Card. Müller: “the real danger to today’s humanity is the greenhouse gases of sin and the global warming of unbelief”

First posted on by Fr. John Zuhlsdorf on his blog:

I was alerted to an item in German.  It seems that Gerhard Ludwig Card. Müller gave quite the sermon last Saturday in Rome for the ordination of Michael Sulzenbacher, SJM.

The whole text in German is on

Here are some of the most important parts…

On the current crisis:

But the Church, founded by God and made up of human beings, is, according to its human side, in a deep, man-made crisis of its credibility. In this dramatic moment, we suspect and fear the possible negative consequences of scandals and leadership mistakes. Involuntarily we think of the splitting of Western Christendom in the sixteenth century or the secularization of spiritual life in the wake of the Enlightenment and the French Revolution.

On the causes:

Not clericalism, whatever that may be, [Do I hear an “Amen!”?] but the turning away from the truth and moral lawlessness are the roots of the evil. [One particular lawless sin, as a matter of fact, and then complicity of the corrupt who covered it over.] The corruption of teaching always entails the corruption of morality and manifests itself in it. The grave rejection of the sanctity of the Church without remorse is the result of relativizing the dogmatic foundation of the Church [For example… that adulterers can receive Communion ultimately will lead to approbation of homosexual perversion… at any age.]

On reforms:

What is behind the iridescent and media-friendly propaganda formula “reform of the Curia and the whole Church”, if not – as I hope – the renewal in the truth of the revelation and the following of Christ is meant? It is not the secularization of the church, but the sanctification of men for God, that is the true reform.  [Do NOT miss THE BOOK!]

It is not reform but a heresy to think that the doctrine of the Church can be kept, but for the sake of the weak man one must invent a new pastoral which diminishes the claims of the truth of the Word of God and of Christian morality.  [After all, what the Church (and Christ) teaches are just ideals that not everyone can be expected to live up to!  We have to show mercy and condone the sin while denying that God offers everyone sufficient graces to live holy lives.]

On the mission of the Church:

The Church does not gain in relevance and acceptance when she adds the drag of the spirit of the times (Zeitgeist) to the world, but only when she brings the torch to her with the truth of Christ. We should not care about secondary issues and work on the agenda of others who do not want to believe that God alone is the origin and the sole purpose of man and of all creation.

For the real danger to today’s humanity is the greenhouse gases of sin and the global warming of unbelief and the decay of morality when no one knows and teaches the difference between good and evil. The best environmentalist and nature lover is the Gospel Herald that there is only survival with God, not just limited and soon, but forever and ever.

Note well that Card. Müller is quite concerned about the environment!   He didn’t go down the rabbit hole that another Cardinal wants us to avoid.  No no.  Müller faced head on the real dangers of green house gasses and global warming.

¡Hagan lío!

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1 Response to Card. Müller: “the real danger to today’s humanity is the greenhouse gases of sin and the global warming of unbelief”

  1. Mary Salmond says:

    What a great analogy: the greenhouse gases of sin and global warming of unbelief! I’m definitely going to use that line! Brilliant!

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