Pope reacts to Viganò and #ViganòTestimony 3.0

Okay, that meant Msgr. Charles Pope of the Archdiocese of Washington DC. He writes about the third Viganò Testimony HERE.

A sample:

As I finished reading Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò’s third letter, I had an immediate sense that I had just read something that is destined to be one of the great pastoral and literary moments of the Church’s history. There was an air of greatness about it that I cannot fully describe. I was stunned at its soteriological quality — at its stirring and yet stark reminder of our own judgment day. In effect he reminded us that this is more than a quibble over terminology or who wins on this or that point, or who is respectful enough of whom. This is about the salvation of souls, including our own. We almost never hear bishops or priests speak like this today!


To begin with, he has in mind the moral condition of souls. The Archbishop warns in several places of the danger posed to the souls of the faithful by the silence and confusing actions of many bishops and priests and the Pope. He laments that this, along with the homosexual subculture in the Church, “continues to wreak great harm in the Church — harm to so many innocent souls, to young priestly vocations, and to the faithful at large.”

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away, this was the first concern of most every priest: the moral condition of souls, including his own. Today, many bishops and priests, as well as many parents and other leaders in the Church, seem far more concerned with the feelings, and emotional happiness of those under their care than with their actual moral condition. They worry more about political correctness and not upsetting those who engage in identity politics and base their whole identity on aberrant and sinful habits and disordered inclinations.


Contrast this with Wormtongue Tornielli at La Stampa:


Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò in fact insists on the reasons that led him to his sensationalistic gesture by presenting religious self-justifications.


The former nuncio to the United States who tried to force the Successor of Peter to leave office writes: “I testified fully aware that my testimony would bring alarm and dismay to many eminent persons: churchmen, fellow bishops, colleagues with whom I had worked and prayed. I knew many would feel wounded and betrayed. I expected that some would in their turn assail me and my motives. Most painful of all, I knew that many of the innocent faithful would be confused and disconcerted by the spectacle of a bishop’s charging colleagues and superiors with malfeasance, sexual sin, and grave neglect of duty”.

That’s exactly what happened. Operation Viganò, i.e. the attempt to shift all responsibility onto the current Pontiff for the mismanagement of the case of Cardinal Theodore McCarrick,….


The rest is a loooong and rather boring attack on Viganò with an especially flacid peroration.

Sides are drawn.

Sometimes, friends, we just have to have the food fight, don’t we. The factions are at a point now where nothing other than providentially guided upheaval will sort it out.

To that end, yesterday a friend showed me a passage in the book of messages from the Lord by “A Benedictine Monk” before the Blessed Sacrament. In In Sinu Iesu dating from March 2010 the monk says that the Lord told him that, soon, we would enter into a final stage of purifying and liberating the priesthood.

Are we there?  Is this the time?

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3 Responses to Pope reacts to Viganò and #ViganòTestimony 3.0

  1. “Operation Viganò, i.e. the attempt to shift all responsibility onto the current Pontiff for the mismanagement of the case of Cardinal Theodore McCarrick,….

    Five years into the pontificate of Pope Francis, to whom else would the ultimate blame be shifted than to the same Pope who removed good priests and a Cardinal from the Congregation of the Doctrine of the Faith stating that he is the Pope and he does not need to give a reason.


  2. “Are we there? Is this the time?”

    (Wry smile.) We are like the kids in the back of the car, aren’t we? The non-important people. Not driving. Not trusted to know the itinerary or whether the driver really knows our destination.

    “Are we nearly there yet?”

    “Shut up. Read your comic book.”


  3. kathleen says:

    Father Z states: “Sides are drawn”

    Well, we all know on which “side” we are on, don’t we?
    And we will win… eventually. We have Our Blessed Mother’s promise of that!
    For we are in the “army” of Goodness and Truth.
    Soldiers of Christ!

    Bergoglio and the Lavender mafia (or their sympathisers) don’t stand a chance in H**l.


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