Mafia has gone far beyond simply getting some sodomite priests infiltrated into the Church to form a little ‘gay circle’, it has practically taken over the whole hierarchy! Our Blessed Lady predicted this would happen and yet we did not heed her warnings. It is exactly the reason why good men like Card. Pell are being blasted viciously on all sides for standing up to this so-called diabolical Lavender Mafia. Nothing or nobody, they believe, can now stop them. They even succeeded in hijacking the last Conclave in order to place a gay-friendly Pope on the Chair of Saint Peter!

    You said it: ”The Fox is in charge of the hen house”.

    Time for us, the Catholic laity to get our act together and fight the Beast with all weapons available to us. The first one is undoubtedly that of withdrawing all source of funds feeding into their sodomitical shenanigans.
    Yes, perhaps even from the “smaller parishes”, if these too are bound by Church Law to contribute to the local Ordinary of their Dioceses. (Thanks, JH: I stand corrected.)


  11. Mary Salmond says:

    Good EWTN video with R Arroyo!! Campbell is good and right!


  12. A.J. Boyd says:

    When you close your wallet to the Church, the last people to feel the pinch are the bishops and abusive priests. The first to go are the laity, often those most dedicated to the Church and ready to clean it up.


  13. Justin says:

    All this ranting, yelling, and uproar but not a single mention of contacting the police?

    “As the mother of a son, here’s what I told a young man in the Frankfurt, Germany seminary who told me and my husband that his teacher was openly mocking him at lunch gatherings because he had refused to have sex with him… I will close my wallet.” ARE YOU KIDDING ME?

    YOU ARE THE PROBLEM! You were directly told of sexual intimidation of a minor and did absolutely nothing to help him. Didn’t tell the police, his parents, or a superior, didn’t suggest he seek counseling, didn’t offer to pay his tuition so he could leave the seminary, didn’t confront his teacher, instead you did nothing. So much nothing that you are potentially liable for failing to report abuse of a minor.

    None of this will get better unless people stop turning to the Church to solve it! You make me sick.


  14. Mary Salmond says:

    Yes. Thank you. It should be a given to do that. It is a requirement to report to a diocesan director (who is a woman in our diocese), or a principal and call police simultaneously.


  15. Anne Deagle says:

    I am on board with this! Bravo!


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