“This might get me fired” – Fr. Mark Goring, CC

(We highly recommend Fr. Mark Goring’s videos which can be found on YouTube. This traditional priest speaks the truth, something many bishops fail to do these days.)

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9 Responses to “This might get me fired” – Fr. Mark Goring, CC

  1. Mary Salmond says:

    I found him a few weeks ago. He is sincere, simple, and honest. Another of my favorites!


  2. Mary Anne says:

    Thank you Father Mark Goring, you speak spiritually and touch the soul. Please keep it up. Vigano!! Vigano!! Vigano!!! Three cheers and a Hurray!!! V !


  3. Crow says:

    Wonderful – Viganò is a God-send. Imagine the inquiry by the Holy See into the promotion (by them) of a known (to them) sex abuser- yes, it will be very open and transparent. But, all true Catholics must remember, the scourge of the Church is not the sex abusers, not those who prey on victims- it is ‘the great accuser’, the one who calls it out…. hmmm


  4. awkwardly1religious says:

    Hi Brother,
    You are right that something needs to be done however, I believe that we need to channel our frustrations in encouraging people that despite of all this mess. God’s justice will be served. We really cannot tell why the disgusting bishop got safe but Jesus would not tolerate that. Let us pray to Jesus with the help of our Blessed Mother Mary to have this situation be rectified by change of hearts of the Church Leaders. Let us continue to be Catholic and preserve our Catholic faith because the devil might causing this upheaval to divide the Church. God Bless.


  5. johnhenrycn says:

    Don’t mean to be negative, but what’s the historical significance of the pectoral cross or medal (certainly not a crucifix) worn by Fr Goring? If it’s the chest side of a devotional scapular – then perhaps okay – but I doubt it. It looks like something Anglicans and Episcopalians might favour.
    His surname comes with plenty of history. Glad to see his doesn’t have an umlaut.


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  7. Morenowthanever says:

    Why on earth did they waste our money on whatever you want to call what happened in Baltimore? Talk about lost sheep.


  8. Brandywine Blue says:

    Traditional priest? What are your criteria for that? Serious question. Trying to find out who he is.


  9. Gabriel Books says:

    I think more of our priests ought to be more like Fr. Goring. I think he is a Catholic answer to the protestant style of preaching. He even makes altar call. I think it is refreshing. I have many good things to say about Fr. Goring.


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