Benedict XVI Discusses His Resignation in Newly Published Letters

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5 Responses to Benedict XVI Discusses His Resignation in Newly Published Letters

  1. JabbaPapa says:

    God Bless Pope Benedict XVI !!

    Meanwhile I see at the Catholic Herald that, supposedly, “Medjugorje represents Europe’s spiritual lungs, a place where millions discover God and the beauties of the Church,” at least according to Archbishop Henryk Hoser, retired archbishop of Warsaw-Praga.

    It occurs to me that this FAKE spirituality of Mary (and I know, I have been given the great Grace to see her myself) is entirely consistent with the FAKE catholic “christianity” being put forward nowadays by so many and with the FAKE theology in a FAKE church that it’s all being done in and for (and quite often by homosexuals and other such unworthies).

    These things are satanic — and it is genuinely terrible that there are now so many priests and even bishops (!!) keen to promote this manner of intellectualised New Age psycho-babble as if it were somehow from God and His Revelation in the Christ.


  2. johnhenrycn says:

    We all here are trying to understand why Pope Francis is in charge. I don’t think we will know until many years after he’s gone. Fact is: he’s the Pope now. I’m not happy, but there it is.


  3. jesterofthecourt says:

    He is an Anti-Pope.


  4. kathleen says:

    I cannot help but wonder whether Pope Benedict, in hindsight, regrets the words of his resignation speech, although he refrains from admitting such a thing here. The “strength” of his mind is anything but weak and failing him these five and a half years later.

    The chaos, confusion and even lies that Catholics have been subjected to in the Church since Francis grabbed the Petrine ministry must surely be devastating to this wise old man.


  5. I agree completely with Jabba that Medjugorje is “fake spirituality” as he puts it. My own perception of the place, in a visit to the shrine on the Feast of the Assumption of Mary in 1977, was a surprising revelation, since I had gone there as a pilgrim. I was convinced within a very short time that the whole place was satanic and I wanted to get away as quickly as possible. Carrying a very oppressive cloud of darkness away from that place, and wanting to put a great distance between me and that “shrine”, I cycled up into the mountains heading to cross the frontier into Macedonia.

    I was on a charity bicycle ride – with a support vehicle behind me, and Mount Athos was the next stop, a few hundred miles ahead. Two hours out of Medjugorje – having escaped the place – I stopped and swam in a mountain pool. I wanted to cleanse myself of the experience. When I awoke several hours later, the two men in the support vehicle (an English friar and an Australian seminarian) explained to me that I had nearly died and they had pulled me from the deep pool and pumped the water from my lungs. Apparently, I fought them and they were angry and had bruises. They said I fought like a demon and did not want to be revived.

    I have never told anyone about this until today. When the sham Marian shrine was investigated under Pope Benedict XVI, and the dodgy OFM friars were exposed, I thought that we would not have to think about this demonic place ever again. Remember: this was a place where OFM friars held adolescent girls in their power and one friar eloped with a “visionary”!

    I am so sorry that under this pope we have to fight the battle all over again. Medjugorje is a scam and a scandal to all Catholics. Whatever dark force I unwittingly picked up in that place – and which nearly drowned me on the Feast of the Assumption – continues to prey on the Catholic faithful. Never, ever allow Medjugorje to entrap the faithful. It is not of God.

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