Good Bishops must stay in their Diocese says Vatican

Only For Him: Bishop Schneider Must Stay Eleven Months A Year at Home

Nope, it’s not a bad joke, however much it might sound like one! GloriaTV reports that:

The Vatican has asked Auxiliary Bishop Athanasius Schneider not to leave Astana archdiocese for more than 30 days a year, Schneider told Schneider claimed that this is neither a prohibition nor a muzzle.

Allegedly, Schneider was asked to follow Canon 410, one of the many elastic clauses in Canon Law, which obliges an auxiliary bishop to reside in the diocese except if he is fulfilling “some duty outside the diocese” or for his one month vacation.

Since Schneider is not travelling for vacation but for religious duties like mass celebration, confirmations, and preaching, the one month limit contradicts Canon Law. Further, there is no information that Canon 410 has been enforced except for Schneider although there are multiple leftwing airport bishops.

Astana Archdiocese has 17 priests and 55,000 Catholics, so this mini-archdiocese does not need an auxiliary bishop.

In other words, all those liberal bishops (and priests – James Martin SJ anyone?) spouting their pro-gay, politically correct banalities can go wherever they want, whilst enjoying manifest praise and even promotion from Pope Francis, through his mouthpiece, Cdl. Parolin. On the other hand, the courageous bishops (and priests) loyal to the teaching and traditions of the Church are gagged, stalled and demoted at every turn.

The axe has been put to Cardinal Raymond Burke’s movements too, and his strong public witness to the truth. What are the progressive, Masonic, lavender mafia infiltrators so scared of? That they are losing support among the faithful? That the laity is beginning to see through their shenanigans? That the voice of the good holy bishops, despite the many trials they are suffering under this Pontificate to dutifully fulfill their roles as ordained alter Christus, is drowning out their false preaching? One thing seems sure: they deem the faithful bishops a threat to their own success. GloriaTV also reports:

No Dialogue: Bishops “Should Not” Invite Cardinal Burke

The nuncio in Washington D.C. told the American bishops not to invite people like Cardinal Raymond Burke for talks, and when Burke’s presence cannot be avoided, they should not take part in such events, Marco Tossati reported on November 6.

The order was given only orally. Responsible for this is the Vatican Secretary of State, Cardinal Pietro Parolin.

When Cardinal Burke appears anywhere in the world, he attracts many faithful, while liberal prelates garner only interest from oligarch journalists.

These unjustiable measures to restrict and silence the voices of our good and true shepherds are no more than further proof – as if we even needed any – that the “smoke of Satan” has become a raging fire inside the Church.

But the fire will die out eventually; one day it will be extinguished. We are seeing many signs of a growing resistance to this takeover of our beloved Church by Her enemies.

Only hellfire lasts forever.


See also Father Z’s post on this news: Holy See repression of a certain kind of bishop with a certain kind of message

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6 Responses to Good Bishops must stay in their Diocese says Vatican

  1. Crow says:

    What a bunch of imposters.


  2. So now the “spirit” of the Council is revealed in all his demonic glory.


  3. mmvc says:

    It will be interesting to see if the likes of Bishop Barron will be asked to follow Canon 410 too…


  4. mmvc says:

    More on this by Canon Lawyer, Ed Peters:
    A note on the other kind of schism

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  5. carlos10101 says:

    Thank GOD we now have the internet. These bishops can now go anywhere and everywhere anytime they darn well please.


  6. kathleen says:

    Fascinating and informative article by Ed Peters, mmvc. He has this amazing ability to always dig out the often startling realities of a given situation.


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