EWTN Live: Pat Kenny on the Life of Father Willie Doyle, SJ

This is a MUST SEE video for all! Having been a longtime devotee of the once little known Jesuit priest, Fr Willie Doyle, I am delighted to discover that he is finally moving into the limelight. Many Catholics are hoping and praying that one day the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith will open the path to sainthood for this holy Irish priest.

We have so much to learn from Fr Willie’s deep piety, rock-hard faith, natural humility and Christ-like charity. An enchanting sense of humour and talent to remain always positive even under great duress are further traits that endear Fr Willie Doyle to people everywhere. Sent as a Catholic Chaplain to the Western Front of the Great War in 1915, and after many months of selfless spiritual and physical care for his men and others under appalling conditions, Fr Willie died in a bomb explosion in 1917 whilst once again seeking out fallen comrades.

In the video below, starting at 4’35 minutes, ‘EWTN Live’ host, Fr Mitch Pacwa, interviews Patrick Kenny, author of the excellent Remembering Fr Wiilie Doyle SJ blog, on the life and virtues of this heroic Catholic WW1 chaplain.

Fr Willie Doyle, martyr of charity, pray for us!

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6 Responses to EWTN Live: Pat Kenny on the Life of Father Willie Doyle, SJ

  1. Sarah says:

    Thanks for sharing this, Kathleen. I hope I can catch the docu-drama on EWTN. Do you think that it will be available on the internet later for those of us who miss it? Father Doyle was an amazing and inspiring man. It will be good for him to be more widely known.
    God bless you.


  2. kathleen says:

    Hi Sarah! Nice to hear from you again.
    I think the docu-drama could possibly be found via the EWTN audio/video library if you follow the links on their main page, although I’m not sure about this. The film came out in August on EWTN apparently (watch trailer) and I missed it too unfortunately. I’ll do a bit of a search and let you know by email what I find out.

    Pat Kenny also filmed two other programmes at the EWTN studios, one for the popular Life on the Rock series, and another for Bookmark. Neither of these have been aired yet I believe, so keep an eye on the Remembering Fr Willie Doyle SJ blog and I’m sure Pat will announce their showing.

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  3. PK says:

    The docudrama will air again on EWTN on November 11. The DVD is also available to purchase from the EWTN Religious Catalogue. I’m not sure if/when it might be fully available online.

    Thanks for the publicity!

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  4. Sarah says:

    Sorry, I missed your reply here, Kathleen. Thanks for the info. I follow Pat Kenny’s blog but I haven’t had the chance to look at it for a while. I will keep a closer eye on it in future.


  5. kathleen says:

    You’re welcome Sarah 🙂.

    Another programme about Fr Doyle is on today! In case you missed it (and for anyone else who might be interested) Pat Kenny will be interviewed on EWTN Radio on the show, “Kresta in the afternoon” at 4pm ET, which is 9pm in UK and Ireland.

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  6. Sarah says:

    Thank you, Kathleen. 🙂


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