Bishop Schneider on the Message of Our Lady of La Salette

His Excellency Athanasius Schneider — Auxiliary Bishop of the Archdiocese of Saint Mary in Astana

Excerpt from Theologian Dániel Fülep’s interview with Bishop Athanasius Schneider Auxiliary Bishop of the Archdiocese of Saint Mary in Astana
Astana, Kazakhstan, July 2018

About the message of Our Lady of La Salette

Mr. Fülep: Maximin Giraud and Mélanie Calvat, two child shepherds at La Salette, France, reported that on 19 September 1846 the Blessed Virgin appeared to them and entrusted them with a message.47 She said that in the year 1864 Lucifer, together with a large number of demons, would be unloosed from hell;48 they would put an end to faith little by little, even in those dedicated to God. They would blind them in such a way that unless they are blessed with a special grace, they would take on the spirit of these angels of hell; several religious institutions would lose all faith and would lose many souls. (…) The Church would witness a frightful crisis. (…) Rome would lose the faith and become the seat of the Antichrist.49 Etc. These messages are so relevant today. In your talk you quoted the original text of the exorcism written by Pope Leo XIII in 1884, adding that the dramatic sentence “Where the Seat of Saint Peter” was later removed by Pius XI to avoid the scandal of truth. Today, however, this clause seems to be really prophetic. The current crisis of the Chair of Saint Peter was practically predicted by the authentic Marian apparitions at La Salette and Fatima. How is it that everybody, even the popes, fails to see these signs (with Leo XIII as an exception)?

His Excellency Bishop Schneider: I think that this part of the message of La Salette is very important for our days in view of this confusion of the loss of faith inside the Church. Pope Leo XIII wrote an exorcism, a prayer to St. Michael the Archangel. Originally, it was a longer version, not this short version, which we know. In the longer version there is one expression where Pope Leo XIII himself states in the prayer: “in Rome, in this holy city where the Antichrist established his throne.” It was a mysterious expression. Later this longer version was printed in one edition of the Rituale Romanum, I think from the end of the 19th century. However, in the subsequent editions of the Rituale Romanum under the pontificate of Pius XI that phrase was cancelled. The expression about the throne of the Antichrist in Rome in the prayer of Pope Leo XIII is similar to an expression in the secret of La Salette. There remains also the question, how to interpret this expression in the secret of La Salette and in the prayer of Pope Leo XIII. Maybe Leo XIII meant the Freemason government in Italy that was established in Rome against the papacy. I don’t know. It was not said in the text of the secret of La Salette and in the prayer of Leo XIII that the throne of the Anti-Christ will be in the Vatican, but in Rome. In any case, I think we should take seriously this indication of Our Lady of La Salette, and of Pope Leo XIII about the presence of the evil and of the Antichrist in Rome. The presence of the evil in Rome penetrates to some extent even in the Vatican because there is no guarantee that there will be no infiltrations of the anti-Christian powers in the Vatican. In some way, we can state today that there are evidently some anti-Christian powers who are operating inside the Vatican. We can see this in manifest actions and in conferences, which are organised in the Vatican.

There were several conferences where explicit atheists and promoters of abortion and of the homosexual ideology were invited by Vatican authorities to speak. These are already clear signs that there is an infiltration even inside the Vatican of the anti-Christian powers.


47 On 19 September 1851, Pope Pius IX formally approved the public devotion and prayers to Our Lady of La Salette, referring to its messages of apparition as secrets. On 24 August 1852, Pope Pius IX once again mentioned the construction of the altar to La Salette. The same papal bull granted the foundation of the Associ- ation of Our Lady of La Salette, formalised on 7 September. On 21 August 1879, Pope Leo XIII formally granted a canonical coronation to the Virgin Mary’s image at the Basilica of Our Lady of La Salette. A Russian style tiara was granted to the image, instead of the solar-type tiara used in its traditional depictions of Our Lady during her apparitions. The message of the visionaries of La Salette focuses on the conversion of all humanity to Christ. John Vianney, John Bosco, and writer Joris-Karl Huysmans were all influenced by La Salette. The spirit of La Salette is said to be one of prayer, conversion, and commitment.

48 On 1864 September 28 – The International Workingmen’s As- sociation is founded in London by Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels.



CP&S Comment – We highly recommend the reading of the entire interview contained in this pdf file linked to above.

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6 Responses to Bishop Schneider on the Message of Our Lady of La Salette

  1. I am grateful for the link to the pdf file with the complete interview and I have just completed reading it (all 107 pages!). Bishop Schneider is certainly a sound shepherd of the Church and a man whose words are worth listening to. He is also very approachable, as I discovered a few years ago when I asked him to support the Vox Cantoris blog when Fr. Thomas Rosica was threatening libel action against it. Bishop Schneider responded to my request with a very clear statement of support for Vox Cantoris.

    However, I am worried that the interview as presented by the Hungarian theologian Dániel Fülep is framed within an extreme political context which is quite unhelpful. We are rightly concerned with the destructive political agenda of the Jesuit Bergoglio and some of the interview presents a corrective to the present pope’s bad teaching. But I am uncomfortable when Catholics oppose these present tendencies in Rome by alliances with extreme right wing ideology. For example, on page 59 of this text, Athanasius Schneider is quoted as saying, “We have in the European Union a kind of a new Soviet Union. We have to say this and to spread this in order to unmask them, showing that they are the new and the extreme face of communism and Marxism.”

    There is no possible historical evidence for such a parallel and indeed it is offensive for those in eastern Europe who lived their lives under actual communist regimes. The savagery of that system only ended thirty years ago and the memories are still raw. It is quite unhelpful to compare the European Union to a Marxist state, particularly at a time when western European democracy is under serious attack from what replaced the USSR: the organised-crime state of Putin’s Russia. I am sure that calling the EU “the new and extreme face of communism and Marxism” goes down very well with Mr Fülep’s Hungarian audience, but I would be genuinely surprised if Bishop Schneider really thinks that. When the British Foreign Secretary made a similar comparison just over a week ago, for political effect at the Conservative Party conference, many commentators wrote that it revealed his poor grasp of history.

    Don’t get me wrong: I think that everything that Bishop Schneider says about Bergoglio and the machinations of the St Gallen “mafia”, Amoris Laetitia etc., is worth reading. I just hope that we can avoid responding to this sad period of politicisation of the Church under Bergoglio by veering off into alliances with the more unsavoury elements of the extreme right and adopting their rhetoric.


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  3. kathleen says:

    @ Gareth Thomas

    After a careful reading of that whole section of the interview starting on page 56 of the pdf file, “Marxism and Communism”, I admit to wholly agreeing with Daniel Fülep and Bishop Schneider’s analysis of the comparison between the tactics used by the communist ex Soviet Union and the European Union. Juncker sings the praises of Communism‘s founders, Marx and Engels! Naturally the EU is not (yet ?) applying many of those extreme practices (e.g., long interrogations, gulags, torture, Etc.) of the old Soviet Union, but who’s to say that might not still be in store for the future of the “enemies” of this increasingly dogmatic, secular union run by Freemasons and Illuminati?

    Bishop Schneider states: “The European Union leadership is, basically, neo-communist. By these actions they outed themselves. Before they tried to hide these by changing their names, by giving to their parties other names. The European Union is in my opinion a successive form of neo-communism and neo-Marxism, which in some way continues the ideology, a kind of state ideology, as it was in the former Soviet Union. Now we have a new Soviet Union in the European Union. The European Union is a kind of new Soviet Union with a clear state ideology. Marxism is ultimately an ideology against family. Because according to Marx the family is the last bourgeois institution. Now, the European Union is fulfill- ing and realising this goal of Marx and Engels that means to destroy the family, and the last differences inside the family. We have now the new gender ideology, which destroys family and disfigures human nature. In this we can see the last step of Marxism and neo-communism. They give themselves a new name. They will be not so naïve as to name themselves neo-Marxists or neo-Communists. They use other names, maybe “new democrats” and so on.”

    Bishop Schneider knows better than anyone the wiles and cunning of the communists!

    Yes, Bishop Schneider is indeed a true, sound shepherd and very “approachable”. I have been blessed to meet and talk to him briefly on two occasions.


  4. JabbaPapa says:

    The Pope’s recent comments about Saint Mary, Mother of God, are grotesquely false.

    “She was a ‘normal woman’ after the Annunciation” indeed !!!

    He is promoting an ideology very close to the Arian Heresy.

    The principal “neo-Pelagians” that he has been denouncing would appear to be found principally in his own bathroom mirror every morning when he shaves.


  5. I don’t think he uses a bathroom mirror, Jabba. He gazes down into a pool like Narcissus.


  6. mmvc says:

    Jabba @ 20:38
    I think this is the link to the shocking comments you refer to:

    Compare and contrast with the words of Pope Pius IX about Our Blessed Lady:

    “Above all creatures did God so loved her that truly in her was the Father well pleased with singular delight. Therefore, far above all the angels and all the saints so wondrously did God endow her with the abundance of all heavenly gifts poured from the treasury of his divinity that this mother, ever absolutely free of all stain of sin, all fair and perfect, would possess that fullness of holy innocence and sanctity than which, under God, one cannot even imagine anything greater, and which, outside of God, no mind can succeed in comprehending fully.”

    And these beautiful words which Saint Bridget of Sweden received from the Blessed Virgin Mary:

    “I am the Queen of Heaven, the Mother of God. I told you to wear a brooch on your chest. I will now show you more fully how, from the beginning, when I first heard and understood that God existed, I always, and with fear, was concerned about my salvation and my observance of his commandments. But when I learned more about God – that he was my Creator and the judge of all my actions – I loved him more dearly, and I was constantly fearful and watchful so as to not offend him by word or deed.

    Later, when I heard that he had given the Law and the commandments to the people and worked such great miracles through them, I made a firm decision in my soul to never love anything but him, and all worldly things became most bitter to me. When still later I heard that God himself would redeem the world and be born of a Virgin, I was seized by such great love for him that I thought of nothing but God and desired nothing but him. I withdrew myself, as much as I was able, from the conversation and presence of parents and friends, and I gave away all my possessions to the poor, and kept nothing for myself but meager food and clothing.
    Nothing was pleasing to me but God! I always wished in my heart to live until the time of his birth, and perhaps, deserve to become the unworthy handmaid of the Mother of God. I also promised in my heart to keep my virginity, if this was acceptable to him, and to have no possessions in the world. However, if God wanted otherwise, my will was that his will, not mine, be done; for I believed that he could do all things and wanted nothing but what was beneficial and best for me. Therefore, I entrusted all my will to him.

    When the time approached for the virgins to be presented in the temple of the Lord, I was also among them due to the devout compliance of my parents to the Law. I thought to myself that nothing was impossible for God, and since he knew that I wanted and desired nothing but him, I knew that he could protect my virginity, if it pleased him. However, if not, I wanted his will to be done. After I had heard all the commandments in the temple, I returned home, burning even more now than ever before with the love of God, being inflamed daily with new fires and desires of love.
    For this reason, I withdrew myself even more from everyone, and was alone day and night, fearing greatly, and most of all, that my mouth should say anything, or my ears hear anything against the will of my God, or that my eyes see anything alluring or harmful. I was also afraid in the silence, and very worried that I might be silent about things of which I should, instead, have spoken.
    While I was worried in my heart like this, alone by myself and placing all my hope in God, an inspiration about God’s great power came over me, and I recalled how the angels and everything created serve him, and how his glory is indescribable and unlimited. While I was thus fascinated by this thought, I saw three wonderful things: I saw a star, but not the kind that shines in the sky; I saw a light, but not the kind that shines in this world; I smelled a fragrance, but not of herbs or anything else of this world. It was most delightful and truly indescribable, and it filled me up so completely that I jubilated with joy!

    After this, I immediately heard a voice – but not from a human mouth – and when I heard it, I shuddered with the great fear that it might be an illusion, or a mockery by an evil spirit. But shortly after this, an angel of God appeared before me; he was like the most handsome of men, but not in the flesh as is the body of a created man, and he said to me: ‘Hail, full of grace, the Lord is with thee!’ When I heard this, I wondered what he meant and why he had come to me with such a greeting, for I knew and believed that I was unworthy of any such thing – or any good thing! However, I also knew that nothing is impossible for God, if he desires it.

    Then the angel spoke again: ‘The child to be born in you is holy and will be called the Son of God. May his will be done as it pleases him.’ But, not even then did I consider myself worthy, and I did not ask the angel why, or when, this would happen. Instead I asked him how it could be that I, an unworthy maiden, who did not know any man, should become the Mother of God. The angel answered me (as I have just said): ‘Nothing is impossible for God, for whatever he wants to do will be done.’

    When I had heard these words of the angel, I felt the most fervent desire to become the Mother of God, and my soul spoke out of love and desire, saying: ‘See, here I am; your will be done in me!’ With these words, my Son was conceived in my womb to the indescribable joy of my soul and my every limb! While I had him in my womb, I bore him without any pain, without any heaviness or discomfort. I humbled myself in all things, knowing that he whom I bore was the Almighty!
    When I gave birth to him, it was also without any pain or sin, just as I had conceived him, but with such exaltation and joy of soul and body that my feet did not feel the ground where they had been standing because of this indescribable joy! Just as he had entered my limbs to the joy of all my soul, he left my body, leaving my virginity intact, and my soul and whole body in a state of indescribable joy and jubilation.
    When I gazed upon and contemplated his beauty, joy seeped through my soul like dewdrops and I knew myself to be unworthy of such a son. But when I considered the places where (as I had learned from the predictions of the prophets) nails would be pierced through his hands and feet at the crucifixion, my eyes filled with tears and my heart was almost torn apart by sorrow.
    When my Son saw my weeping eyes, he became almost deathly saddened. However, when I considered his divine power, I was consoled again in knowing that this was what he wanted and that it should happen in this way, and I joined all my will to his. So my joy was always mixed with sorrow.


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