Father Kalchik, A Priest in Hiding

From Church Militant

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5 Responses to Father Kalchik, A Priest in Hiding

  1. johnhenrycn says:

    That necklace below Voris’s head: the fact the medal it holds is so visible means that it’s secured by a clasp, which is very “gay”. My neck crucifix slides easily over my head without a locking device at the back, and it’s discreetly hidden below the second button of my shirt without being ostentatiously visible, as a man’s should be. His looks like a women’s choker. Has he gone back to his former life?

    As for Fr Kalchik, I can’t figure him out. Burning that evil rainbow flag was fine by me, and I’d be the first one (or so I like to think) to stand between him and Cupich’s goons for doing so – but really – who’s got the power to lock him up in a loony bin simply because he did that or allowed it to be done? Not Cupich, that’s for sure. Not even our leader Bergoglio. Is he a bit of a drama queen?

    Now if the issue is whether Cupich was within his rights to demand Father vacate the parish in question – if it’s diocesan property and not Father’s own property, then of course he does, and if Father refuses to leave, Cupiich is within his rights to have him arrested, even if Cupich is a terrible degenerate or enabler of degenerates.

    I would say all this on Church Militant, except I’ve been banned from it.


  2. Margaret Honore says:

    Wrong. The Rectory is Father’s residence. That gives him rights of occupation whether the diocese owns it or not. No one can be evicted from their home without due process of law, which is typically a six week to 3 month process, depending on court case backlog. The actions of these two goon-like priests acting as agents for Cupich amounted to criminal menacing. They threatened him in the presence of witnesses. He and the witnessing parishioners should file a police report post haste. He also cannot be hospitalized by the bishop or his agents or police without his full and willing consent. This is the United States of America. Last I checked Illinois is still in the USA.


  3. Margaret Honore says:

    If you’ve been kicked off ChurchMilitant’s site, you must be one uncharitable [term DELETED by a moderator] because Michael Voris is an extremely tolerant fellow.


  4. I could not agree more with your reservations, JH. It is a conversation between two men deeply uncomfortable in each other’s company. I honestly now wish I had turned it off. I watched it while having a coffee break between feeding the donkeys and planting seedlings for winter vegetables. I find it unnecessary to have such revolting details waved at us, which serve the spiritual needs of nobody. You might just as well read the more lurid Sunday newspapers. But I don’t and never have, so it is odd that I only encounter such muck when I turn to blog pages providing Catholic news.

    I think of that line in T.S.Eliot’s “The Dry Salvages” regarding “pastimes and drugs, and features of the press…” and all those things that distract us from eternity. This Church Militant video is one such distraction, and while I am making some effort to understand what is going on in the Catholic Church in order to inform myself and perhaps play my part in the discussion of current issues, I often despair of the intelligence being brought to bear on matters.

    Last week I brought the Viganò letter to the attention of a Catholic who I have known for years. Her professional expertise is in the field of child protection: a senior officer with decades of experience in child abuse cases. I asked her opinion on Bergoglio’s silence on the serious accusation of covering for others’ abuse. I received a very curt reply, avoiding the issue and telling me that she was very happy to trust this pope’s judgment, and he is a great supporter of “The Way” (the movement of the ‘Neocats’) that she belongs to. I am still getting my head around the mass of contradictions in that response. To say the least, I didn’t find it very edifying. Neither is the above video.


  5. johnhenrycn says:

    Maggie Horrible says: “The Rectory is Father’s residence. That gives him rights of occupation whether the diocese owns it or not… you must be one uncharitable [something]…”

    I’ll remember that the next time I check into an expensive hotel for an extended stay. Fact is, you don’t know the specifics of Fr Kalchik’s occupancy status at the rectory. You haven’t seen the contract documents, if any, signed when he moved in. You just presume that you know all the ins-and-outs of his tenancy. You also have a tin ear because you think I’m not as sympathetic to Father’s plight as you like to believe you are. No offence.

    I never had problems with Voris, owner of Church Militant – but rather with an underling to whom I was not sufficiently obsequious. But getting banned from blogs is not something one need necessarily be upset about, and in the case of CM, I’m at peace. Plenty of fish in the sea.

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